CareCloud sets a new standard in healthcare management by seamlessly integrating practice management, medical billing, patient record processing, and appointment scheduling. Designed to support a wide spectrum of medical practices, CareCloud distinguishes itself with a user-oriented interface, streamlined access to electronic medical records, and a logically arranged suite of features.

Carecloud Practice Management Software Review

Designed to support a wide spectrum of medical practices, CareCloud distinguishes itself with a user-oriented interface, streamlined access to electronic medical records, and a logically arranged suite of features.

While its dashboard facilitates effortless navigation and enhances workflow, potential users should be aware of the up to 90-day setup duration and higher pricing compared to some competitors. 

This detailed overview will delve into the full breadth of CareCloud’s offerings, highlighting its unique features, functionality, and value proposition.

Features of CareCloud Practice Management Software

Features Of CareCloud Practice Management Software

Comprehensive Scheduling

CareCloud’s comprehensive scheduling streamlines appointment management with a user-friendly, colour-coded system. It offers varied views (daily, weekly, monthly) and filters appointments by location and provider. 

Patients can easily choose providers, specify their status (new or established), and pick preferred dates. The system also includes a robust insurance eligibility check, using clear colour indicators for quick status recognition. This helps in avoiding insurance issues and denials. Furthermore, CareCloud’s automated reminders work effectively to minimize patient no-shows. 

The platform also supports comprehensive patient record management, enabling easy updates and digital file attachments, reducing the need for physical paperwork.

Billing and Claims

CareCloud PMS enhances clinical data collection efficiency by integrating billing with Electronic Medical Records (EMR), enabling swift charge posting and claim creation. This includes an integrated insurance billing function and credit card billing through SwervePay.

CareCloud’s financial management tools are pivotal in reducing denials and tracking payments, along with providing a snapshot of financial performance. The billing dashboard is designed for ease of use, with capabilities to manage billing rules and monitor claim statuses. 

A standout feature is its real-time error detection, which preemptively identifies and corrects billing inaccuracies, reducing the risk of insurance denials or payer rejections.

Reporting and Practice Analytics

CareCloud offers advanced reporting and practice analytics tools, which are essential for gauging your healthcare practice’s performance. The system enables access to data on upcoming appointments, patient attendance, and comprehensive progress reports. Its user-friendly drag-and-drop function streamlines patient progress tracking. 

The comprehensive charting system is essential in creating accurate care plans and diagnoses, also streamlining the e-prescribing process. Patient charts are readily accessible with a double-click, and the dashboard facilitates easy navigation between different patients’ data, with the capability to view multiple charts at once through a tabbed interface. 

Mobile Apps

The CareCloud Companion app, available for Android, iPhone/iPad, and the web, offers healthcare practitioners the flexibility to manage their tasks remotely. This mobile application enables the scheduling of appointments, viewing patient charts, and accessing vital clinical, administrative, and financial data on the go.

Additionally,  the app features advanced security protocols for messaging, ensuring secure communications with patients and colleagues. It is equipped with tools for viewing and updating patient medical histories, facilitating the management of electronic prescriptions, and accessing test results, all contributing to enhanced patient care. 

Its integration with the CareCloud system guarantees up-to-date information, making it a valuable asset for healthcare providers who need to stay connected and informed, regardless of location.

SMS Integration

CareCloud’s integration with Relatient provides a robust HIPAA-compliant platform for telehealth and messaging, serving medical staff, practitioners, and patients. This integration enables automated appointment reminders through various channels, including SMS, which significantly enhances patient communication and engagement. 

The platform’s extensive capabilities include collecting patient feedback, streamlining e-registration and check-in processes, and offering unlimited messaging options, both direct and in groups, as well as within internal medical teams. 

Upholding the highest data security standards, all communication on this platform is safeguarded with end-to-end encryption, ensuring that patient information remains confidential and secure.


CareCloud’s practice management software stands out with its open API, fostering seamless integrations with various external applications. This flexibility extends to POS systems, mobile apps, and CRMs, where CareCloud’s REST API enables developers to connect and enhance the platform’s functionality.

CareCloud’s practice management software is further enhanced by its integration with SMART on FHIR via the CareCloud Catalyst platform. This strategic addition leverages the latest in interoperability standards, enabling seamless data exchange and connectivity with a multitude of healthcare applications. 

