A Comprehensive Review Of The Best Practice Management Software

Healthcare centers usually have many activities requiring efficient management to ensure maximum patient satisfaction. Whether it’s a large medical center or a single specialty practice, innovative technological tools are needed to ensure workflow efficiency, resulting in sustainable growth. From capturing and reporting patient demographics to scheduling appointments online and providing billing solutions, the importance of practice management software (PMS) in the health industry cannot be overstated.

The ability to automate patient care activities and improve practice operations are reasons why these tools hold the potential to advance the way healthcare is provided. If your practice is in need of medical practice management software, then your choice of PMS will depend on the features you desire to have in your software.

  • Healthcare practice management software typically includes appointment scheduling, billing and claims management, reporting, and patient engagement features.
  • To choose your preferred PMS, you must consider factors like ease of use, integrations, pricing and payment methods, features, and other relevant functionality.
  • Practice management software differs from other medical software, such as the Revenue Cycle Management System (RCM) and Electronic Health Record System (EHR). However, some PMS also includes or integrates with these two systems.

We have put together this article for healthcare practitioners and large medical centers in the market for software that can help them manage their operations more effectively.

Our Top Picks For Healthcare Practice Management Software

Our top picks for healthcare practice management software

  • Nextech
  • CareCloud 
  • AthenaHealth
  • NextPatient
  • DrChrono
  • Aesthetic Record 
  • PatientNow 


Nextech is a cloud-based practice management software that has been around for nearly three decades, serving healthcare practices in the US. It has both electronic medical record (EHR) and PMS solutions that allow medical practices of all sizes to manage patient records, engagement, schedules, and billings for a more seamless and satisfactory experience. 

This PMS is designed for plastic surgeons, ophthalmologists, dermatologists, orthopedics, and medical spas. Some of our favourite features of the Nextech software allow you to manage appointment schedules and reminders, process billings and claims, analyze and report practice performance and engage with patients via the mobile messaging application available on iPhones and IPads devices and on the web. Integrated with EHR and RCM software, it offers the tools to streamline your workflows and manage your front-desk operations efficiently.

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Ease of use 

The Nextech practice management software offers a user-friendly platform that is easy to implement and operate but may have a steep learning curve. With features that are updated to the latest trends in the industry and simplified updates, you can conveniently access any part of the platform. The software is also optimally functional across different operating systems. At first glance the software interface looks straightforward, and the front-end appointment scheduling and billing features are also structured for flawless operation.

Being a software that allows customizations, you can structure the interface to suit your operating model.

Pricing and payments

With its integrated revenue management functionality that promises to improve profitability, the Nextech PMS offers billing efficiency that ensures minimal cash flow disruption. Its billing solution is assisted by ICD 10 coding that helps ensure the accuracy of claims with minimal rejections. Depending on how many users need a license, the pricing for the appointment scheduling system alone costs $9 – $299 per month. Also, the billing software costs between $99 – $1,000+ per provider per month, while the PMS and EMR systems cost a combined monthly fee of about $2160.


The Nextech open API enables users to integrate with third-party applications. It allows connection with SMART on FHIR apps, allowing developers to extend the platform’s capabilities with 3rd party applications. Also, you must have the proper authenticated credentials before accessing Nextech API integration. Various software integrates with Nextech, including  Birdeye, Stripe, Podium, DoctorConnect, Abyde and more.

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CareCloud practice management software is one of the top on our list of tools that allow you to improve your operational efficiency while ensuring patient satisfaction. It combines EMR, PMS, and medical billing functionalities to give you all the features you need to manage your medical practice activities effectively. On its PMS front, you can customize the features and use colour-coding attributes to mark your calendars and charts. Its patient engagement solutions allow you to communicate with your patients and transmit information in real time.

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Ease of use 

With its logical interface arrangements, the CareCloud software provides an outstanding user experience with well-designed workflows. This platform’s workflow is designed to replicate the physical process of a healthcare center with extra functionalities that makes it uniquely efficient. It’s easy to navigate, and its “Breeze” appointment scheduling software is user-friendly on both the patient and practitioner ends of the system.

Pricing and payments

The high cost of setting up CareCloud and the need for a billing staff are some of the few drawbacks of using this platform. It takes 90 days to set up and costs upwards of $1000, depending on the medical practice size. CareCloud is also robust enough to handle payments from multi-location medical franchises. The revenue management features allow patients to pay using their credit card or through medical benefit plans. Whether you are using just the PMS or combined with the EMR, it costs upwards of $628 per month per provider.


CareCloud has an open, developer-friendly  REST API functionality that allows easy integration with apps and service software. As a cloud-based platform, it allows for fast integration with clinical and financial data, giving healthcare practices access to various other functionalities and tools that improve their operation. It also integrates with popular third-party software such as Birdeye, ChartLog, Chiron, Health, and Next Patient to extend its functions and capabilities.

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AthenaHealth practice management software is a great operational management tool for healthcare practices of all sizes and specialties. With feature-rich practice management functionalities, patient engagement tools, and billing software, its software- AtheneOne – offers comprehensive solutions that can simplify healthcare operations. It comes with comprehensive appointment scheduling, charting, and interoperability functions that make it worth exploring. 

