The Nextech software has been in the Electronic Medical Record (EHR) and practice management space for nearly three decades. The system focuses on integrated functionalities that enable healthcare practitioners to maintain workflow efficiency and save time on administrative tasks. Nextech currently serves healthcare providers in the plastic surgery, orthopedics, dermatology, ophthalmology, and medical spa fields.

Nextech Practice Management Software Review

This practice management software provides solutions for practice management, revenue cycle management, EHR, and patient engagement tools. These various functionalities enable practitioners to work more efficiently and avoid wasting resources on activities like appointment scheduling, billing, and other practice management needs.

Nextech’s ‘first available appointment finder tool makes it easy for patients to find the best available appointment date that suits their schedule. Whether it’s a single or multi-specialty practice, the appointment scheduler can also be customized to enable the practitioner to get all the information they need to prepare for the appointment. Furthermore, its billing tools help streamline all payment processes and claim accuracy for better working efficiency.

Key Features of Nextech Practice Management Software

Appointment Management

The Nextech appointment scheduling features allow patients to view available dates and schedule appointments directly from the practice website. Patients can choose their preferred provider and location (for multi-location healthcare franchises). This customizable feature helps avoid missed revenue caused by schedule gaps and no-shows. It does this through reminders, appointment limits, or warning settings for multiple appointments.

Key Features Of Nextech Practice Management Software

Other appointment capabilities on the Nextech practice management system include tools that allow you to move appointments to a different date by cutting, pasting, dragging, copying, or dropping. With reminders and this tool’s first available appointment finder features, patients can enjoy a more seamless experience and enable practices to avoid no-shows. Response to the reminders is also automatically updated on the scheduler to avoid schedule gaps.

Billing and Claims Management 

The Nextech PMS allows you to manage insurance billings and other revenue activities. With it, you can process claims more accurately and avoid denials and rejections. This feature also provides automated billing functionalities that make it easy to quote services, verify patient payment information, and work more efficiently. 

Its integrated internal payment systems help you collect payments faster and provide better patient experiences. This means your Nextech software will process all your payments without needing third-party services, which will help you accept recurring payments and avoid hardware costs.

Point of sale functionality is vital to an effective revenue cycle for healthcare practices, and Nextech PMS makes it possible. Also available on this billing feature is the ability to create payment packages and set up payment schedules for repeat patients.

Reporting and Analytics

Aside from its marketing, inventory, and lead management features, the Nextech practice management software helps analyze and report data acquired from all its features. Healthcare practices can use these reports to strategize, improve their services and grow the practice. The Nextech PMS and EHR systems can also be connected to identify key insights that affect your practice performance.

Furthermore, large healthcare practices can use these reports to analyze each practitioner’s performance from an operation and patient satisfaction point of view. This will also enable you to decide how to manage your activities better.

Patient Engagement Portal

The Nextech patient portal is a mobile app that helps improve patient care and engagement during and after treatments. It’s also an intuitive platform where all patient medical records and information on billings and appointments can be accessed anytime and anywhere. This portal lets patients provide necessary information before their scheduled appointment for a more expedited check-in process.

Mobile Applications

The Nextech application is available on the IOS store for use on iPhones and iPad devices to provide additional mobility and efficiency to your daily clinical routine. The patient portal is also available online for access through desktops and laptops.

SMS Integration

Nextech integrates with Podium to offer SMS messaging and email capabilities for communication between patients and their practitioners. With it, patients can communicate their appointment details, reminders, and health information through HIPAA-compliant 2-way messaging that ensures end-to-end security of all information transmitted. The Podium integration also allows practices to collect reviews, feedback, and even video chat with patients.


The Nextech system has an open API that connects with Substitutable Medical Applications and Reusable Technologies (SMART) on Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) apps, allowing developers to extend the platform’s capabilities with 3rd party applications. 

It also has a multitude of inbuilt connections with top healthcare software such as CareCredit for patient financing, MyMedLead for leads management, Birdeye for reputation management, Next Patient for online scheduling and digital front desk operations, Relatient for patient communication, Stripe for payment collections and Podium for SMS messaging and email communication, along with 29 other software as at the time of publishing this article.

CareCredit: The CareCredit and Nextech integration streamlines the payment process for patients by enabling them to use their CareCredit directly. Providers can also give special financing options and promotions for patients using CareCredit. This integration allows patient data and billing information to be synchronized in real-time, improving payment efficiency and reducing the risk of errors or missed payments. 

MyMedLead: The Nextech and MyMedLeads integration enables healthcare providers to track and manage leads from various sources, such as social media, websites, and other platforms. 

With MyMedLeads, medical professionals can quickly assess lead information, monitor lead activity, and communicate with prospective patients through focused email campaigns, text messages, and phone calls. This enables doctors to increase patient acquisition and expand their practice. The integration also simplifies the lead management procedure, saving staff members’ time and resources and enhancing productivity.

BirdEye: Through the Nextech and BirdEye integration, medical practices can automate patient feedback collection and online reviews. Patients can provide meaningful feedback, and Birdeye will automatically post it on various review platforms. Medical practices can boost their ratings, improve SEO, and get new patients through this. 

NextPatient: NextPatient’s integration with Nextech enables healthcare providers to automate appointment scheduling, send appointment reminders, and reduce patient no-shows. NextPatient can also improve the patient experience, increase operational efficiency, and boost practice revenue.

Related: Relatient’s integration with Nextech enables medical practices to set up automated appointment reminders, recall reminders, patient intake, and online scheduling, which significantly improves customer-patient communication.

Benefits of Using Nextech Practice Management Software

When viewed from an operational and functionality point of view, the Nextech PMS offers essential features that healthcare providers need. From making front desk operations more effective to managing billing processes and providing performance metrics, the Nextech software has some key differentiators and advantages that enable healthcare practices to:

  • Optimize administrative tasks 
  • Reduce appointment no-shows
  • Improve practice performance and marketing efforts
  • Maximize revenue with RCM features
  • Ensures HIPAA compliance with cloud data assets

Industry Capabilities

The Nextech practice management software is ideal for healthcare practices in plastic surgery, ophthalmology, dermatology, orthopedics, and medical spa. It is also suitable for organizations of any size.

Nextech Pricing

The pricing for Nextech practice management software is not explicitly stated on the website for visitors to access, but from reviews and product demos, we were able to gather some pricing details. 

The monthly subscription price for the practice management software integrated with EHR is $2160 for large practices, while small practices can expect to pay around $500 per month. This fee covers everything: POS, marketing, scheduler, EHR charting and practice reporting, inventory management, and patient portal. It also includes a license for one MD, which covers access for six users (nurses, Office managers, billing managers, etc.). This means you will have to pay additional fees for extra licenses to use the software on more than one workstation.

As typical with most software, a request for a quote will be necessary for you to get detailed prices specific to your practice.

In Conclusion

Based on user feedback and our assessment of the software, the Nextech practice management software has excellent tools and integrations that streamline operational workflows. However, the high cost of monthly subscriptions, additional fees for extra licenses, and system glitches are some drawbacks to consider when considering this practice management software.

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