BirdEye Reputation and Customer Experience PlatformBy integrating BirdEye into CareCloud, users streamline the collection and monitoring of patient feedback and reviews. 

This integration synchronizes patient contacts and appointment data, improving patient experience, engagement, and online reputation management.
ChartLog Cloud-based EHR SolutionWhen integrated with CareCloud, ChartLog’s Cloud-based EHR Solution revolutionizes patient record management and clinical workflow. 

This seamless integration facilitates the exchange of vital patient information, enhancing the accuracy and accessibility of records for improved patient care.
Virtual Interaction Patient Engagement PlatformCareCloud’s integration with Virtual Interaction enhances patient engagement and remote care for medical practices. Users can schedule and conduct virtual visits directly from CareCloud, with real-time synchronization of patient information. 

This integration improves efficiency, reduces wait times, and enhances patient participation.
Chiron Health Telemedicine PlatformWith the CareCloud-Chiron Health integration, medical practices enhance telemedicine capabilities.

Secure video visits within CareCloud ensure HIPAA compliance while seamless sharing of patient data, including medical history, medications, and allergies, improves efficiency and patient care.
NextPatient Front Desk Management SoftwareIntegrating NextPatient with CareCloud enhances patient engagement and appointment efficiency for medical practices. 

Automated scheduling, reminders, and communications reduce no-show rates and improve patient retention, streamlining operations for better outcomes.

Benefits of Using CareCloud Practice Management Software

CareCloud stands out with its array of innovative tools, streamlining healthcare operations to enhance efficiency and patient experience. Its suite includes advanced financial tools, comprehensive patient management, and in-depth reporting features. Key benefits include:

  • Holistic practice management and robust data reporting capabilities.
  • Increased revenue generation and workflow optimization.
  • Effective performance measurement with advanced reporting tools.
  • Significant reductions in payment errors, claim denials, and rejections.

Collectively, these features improve patient acquisition, cost management, and overall operational efficiency. They simplify patient appointment scheduling while enabling practitioners to automate time-consuming administrative tasks.

Industry Capabilities 

CareCloud is versatile and scalable, catering to both small and large healthcare practices across a diverse range of specialties. Its robust features support providers in cardiology, neurology, dermatology, ophthalmology, urology, and many other fields.

Moreover, CareCloud adapts to the unique needs of each specialty, offering tailored functionalities like customized templates, specific billing codes, and specialized reporting tools. This customization enhances patient care and streamlines administrative tasks. 

Additionally, CareCloud’s compatibility with different healthcare technologies and records systems makes it a versatile choice for practices looking to integrate comprehensive, specialty-oriented management software into their operations.

CareCloud Pricing

CareCloud offers a flexible pricing structure that caters to various needs of healthcare practices, with its fees based on a per-provider-per-month model. This structure includes setup fees, particularly for migrating and importing data into the system. CareCloud’s pricing plans are as follows:

Breeze Plan

The Breeze Plan focuses on practice management essentials, offering appointment booking, patient check-in, and Point of Sale (POS) payments, starting at around $349 per provider monthly. Ideal for smaller practices or those focusing on administrative efficiency.

Charts Plan

Priced at $379 per provider per month, the Charts Plan includes all Breeze Plan features plus enhanced EHR capabilities, including detailed patient record management and e-prescribing, suitable for practices needing comprehensive clinical management tools.

Complete Platform Plan

At $629 per provider monthly, the Complete Platform Plan combines all features of Breeze and Charts with added capabilities like comprehensive financial management and performance analytics, catering to practices needing an all-encompassing management solution.

New practices should consider the setup fee, which can be over $1000, depending on the practice’s size. Direct consultation with CareCloud is recommended for accurate pricing based on specific needs.

In Conclusion

CareCloud stands out as an efficient solution for large healthcare practices focused on optimizing their workflows. It is particularly beneficial for those prepared to invest in setup fees and engage in long-term contracts. 

While CareCloud offers a range of advantageous features, potential users should be aware of its limited compatibility with some Android and tablet devices and the complexity of its reporting and billing features. 

Overall, CareCloud provides an extensive array of tools designed to enhance practice management, making it a viable option for practices looking to upgrade their healthcare delivery systems.

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