Search Engine Optimization Portfolio

Since 2008 Wisevu has been providing premium quality Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Web Development services to Local Businesses, Medical Practices, eCommerce, Franchises and Non-Profits/Charities looking to rank their high-converting websites at the top of Google, Bing & YouTube for the highest ROI keywords.

  • Wisevu SEO Portfolio Alinea Medical Spa

    Alinea Medical Spa

    Wisevu’s effective SEO strategies helped Alinea Medical Spa outrank its competitors. Our extensive keyword research & analytics, search-engine-optimized content, high-quality link building and in-depth understanding of Google algorithms have helped maintain its organic rankings.

  • Wisevu Portfolio Dental Implants Toronto

    Bond Street Dental Implants Toronto

    Wisevu has taken this small dentistry clinic in Toronto to become the number one dental implant clinic in Toronto using effective and affordable Web Development, SEO & PPC strategies.

  • Wisevu Portfolio Rock West Dental

    Rock West Dental

    Wisevu created a monthly SEO strategy for highly comeptitive general dentistry keywords in Mississauga to make sure they stay on top. Rockwest Dental has welcomed many new patients to their dental clinic due to their search engine rankings.

  • Wisevu Portfolio - Soma Breath

    SOMA Breath®

    Soma Breath, a leading international wellness brand, entrusted Wisevu to re-design and re-brand their premier website. Beyond aesthetics, Wisevu amplified their digital presence, securing #1 Google rankings for hundreds of niche-relevant keywords in all English-speaking countries, underscoring their dominance in the wellness arena.

  • Wisevu Web Design - Trafalgar Dental Oakville

    Trafalgar Dental Oakville

    For this new dental startup, Wisevu helped build a professional and modern-looking website that passed all of Google’s Core Web Vitals tests. With our dental SEO services, we built a professional, aesthetic and modern-looking website with conversion rate and SEO-optimized content for each page.

  • Wisevu Portfolio Labiaplasty NYC

    Labiaplasty NYC

    Labiaplasty New York approached Wisevu looking to stick out among all of the plastic surgery clinics in the bustling metropolis of New York City. We surpassed the owner’s expecations by bringing them to the top of their search engine rankings.

  • Wisevu SEO Portfolio Toronto Cosmetic Clinic

    Toronto Cosmetic Clinic

    Wisevu helped Toronto Cosmetic Clinic (TCC) target the right customers and keywords on Google in Toronto’s hyper-competitive market. Our experienced keyword strategists analyzed massive datasets of highly sensitive keywords with strict privacy regulations, identifying the best keywords to focus on & dominate the search results while navigating Google’s strict regulations in the plastic surgery industry.

  • Wisevu Portfolio Brampton Physiotherapy

    Brampton Physiotherapy

    Physiotherapy is a saturated market and it can be difficult for potential patients to find the best care possible in their area. Wisevu strategized the best keywords to ensure Brampton Physiotherapy would be top of mind for Brampton’s residents.

  • Wisevu SEO Portfolio Absolute Medi Spa

    Absolute Medi Spa

    Wisevu helped Absolute Medi Spa rank in the top 3 positions of Google and Bing for hyper-competitive keywords like “medical spa,” “med spa,” and hundreds of other high-conversion keywords. Our Conversion Rate Optimisation specialists helped significantly improve conversions while also implementing omnichannel marketing solutions like Lead Nurturing, Remarketing & Paid Social Media Ads campaigns that created awareness and interest at very low CPA (Costs Per Acquisition).

  • Wisevu Portfolio Dentist North York

    Dentist North York

    Wisevu collaborated with Dentist North York to ensure people looking for emergency dental services, tooth extractions, dental implants and general dentistry in North York come to the right place. DNY now dominates their search engine rankings for the most important keywords!

  • Wisevu SEO Portfolio Pediatric Urgent Care

    Pediatric Urgent Care

    We partnered with this pediatric franchise to take charge of their organic SEO, paid ads, website development, CRO, and content development. Our effective SEO services surpassed all expectations, and the franchise, which started in one location, has expanded to serve four locations now.

  • Wisevu Portfolio Labiaplasty & Vaginoplasty NJ

    Labiaplasty & Vaginoplasty NJ

    Wisevu developed a cutting-edge website for this New Jersey-based gynecological plastic surgery center. Our monthly SEO strategy for premium quality medical sales/UX copywriting, web design, web development, Google Ads, and organic SEO services have helped Alinea Labiaplasty & Vaginoplasty NJ stay on top of their competitors.