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Ease of use 

The AtheneOne software reporting features are customizable and allow you to tailor its functions to your preferences. However, it presents a little less seamless navigation around the interface, as users will always have to return to the homepage before proceeding to any other interface. However, the appointment calendar is easy to access, and you can also set up reminders to reduce no-shows. 

Pricing and payments

Processing billings and managing claims on AtheneOne is easy because the platform possesses revenue cycle management tools that enable users to increase profitability. Unlike other billing software, it requires a physical billing staff to charge posts and create Evaluation and management (E&M) codes. AthenaHealth offers percentage-based and encounter-based pricing options, which you can choose from to meet your practice needs. Also, the monthly subscription for AthenaHealth is about $140 per month per provider.


AthenaHealth’s API allows users to integrate seamlessly to allow you to power your business and improve patient satisfaction. With over 750 API endpoints that are easy to work with, you can extend the platform’s functionalities beyond its current offering.

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The  NextPatient practice management software takes appointment scheduling and reminders to the next level. With its intuitive user interface and seamless operation, medical practitioners can manage their front desk activities more efficiently. Handling over 400,000 medical appointments monthly, this PMS has what it takes to help you acquire more patients and grow your practice. From appointment reminders to virtual check-ins and reputation management functionalities, NextPatient can help you achieve optimum patient satisfaction. Although it does not have billing and claims management features, it integrates with Stripe to manage payments.

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Ease of use 

The NextPatient practice management software is easy for patients and practitioners, with a user-friendly interface requiring little to no training. The online scheduling feature is customizable, and the patient engagement and messaging tool allow practitioners to interact with patients and share medical information seamlessly.

Pricing and payments

NextPatient PMS is priced per practitioner per month, allowing you to save more with increasing users. The pricing you get also depends on the features you are looking to use. For the appointment scheduling feature, one practitioner pays a subscription of $300 per month. It takes ten days to set up the software, and multi-practices must pay a $50 setup fee for each additional user or service provided.


NextPatient API Integrations are limited to several healthcare applications. This practice management software integrates with AthenaHealth, Nextech, Modernizing Medicine, Allscripts, CureMD, DrChrono, AdvancedMD, and CareCloud to enable practices to share data, appointment schedules, and wait times.

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The DrChrono platform is an all-in-one EHR, practice management, medical billings and revenue cycle management solution suited for small and large healthcare practices in all fields. It is customizable and provides patient chatting, reporting, reminders, and e-prescribing functionalities that enable practices to maximize their practice management capabilities. This software offers revenue cycle management and billing functions to process payments and claims. You can also access your software through patient portals on mobile devices and the web.

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Ease of use 

The DrChrono practice management software is customizable, and medical practitioners find it easy to use due to its user-friendly interface and functions, which can be understood without prior experience. Its laid-out functions are easy to navigate with no redundant information and require minimal training.

Pricing and payments

This practice management software is excellent for handling POS payments and insurance billings. Its seamlessly efficient revenue cycle management functionality also provides a complete overview of your cash flow. DrChrono has four monthly-based subscription tiers, namely Prometheus, priced at $249 per provider; Hippocrates at $349 per provider; Apollo, at $599 per provider; and Apollo Plus, which starts at $1200. The features of the PMS, EHR and other functions advance as you move up the subscription plans.


DrChrono practice management software offers an open API that allows developers to integrate the software with other third-party applications to extend its functions. With the 27 endpoints and a Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) client that accepts any programming language, the system partners seamlessly with popular medical practice platforms such as WebMD PracticePro, Fullscript, Square payment processor, Birdeye, Podium, and much more.

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Aesthetic Record 

Aesthetic Record is a comprehensive electronic medical record (EMR) and office management system. It’s great for doctors and other medical professionals who need to track patients, appointments, and payments. Aesthetic Record EMR provides users customizable treatment templates, electronic consent forms, photo albums, and record-keeping features. 

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The system contains an integrated point-of-sale (POS) terminal and inventory management tools to aid medical clinics in administrating their retail offerings.

Ease of use 

Practitioners can quickly learn the Aesthetic Record software with its Learning Lab Feature. Aesthetic Record’s software can transform the patient experience and practice management with features enabling task automation. 

Aesthetic Record’s software interface is comprehensively arranged to allow users to easily access its functions. The software boosts patient confidence by displaying a  visible look at what stage they are in their treatment. They can also digitally submit images and sign waivers. The patient portal also allows for the transfer of medical records and the scheduling of appointments.

Pricing and payments

The Basics plan costs $12 per user per month, while the Accelerate plan costs $16 per month. The two subscription plans have a one-time activation price of $199, which also includes foundational training on how to operate the software.   Those who choose the more expensive membership plan benefit from additional services like 2-way text messaging, KPI reporting, and integrations with third-party platforms.

Small practices seeking to improve patient management procedures and streamline operations may choose the Essentials plan. It has essential features like online booking, photo management, appointment scheduling, and patient charting.

