NextPatient specializes in enhancing patient care with its innovative online scheduling and digital front desk services. With a significant shift towards online appointment booking, NextPatient excels in handling over 400,000 self-scheduled appointments monthly. 

NextPatient Practice Management Software Review

NextPatient enhances operational efficiency and revenue growth for medical practitioners, all while prioritizing patient satisfaction through streamlined administrative processes, including automated invoicing and appointment management. 

Gain more insight into NextPatient’s features and pricing and determine whether this PMS software is the right fit for your practice with this helpful overview.

Features of NextPatient Practice Management Software

Features Of NextPatient Practice Management Software

Online Scheduling

With NextPatient’s online scheduling, patients can conveniently choose an appointment time from the healthcare practitioner’s calendar. The system then provides the practitioner’s information, appointment location, time, visit reason, and deposit amount. It also includes a customizable form for gathering patient data like name, email, and payment methods. 

NextPatient’s online scheduling gives patients the ease to book appointments at their convenience, displaying only available times and specific appointment types set by the practice. This feature, which operates without a patient portal or app, also allows for efficient management of existing appointments, enabling patients to confirm, cancel, or reschedule, as well as access to practical tools like add-to-calendar and pre-appointment checklists. Real-time synchronization with the practice’s management system further streamlines the process.

This feature not only streamlines the booking process but also boosts appointment rates by allowing 24/7 scheduling availability.

Reminders and Texting

NextPatient effectively reduces missed appointments by sending automated reminders to patients, informing them of upcoming visits. These reminders are crucial in minimizing missed appointments and enhancing patient retention, ensuring healthcare practitioners utilize their time effectively.

NextPatient’s customizable messaging feature allows for tailored reminders, offering specific instructions based on the type of appointment and the healthcare provider. This level of customization provides patients with relevant visit information, playing a vital role in reducing no-shows and improving the overall patient experience.

Digital Check-in

NextPatient’s Digital Check-In feature not only allows patients to submit healthcare records and insurance details remotely but also enables the collection of additional paperwork and consent forms in advance. This process minimizes waiting room delays and elevates the standard of patient care and operational efficiency. 

Additionally, patients can capture and send insurance card details prior to their arrival, further reducing administrative delays.

Online Reputation Management

Your practice reputation online significantly affects your patient acquisition rate. Something as simple as one bad review can quickly escalate and cause you to lose potential clients. The NextPatient software offers a feature that allows your practice to track and manage patient satisfaction, attract positive reviews and automatically send out post-visit surveys to learn about your patient’s thoughts. 

Many healthcare practices with hundreds of patients who lack the tools to gather feedback can use this feature to improve their online reputation on social media and review sites such as Google My Business.

Mobile Applications

While NextPatient’s practice management system operates through a web-based interface rather than a mobile app, it compensates by offering telemedicine capabilities on iOS devices like iPhones and iPads. This feature enables seamless video communication between patients and healthcare practitioners.

SMS Integration

NextPatient’s SMS messaging functionality provides healthcare practices with a comprehensive communication solution. It allows for direct messaging to patients from the appointment schedule and offers a broadcast messaging service for mass communication, adaptable for a range of situations. 

The system also ensures users are promptly notified of unopened texts and can easily respond and manage conversations within the platform, making it an efficient way to maintain patient engagement and reduce no-shows.


To offer more seamless functionalities for practice management, NextPatient practice management software integrates with various platforms, making it more flexible for you to manage your practice. Other PMS that can be integrated with NextPatient include AthenaHealth, Nextech, Modernizing Medicine, Allscripts, CureMD, DrChrono, AdvancedMD, and CareCloud. 

AthenaHealth: AthenaHealth is a cloud-based EHR platform that helps healthcare providers manage patient records, billing, and practice operations. With the NextPatient and AthenaHealth integration, healthcare professionals can synchronize their appointment calendars between the two platforms. By streamlining their patient scheduling processes, healthcare practitioners can save time and effort on administrative duties.

NextTech: The integration between NextPatient and Nextech enables healthcare practices to receive appointment confirmations and cancellations directly in their platform, reducing manual data entry and improving the accuracy of patient records. 

Modernizing Medicine: With this integration, medical professionals can sync their appointment schedules between the NextPatient and Modernizing Medicine platforms. This integration enables medical practices to streamline patient scheduling processes and reduce administrative duties.

AllScripts: The NextPatient and AllScripts integration enables patients to view their medical records and test results easily, allows doctors to easily access patient records, which results in better diagnosis and care, and streamline the billing process. 

CureMD: CureMD provides healthcare practices with tools for managing patient records, medical billing, and practice operations. Integrating CureMD and Nextpatient helps streamline administrative tasks and improves efficiency by accurately recording and processing essential factors such as billing and claims information. 