  • Wisevu Portfolio Vytalize Health

    Vytalize Health – Home Health Care

    Vytalize Health reached out to Wisevu to help them become a leader in home health care in America. Their unique business model was very interesting and we knew that our search engine optimization services would be of great help for them.

  • Wisevu Portfolio Love Your Rug

    Love Your Rug

    Wisevu transformed Love Your Rug to become the largest rug cleaner not only in Toronto but in all of Canada with our web development, custom API integrations, SEO & PPC services.

  • Wisevu Portfolio Pestend Pest Control Toronto

    Pestend Pest Control Toronto

    Pestend had an issue with their previous online marketing agency that was not able to break through the competitive pest control market on Google. Wisevu reconstructed their online strategy and implemented effective SEO to make them the largest pest control company in Toronto.

  • Wisevu Portfolio Alliance For Just Money

    Alliance For Just Money

    Alliance For Just Money is not a local company, they are in the monetary reform industry in the U.S.A. and globally. Wisevu had to strategize for the company accordingly and we’ve been able to help them see major SEO success.

  • Wisevu Portfolio Auto Glass Oakville

    Oakville Auto Glass Zone

    Auto Glass Zone in Oakville wanted to attract all customers searching for their local auto glass services in Oakville. Wisevu got them to the top of search listings and now they dominate their market.

  • Wisevu Portfolio Kepler Academy

    Kepler Academy

    Kepler Academy offers full-time and after-school daycare and childcare programs in Edmonton. They have a rigorous, well researched and scientifically backed Exploratory Education approach to daycare in Edmonton giving children a modern approach to education.

  • Wisevu Portfolio Prestige Decor

    Prestige Decor Upholstery & Window Treatments

    Wisevu developed an online strategy for Prestige Decor that gave them a long-term competitive advantage. Prestige Decor currently dominate the window treatment and fabric industry in Mississauga & the GTA.

  • Wisevu Web Design Pest Control Ottawa

    Pest Control Ottawa

    Highly experienced and certified pest exterminators in Ottawa, Ontario Canada specializing in bed bug extermination, mice extermination, ant extermination, cockroach extermination, wasp nest removal, and more.

  • Wisevu Web Design Canada Audio Visual Contractors

    Canada Audio Visual Contractors

    In a highly niche industry aimed at targeting only B2B clients, was no easy task. Wisevu deployed highly strategic local SEO tactics in order to deliver a rapid ROI with minimal costs by targeting a large quantity of high converting long tail keywords.

  • Wisevu Portfolio Perfect Property Maintenance Kings Inc.

    Perfect Property Maintenance Kings Inc.

    Wisevu employed the latest design concepts and WordPress technology to build Perfect Property Maintenance Kings a website that gives them a competitive edge. We wanted their potential clients to see the PPMK difference.

  • Wisevu Portfolio Niagara Toronto Tours

    Niagara Toronto Tours

    Niagara Toronto Tours is one of Canada’s first Niagara Falls Tour companies. They asked Wisevu to devise a multi-national SEO and PPC campaign to help them dominate their industry. So we put them on top of Google, Yahoo and Bing, and they are killing it!

  • Wisevu Portfolio Crackmasters


    Crackmasters had a goal to dominate in Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, Milton, Georgetown and Etobicoke for their specific keywords. Wisevu surpassed their expectations, by making them #1 on search engines in those areas.

  • Wisevu Portfolio Love Your Shoes

    Love Your Shoes

    Wisevu helped to connect customers looking for shoe cleaning and shoe repairs in Toronto with Love Your Shoes. We created a website with on-page search engine optimization and do monthly SEO to ensure their business is growing and attracting new business every day.

  • Wisevu Portfolio Drapery Curtain Rods

    Drapery Curtain Rods (DCR)

    Wisevu was hired to create an eCommerce website that would offer the largest selection of decorative drapery hardware in Canada. We devised a strategy which allows Drapery Curtain Rods to dominate the curtain rod market in Canada.

  • Wisevu Portfolio Auto Glass Pro

    Auto Glass Pro

    Auto Glass pro Mississauga is an auto glass shop in Mississauga that wanted us to give them an exclusive SEO and PPC contract in Mississauga and dominate their market. The market was very competitive but Wisevu was able to prosper.