On the other hand, the Accelerator plan is made for larger practices that want to grow. In addition to the features found in the Essentials plan, the Accelerator plan includes tools for managing inventory, integrating with point-of-sale systems, and generating detailed financial reports. 

The most expensive subscription, the Enterprise package, comes with flexible advanced capabilities that can be tailored to the clinic’s specific requirements for an additional fee.


Aesthetic Record software does not have an open API for easy integration with any application.   Only marketing platforms like ZOHO, Mailchimp, and Hubspot are compatible with the platform.

It integrates with Cherry Finance, providing up to $10,000 in approvals for patient financing. When activated, the software’s integrated point-of-sale system gives you access to the patient wallet, recurring income, appointment booking deposit and cancellation policy, and other revenue management capabilities on the platform for a $10 monthly connection fee.

WordPress forms and Google Analytics are not integrated with Aesthetic Record. Therefore, the software’s features can only be used to manage the needs for reporting and marketing.

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PatientNow is an all-in-one platform for managing medical spas that offer solutions for practice management, patient engagement, marketing, payments, and electronic medical records (EMR). The PatientNow program is designed exclusively for Health & Wellness, Med Spa, Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, and Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) practices.


PatientNow has its own inbuilt marketing, analytics and data reporting functions such as RX Marketing, RXPhoto, EMR and payment tools. 

Ease of use 

PatientNow’s user interface is beginner-friendly and requires minimal training or experience to navigate. Users can quickly and easily navigate to any feature or feature of the site. Providers have access to the same user-friendly and adaptable interface as their patients.

While the platform can be modified, only the brand logo area can be changed on the patient appointment booking interface. The input fields for patient details and the page colour are fixed. As a result, medical facilities may be unable to tailor the platform to their specific requirements.

Pricing and payments

PatientNow charges $898 per month for 15 users, and an additional $1000 one-time setup fee is required for practices to move over their data and start working with the software.

PatientNow’s medical software pricing already includes all its features, such as EMR, Practice Management, Patient Engagement, Marketing, Photography, Patient Portal and Payment tools. The CRM, which includes text marketing, email marketing and marketing group, also works with analytical tools and EMR to give the practice a holistic management approach.


The PatientNow medical software offers built-in marketing, analytics, and data reporting features like RX Marketing, RXPhoto, EMR, and payment tools. Still, it does not have an open API for integration with third-party programs. Leads, reviews, text message marketing, and more may all be handled with the help of RX Marketing.

It also offers a limited application programming interface (API) that allows it to integrate with several leading third-party software solutions for the benefit of its users. To provide practices that use Nextech with access to PatientNow’s Medical spa-specific capabilities, PatientNow has developed an integration with Nextech, a competitive practice management software.

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Comparison of our top picks

PMSNextechCareCloudAthenaHealthDrChronoPatientNowAesthetic RecordNextPatient
Medical billing toolAvailable, No staff neededRequires staffingRequires staffingAvailable, No staff neededRequires staffingRequires staffingNot available
Appointment remindersYesYesYesYesYes YesYes
Pricing$500+ per month, per provider.PMS + EMR = $2160 per month$628 per month, per provider$140 per month, per providerStarts from $249 to $1200 per month, per providerStarts at $249/month to $349/month, highest package is available upon request. Starts at $12 per user per month to $16 per user per month.  $300 per month, per provider
Integrations and Open APIYesYesCertified API AccessYesYes Yes Integrations available but no open API
E-prescribe Yes Yes Yes Yes YesYesNo
Setup or implementation time48 hours90 days4-6 weeks; with dedicated account manager4-8 weeks60 days 30 to 45 days 10 days
Patient engagement toolYesYesYesYesYesYes Yes
Reputation managementNot Inbuilt, but available via partner softwareAvailableNot Inbuilt, but available via partner softwareNot Inbuilt, but available via partner softwareAvailable Available Available
Practice chartingNo Yes Yes Yes YesYes No 
Clinical notesYes Yes Yes Yes YesYes No 

Final Verdict

Although each healthcare practice management software reviewed above comes with its unique benefits, medical practices should be looking for software with features that are tailored to their needs. Customizable practice management software like CareCloud and AthenaHealth has features that can be easily structured to meet specific practice needs. 

Next Patient, which offers online scheduling, digital check-in, advanced reminders and texting, and reputation management features is ideal for small and new medical practices. If your practice only needs the previously mentioned features but does not require medical billing, open API, revenue cycle management, or charting and reporting functions, then NextPatient may be a good choice. It also has a modern look combined with a user-friendly interface.

Open API and easy integration make it possible for practices to improve the relevance of the PMS. CareCloud offers the most openly accessible API that integrates with plugins and software, while AthenaHealth software also has an accessible FHIR API. 

Also, If you are looking for a tool to effectively handle your billings and claims without needing to hire a billing staff, then Nextech has its own internal billing and claims management tool that processes all your payments without the help of physical staff or third-party services.

To choose the right practice management software for your healthcare practice, you need to look at the software that offers the best-suited functionalities for your workflows while considering the cost. We hope that this article which compares these practice management software will help you make the right choice.

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