This integration can also make it easier to schedule and handle patient appointments, reducing the amount of manual data entry and improving patient satisfaction.

DrChrono: Similar to other cloud-based electronic health records (EHR) platforms, Dr. Chrono helps healthcare practices streamline their workflows and improve patient care by providing tools that help in managing patient records, medical billing, and practice operations. 

Through the NextPatient and Dr. Chrono integration, medical practices can easily access patient data and manage appointment schedules in real-time. Additionally, Dr. Chrono is one of the most affordable options. 

AdvancedMD: AdvancedMD offers a variety of tools, such as customizable templates for clinical documentation, electronic prescribing, patient scheduling, patient check-in, medical billing, and revenue cycle management. 

Two-way integration between AdvancedMD and NextPatient gives medical practices a flexible solution that provides real-time appointment availability. Additionally, NextPatient improves every aspect of the urgent care front desk, from patient flow management to eliminating unnecessary wait periods.

CareCloud: The CareCloud and NextPatient integration streamlines scheduling workflows for front-office staff and provides real-time appointment availability. Additionally, appointments scheduled by patients through the NextPatient platform will automatically be synced with the provider’s CareCloud calendar. 

NextPatient also integrates with Stripe and Square payment processors to enable healthcare providers to manage payments more efficiently.

Benefits of Using NextPatient Practice Management Software

NextPatient provides practices access to key features such as round-the-clock online self-scheduling without the need for an app, digital check-in coupled with two-way patient texting, and sophisticated appointment reminders and recall systems.

With NextPatient, you can expect to see benefits such as the following:

  • Decrease in no-show rates
  • Customize reminders for each type of visit
  • 24/7 online booking without phone calls
  • Capture insurance cards from anywhere
  • Collect patient information, paperwork, and treatment consent forms

Efficient communication, reduced waiting periods, and streamlined administrative procedures are key factors patients consider when selecting a healthcare practitioner.  NextPatient stands out as a Practice Management System that delivers on these aspects, surpassing patient expectations. Its use significantly boosts your practice’s operational efficiency, fostering growth and success in a healthcare setting that puts patients first.

Industry Capabilities 

NextPatient is a versatile Practice Management System well-suited for various healthcare settings. It is an excellent choice for individual practitioners, highly effective for multi-location healthcare franchises, and comes equipped with features that cater to healthcare organizations across all specialties.

With its wide-ranging capabilities, NextPatient caters to the distinct operational needs of healthcare providers, from solo practices to large healthcare organizations. Its adaptability to various specialties and practice sizes ensures that it delivers optimal functionality, enhancing practice management and patient care across the healthcare industry.

NextPatient Pricing

NextPatient offers a range of pricing options for its practice management software tailored to the number of practitioners using the service and the specific features required. The setup process is swift, and typically completed in under ten business days. For multi-practice healthcare providers, an additional fee of $50 is required to separate their services. 

NextPatient’s diverse range of service plans is meticulously crafted to meet the unique needs of healthcare practices of all sizes and specialties. From fundamental management tools to advanced practice enhancement features, these plans offer tailored solutions to optimize healthcare services.

The Core Plan

The Core Plan provides essential tools for efficient practice management. This plan includes a dedicated account manager, patient self-scheduling, and both patient and staff notifications, along with an add-to-calendar option and credit card capture, laying the foundational groundwork for streamlined practice operations.

The Advanced Plan

Building upon the Core Plan’s offerings, the ‘Advanced Plan’ introduces additional functionalities to further empower healthcare practices. It encompasses smart reminders, two-way patient texting, and broadcast text messaging, as well as tools for post-visit survey requests and managing online reviews, enhancing patient engagement and practice efficiency.

The Pro Plan

The Pro Plan is the most inclusive package, integrating all elements of the Advanced Plan with advanced features such as digital check-in, comprehensive insurance and ID capture, and various forms of patient data collection. It’s tailored for practices seeking a top-tier solution for complete practice management.

In Conclusion

NextPatient consolidates various essential features into one comprehensive practice management system, streamlining operations for healthcare providers. However, the software does have certain shortcomings, such as a lack of performance reporting, billing and claims handling, and patient engagement tools. With this information at hand, you can better evaluate if NextPatient meets the specific requirements of your practice.

As you consider the best fit for your practice, it’s crucial to weigh these factors against your specific operational needs and patient care objectives. The strengths of NextPatient in unifying key practice management functions should be balanced with its areas for improvement. A thorough understanding of its offerings and limitations will help you discern if NextPatient is the optimal choice to enhance your practice’s operations and patient services, leading to a more informed and strategic decision.

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