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Social Media Community Relationship Management

Social Media Community Relationship Management

Social media allows companies to engage with thousands of prospects that use social media websites every day, as well as to improve search engine optimization campaigns. In order to effectively engage with a target audience, Wisevu must create buzzworthy content including video ads that attract attention and become viral and spread like the love bug.

Targeted Social Media Channels

There are thousands of social media websites on the internet today tailored to a vast amount of interest groups and users. Wisevu will conduct an in depth target market analysis and develop a highly tailored social media strategy which will engage your target market in the most effective way possible.

Social Media Channels

Main social media platforms which Wisevu specializes in

Facebook Ads

The worlds largest social media website, Facebook is one of the most effective ways to connect and engage with a target market group. Wisevu implements highly targeted Facebook Ads strategies and tactics for local businesses and medical practices, looking to create awareness for their businesses, services and products.

Twitter Ads

With over 150 million active users, Twitter offers a very effective way to engage with a tech savvy audience. Twitter brings people closer to their interests and Wisevu can help local businesses leverage Twitter Ads in order to target a very niche demographic of users with high ROI potential.

Instagram Ads

100 million Monthly Active Users, 40 million Photos Per Day, 8500 Likes Per Second, 1000 Comments Per Second. Instagram allows Wisevu to create highly engaging and creative image and video ads, which will spark attention and engage highly targeted Instagram users to visit your local business or medical practice.

LinkedIn Ads

The worlds largest professional networking website - LinkedIn has 200+ million members. Wisevu has over a decade of experience leveraging LinkedIn Ads in order to help local businesses and medical practices attract a highly affluent target audience with engaging content that is strategically developed to convert.

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Since Wisevu's inception in 2008 our unique and effective online marketing strategies continue to successfully help businesses in Canada and USA increase online awareness, sales and profitability.


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