  • Wisevu Web Design - North Auto Glass Barrie

    North Auto Glass Barrie

    Wisevu helped North Auto Glass to dominate the Organic search in Barrie and surrounding areas for keywords that were highly relevant and converting. The rankings helped the business to grow significantly and soon they opened several locations in other cities.

  • Wisevu Portfolio Scrap Car Removal Toronto

    Scrap Car Removal Toronto

    Scrap Car Removal Toronto is a local scrap car buyer that needed to grow his business and was curious what Wisevu can do. Today he is a very happy loyal customer and a good friend.

  • Wisevu Portfolio Maple Auto Glass

    Maple Auto Glass

    Maple Auto Glass is an auto glass repair and replacement shop with headquarters in Peterborough, Ontario. Wisevu has worked with them to flourish in their specific community market with our customized SEO services.

  • Wisevu Portfolio Love Your Leather Repair

    Love Your Leather

    Love Your Leather is a local leather repair and cleaning shop in Toronto that wanted to advertise their leather repair and alterations services as well as their leather cleaning services to people looking for their services online. Wisevu devised a unique strategy that increased their sales beyond expectations.

  • Wisevu Portfolio Love Your Tailor Toronto

    Love Your Tailor

    Love Your Tailor is a tailor in Toronto that saw potential online and hired Wisevu to build them a website and take them to the top of the search engines in the Greater Toronto Area. We are determined to make them number 1 across Southern Ontario.

  • Wisevu Portfolio Bed Bug Exterminator Pro

    Bed Bug Exterminator Pro

    Bed bug extermination in Toronto is a hypercompetitive industry, so we wanted to ensure that anyone looking for these services would come to Bed Bug Exterminator Pro’s website. Our SEO services brought them to the top of search engine rankings for their particular keywords.

  • Wisevu Portfolio Whitby Auto Glass

    Whitby Auto Glass

    Wisevu works with Whitby Auto Glass to provide people in Whitby with a convenient way to find this auto glass expert on search engines, and to experience lifetime guaranteed mobile auto glass services.

  • Wisevu Portfolio Pest Control Mississauga

    Pest Control Mississauga

    Wisevu developed a major SEO strategy to help Pest Control Mississauga dominate the hypercompetitive pest control industry in Mississauga. We use hyper-specific keywords for bed bugs, cockroaches, rodents, ants, wasps and more.

  • Wisevu Portfolio North York Auto Glass

    North York Auto Glass

    Wisevu helped North York Auto Glass solve the problem of being one of many auto glass repair and replacement shops in North York. Using the best keywords, we’ve helped them rse in the ranks, attract new customers and retain old customers.

  • Wisevu Portfolio Scrap Car Removal Scarborough

    Scrap Car Removal Scarborough

    This custom website is built on WordPress and is fully responsive for optimal viewing across mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop computers. It is fully SEO optimized to rank for relevant keywords related to scrap car removal services in Scarborough.

  • Wisevu Portfolio Midnight Sun Tanning Salon

    Midnight Sun Tanning Salon

    Midnight Sun Tanning Salon in Mississauga wanted to dominate the tanning industry in Mississauga and nothing less. Wisevu offered Midnight Sun an industry exclusive SEM contract that would allow them to gain a sustainable competitive advantage.

Genuine Client Google Reviews

Since Wisevu's inception in 2008 our unique and effective online marketing strategies continue to successfully help businesses in Canada and USA increase online awareness, sales and profitability.


33 Reviews

Amanpreet Singh

Fortunately, I hired wisevu to update my RAPS Immigration website. Their web design work is outstanding. I have no words to express my gratitude to wisevu team. They are highly devoted, reliable and responsive. Their work is unparalleled ! You guys are awesome. I highly recommend wisevu to any new or existing businesses. Thank you wisevu !

Sharmilee Palgotra

Brilliant work done with website design wisevu! The team is not only excellent with website development but also great at customer service. I am highly impressed with their dedication, genuineness and exceptional work done! Undoubtedly, wisevu team is the best in Canada!

Hamid Amirrad

The team at Wisevu provides exceptional service when it comes to web design and search engine optimization in Toronto. I would highly recommend them to anyone who's looking for a professional website that ranks high on Google and other search engines.

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