PatientNow offers a comprehensive suite of solutions for medical spa management. This cloud-based platform encompasses electronic medical records (EMR), practice management, patient engagement, and various marketing and payment tools. 

Its integrated system is designed to streamline operations, enhance revenue management, and include cutting-edge features for data analytics, marketing efficiency, and reputation management.

PatientNow Med Spa Practice Management Software Review

Within PatientNow’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM), users find a comprehensive toolkit that includes marketing and text messaging campaigns, market group creation, Canva for custom content creation, Swell for increased review collection, and extensive reputation management capabilities. 

Tailored specifically for healthcare practices, the PatientNow software caters to sectors such as Health & Wellness, Med Spa, Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, and Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT).

PatientNow’s all-inclusive solution and comprehensive interface distinguish it as a leading selection for Med Spa software, offering a blend of advanced functionality and ease of use that is well-suited for the dynamic needs of medical Spas.

Additionally, PatientNow’s mobile and web applications provide the flexibility to manage profiles remotely, arrange appointments, and monitor performance insights. When choosing the most suitable software for your Med Spa, certain key features merit attention. This article analyzes how PatientNow’s capabilities can enhance your medical practice.

Ease of Use

PatientNow offers an intuitive and user-friendly experience catering to both patients and healthcare providers. Its straightforward layout allows users to easily navigate the platform without prior training.  

PatientNow simplifies the process of note-taking and template customization, boosting operational efficiency. It stands out for its user-friendly design and seamless integration with traditional paper records. This combination, along with excellent technical support and training, facilitates a smooth digital transition for healthcare providers.

Ease Of Use Of PatientNow Practice Management Software

For specialized industries such as plastic surgery, PatientNow offers remarkable versatility. It accommodates insurance and cosmetic billing, manages inventory, and generates cosmetic invoices, meeting the specific demands of such practices. Its ability to facilitate a smooth transition to paperless operations positions it as an optimal solution for modernizing practice management.

Additionally, PatientNow excels in automating workflow and patient care, markedly reducing time spent on various processes. This leads to more time for healthcare providers to concentrate on other important tasks, enhancing their overall productivity and efficiency in patient management.

Key Features of PatientNow Practice Management Software

Key Features Of PatientNow Practice Management Software

Appointment Booking and Smart Scheduling

PatientNow’s booking and scheduling feature, while comprehensive, offers a mixed experience. It efficiently manages calendars and patient visits and sends automated reminders, which is vital for practitioners. The ease of appointment booking is a plus. It also offers the capability to reserve rooms and medical equipment for upcoming appointments alongside an efficient waitlist management system to enhance patient satisfaction.

PatientNow’s automated reminder system effectively decreases the number of missed appointments, playing a crucial role in ensuring a steady flow of recurring patients. 

However, customization in PatientNow is somewhat restricted, with only the brand logo being modifiable on the patient appointment interface, which may be limiting for practices looking for more extensive personalization options.

Billings and payment

PatientNow’s multifaceted payment system, supporting cash, cheque, and credit card transactions, is complemented by its integration with the Verifone POS system and Optum Clearinghouse. 

This integration facilitates the efficient processing of front-desk payments and provides a streamlined approach to managing insurance billings, offering a comprehensive solution for financial transactions in healthcare settings.

Building on the capabilities of PatientNow’s billing and payment system, the software’s financial module significantly enhances operational efficiency by automating key financial activities. This module streamlines critical financial tasks, reducing the potential for errors and administrative burdens. 

Key features of PatientNow’s financial module include:

  • Quoting
  • Billing
  • Payments
  • Conversions
  • Commissions
  • Reporting

Additionally,  PatientNow simplifies onsite payment processing with its flexible payment options. The system supports debit/credit card transactions, including using a card on file via a card reader device. Ensuring security and compliance, it is PCI compliant and even offers a secure text-to-pay option for added convenience. This array of features in the financial module provides a robust framework for handling the varied financial aspects of a healthcare practice.

Patient engagement

Patient engagement plays a crucial role in the success of your practice, and PatientNow offers innovative solutions to optimize these interactions, fostering lasting relationships and increased patient satisfaction.

It maintains continual patient engagement, drawing in new and maintaining existing patients. The CRM system simplifies patient interaction management, consolidating data into a single platform that enhances sales and builds loyalty.

PatientNow’s strength lies in its automation capabilities, which manage tasks such as follow-up emails and appointment reminders, freeing up staff for more critical tasks. It functions like a digital assistant, managing commissions, referrals, and reminders and ensures seamless communication across various channels, streamlining your clinic’s marketing and communication.

Beyond engagement, PatientNow strengthens patient loyalty through its rewards and membership programs, positively impacting experiences and increasing referrals. Its marketing tools, such as email and text campaigns, ensure your practice remains a top choice. The system’s tailored messaging and comprehensive interaction tracking enhance your marketing outreach.

Mobile Apps

The PatientNow PMS application is accessible on various devices, including iPhones, iPads, and Macs, and through the MyPatientNOW web-based portal. A single practice account can be used simultaneously across multiple devices, although the web-based platform is restricted to one browser session at a time. 

Furthermore, PatientNow’s mobile features extend this flexibility, allowing practitioners to manage appointments, access patient records, and communicate with patients on the go, ensuring continuous connectivity and streamlined practice management.

