PatientNow is an all-in-one medical spa management platform with solutions for electronic medical records (EMR), practice management, patient engagement, marketing, payments, and more. As a cloud-based software, its features promise to reduce workload and improve revenue management. The software is also integrated with innovative platforms, making data analytics, marketing, and reputation management very efficient.

PatientNow Med Spa Practice Management Software Review

Patientnow’s CRM includes marketing and text campaigns, market group creation, canva integration for creating content, swell integration for getting more reviews, and reputation management. 

The PatientNow software is specifically built for healthcare practices in the Health & Wellness, Med Spa, Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, and hormone replacement therapy (HRT) fields. We choose PatientNow as one of our top picks for Med Spa software because it offers an all-inclusive solution with a comprehensive user interface. It also has mobile and web applications, which means that users can access their profiles from anywhere, schedule appointments, and get an overview of their performance. However, when looking for the right software for your Med Spa, there are some features to consider. This article aims to evaluate what the PatientNow features can offer for your medical practice.

Ease of Use

PatientNow has an intuitive user experience suite designed to be user-friendly for patients and their providers. The interface looks straightforward and does not require any prior training. Users can get to any section of the platform with just a few clicks. Overall, the provider end of the interface is just as efficient and flexible as the patient end of the platform. 

Ease Of Use Of PatientNow Practice Management Software

Although the platform is relatively easy to navigate, it is not extensively customizable. Only the brand logo area can be customized on the patient appointment booking interface; patient details input fields and page colour remain the same. 

Therefore, medical practices may need help to structure the platform for their exact needs thoroughly. The patient end of the appointment booking is not. 

Key Features of PatientNow Practice Management Software

Key Features Of PatientNow Practice Management Software

Appointment Booking and Smart Scheduling

Managing bookings and schedules is made easy with this PatientNow feature. It’s an all-in-one solution that enables practitioners to effectively manage their calendars, track patient visits, automate schedules reminders and make patient communication more seamless. You can even reserve rooms and medical resources for incoming patients and manage your waitlist efficiently to avoid wasting patients’ time, increasing their satisfaction ratings. The appointment booking is also quick and easy with a user-friendly interface where patients can expect to complete their booking with just a few clicks. 

PatientNow’s automated reminder system also helps decrease the no-show percentage and retain recurring customers. 

Although one drawback is that the appointment interface is not fully customizable, as it only allows changes to the page name and logo of the practice.

Billings and payment

PatientNow has an integrated payment system for managing and collecting payments in cash, cheque, credit card, and other payment collection means. The software also integrates with a POS system called Verifone for seamless front desk payments and with Optum Clearinghouse to manage insurance billings. 

Patient engagement

PatientNow’s CRM, AestheticNow, helps medical practices manage their patient engagements and marketing needs. From text marketing to email marketing and marketing groups that allow practices to streamline their campaigns, this tool makes engaging with patients on a marketing level easy. 

Mobile Apps

The PatientNow PMS application is available on iPhones, iPad, Macs, or MyPatientNOW’s web-based portal. One practice account can be opened on all devices simultaneously, but the web-based platform can only be opened on one web browser at a time.

SMS Integration

The PateintNow mobile and web-based portals have two-way SMS messaging functions allowing seamless HIPAA-compliant communication between patients and their practitioners. This means that all information communicated through the portals is password encrypted and completely secure, governed by strict HIPAA guidelines. The app also has tools that enable providers to take clinical notes for easy reference.

Reputation Management

Medical practices using PatientNow can send messages and surveys to their patients after their visit to learn about their level of satisfaction with the service. The Swell integration allows practices to gather more reviews, manage their online reputation, and keep patients returning. By listening to patients through feedback and reviews, you can get concrete steps needed to improve your practice and build a reputation that will drive new patients to book appointments.


The PatientNow medical software does not have an open API for integration with third-party applications but has its own inbuilt marketing, analytics and data reporting functions such as RX Marketing, RXPhoto, EMR and payment tools. 

The RX Marketing tool manages leads, reviews, text message marketing and more. It also has a limited API integration with various top third-party software solutions to extend its capabilities for users’ benefit. You will find that PatientNow integrates with Nextech, a competing practice management software, to allow practices already using Nextech to access some of its Medical spa-specific tools.

ANN Integration: ANN offers a data analytics dashboard for aesthetic practices to view performance indicators and use business intelligence data to reach their full marketing potential.

Pettigrew Integration: This is a complete suite of billing products and services enabling aesthetic practices to manage revenue cycles effectively.

Swell integration: This integration enables practises to collect positive reviews, improve their online reputation and build their search ranking. 

Cherry Financial Integration: With this integration, medical practices can provide financing options between $200 – $10,000.

RX Photo: This HIPAA-compliant inbuilt PatientNow clinical photography tool allows medical practices to take quality pictures and show off their results with before and after photos. The photos taken are automatically encrypted and saved in a HIPAA-compliant cloud. It has a WordPress CRM plugin that can show picture galleries in professionally designed templates when activated.

Other integrations such as Canfield Imaging, Touch MD, CareCredit and more exist within the platform.

However, they can work with practices on a case-by-case basis to allow integrations with other third-party systems such as Zoho, WordPress CRM (plugin) and others after the request is scrutinized by the team. When approved by the PatientNow team, the integration with WordPress can include the platform’s Rx Marketing feature. The Rx Photo plugin can also add value to medical spas built on WordPress websites. Beyond this limited integration, the platform’s API is fully inaccessible to developers for added functionalities.

PatientNow Cost and Fees

The PatientNow medical software pricing covers all its features, including EMR, Practice Management, Patient Engagement, Marketing, Photography, Patient Portal and Payment tools. The CRM, which includes text marketing, email marketing and marketing group, also works with analytical tools and EMR to give the practice a holistic management approach. Unlike other medical software prices per provider, PatientNow is $898/month per 15 users. 

An additional $1000 one-time setup fee is required for practices to move over their data and start working with the software.


Considering the features and pricing of the PatientNow medical software, we recommend it for high-volume medical spas with multiple practitioners needing medical practice software. Small and newly established med spas can also use its innovative features to grow their practices. But beyond the high cost of setup fees, medical practices are gaining more, especially if it’s a multi-specialty practice. With it, you can get EHR, PMS, and other necessary functionalities your staff may need without needing a long-term contract or paying an additional fee per provider if the number of users is less than fifteen.

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