SMS Integration

PatientNow’s mobile and web-based portals incorporate a two-way SMS messaging system, ensuring HIPAA-compliant, secure communication between patients and practitioners. 

All transmitted data is password-protected and adheres to strict HIPAA regulations, guaranteeing confidentiality. Additionally, the app includes features for practitioners to easily create and refer to clinical notes, enhancing patient care and record-keeping.

Reputation Management

PatientNow’s reputation management system empowers medical practices to enhance their online presence. It enables sending targeted messages and surveys post-appointment, helping understand patient experiences. 

The software’s Swell integration aids in increasing review volume and effectively managing your online presence. This direct line to patient feedback offers actionable steps for practice improvement. 

Moreover, PatientNow’s feature of verifying and controlling reviews before they go live on various platforms, including social media, ensures a well-maintained online reputation is vital for attracting new patients.


The PatientNow medical software does not have an open API for integration with third-party applications but has its own inbuilt marketing, analytics and data reporting functions such as RX Marketing, RXPhoto, EMR and payment tools. 

The RX Marketing tool manages leads, reviews, text message marketing and more. It also has a limited API integration with various top third-party software solutions to extend its capabilities for users’ benefit. You will find that PatientNow integrates with Nextech, a competing practice management software, to allow practices already using Nextech to access some of its Medical spa-specific tools.

ANN Integration: PatientNow’s ANN Integration offers crucial performance indicators and leverages business intelligence data, enabling practices to maximize their marketing efforts. 

By analyzing trends and patient behaviours, practices can make informed decisions to enhance marketing strategies and patient outreach, ultimately leading to increased growth and market presence.

Pettigrew Integration: With Pettigrew Integration, PatientNow provides aesthetic practices with a full range of billing tools and services. This comprehensive solution simplifies the entire revenue cycle, from invoicing to payment processing. 

Practices benefit from improved cash flow and reduced administrative burdens, enabling them to focus more on patient care.

Swell integration: Swell offers a strategic tool for practices to collect positive patient reviews and boost their online reputation. This function aids in climbing the search engine ranks and attracting more patients through online visibility. This feature is key in today’s digital-first healthcare environment. 

Cherry Financial Integration: Cherry Financial Integration in PatientNow provides medical practices with an option to offer financing solutions ranging from $200 to $10,000. 

This feature enables practices to cater to a broader patient base by making treatments more accessible financially. It not only enhances patient satisfaction but also increases the potential for higher revenue through more frequent and diverse service offerings.

RX Photo: PatientNow’s RX Photo feature offers a secure, HIPAA-compliant tool for clinical photography, enabling medical practices to document treatment results effectively. This feature allows for the creation of impactful before and after photo galleries, aiding both patient consultations and marketing. 

The automatic encryption and cloud storage of photos ensure patient data security. Additionally, its integration with a WordPress CRM plugin allows for the seamless display of these images in professional online galleries, enhancing the practice’s digital presence.

PatientNow’s platform not only includes integrations with Canfield Imaging, Touch MD, and CareCredit but also supports additional connections, offering a comprehensive range of solutions for medical practices.

PatientNow is open to custom integration requests on an individual basis, allowing for compatibility with third-party systems like Zoho and WordPress CRM (plugin), pending team approval. Approved integrations, especially with WordPress, can leverage features like Rx Marketing and the Rx Photo plugin, enhancing WordPress-based Medical Spas. However, the platform’s API remains closed for external development to maintain security and integrity.

PatientNow Cost and Fees

The PatientNow medical software pricing covers all its features, including EMR, Practice Management, Patient Engagement, Marketing, Photography, 

An additional $1000 one-time setup fee is required for practices to move over their data and start working with the software.

PatientNow’s pricing strategy is designed to cater to the diverse financial needs of aesthetic and medical practices. The cost is tailored based on specific practice requirements, considering factors such as the size of the practice, the range of features and functionalities needed, and the desired level of customization. This approach ensures that each practice pays for only what it needs, making PatientNow a cost-effective choice.

To obtain an accurate understanding of the costs involved with PatientNow, interested practices are encouraged to reach out directly to the company. Directly communicating about the goals and needs of your practice allows PatientNow to provide a tailored quote that reflects the specific needs of the practice, ensuring that each client receives a personalized and cost-effective solution.

In addition to personalized pricing, PatientNow offers flexible financing and leasing options to accommodate the financial capabilities of different practices. These options, ranging from short-term to long-term plans, some of which are interest-free, make it easier for practices to afford the necessary software, hardware, support, and training. Additionally, the potential tax benefits under Section 179 of the IRS tax code can further reduce the overall financial burden, making PatientNow a financially viable solution for many practices.


Taking into account the robust features and tailored pricing of PatientNow medical software, it is an ideal choice for high-volume medical Spas and multi-practitioner settings. 

Additionally, its innovative features offer significant value to smaller or newly established med Spas looking to expand their operations. While the initial setup cost may be considerable, the long-term benefits for multi-specialty practices are substantial. PatientNow provides comprehensive solutions like EHR, PMS, and more without necessitating long-term contracts or additional provider fees for practices with fewer than fifteen users.