The DrChro medical software is a general healthcare management tool that offers an all-in-one solution that includes an electronic health record (EHR), practice management, medical billing, telehealth, and revenue cycle management (RCM) system. Its practice management software is customizable and fitted with features enabling small, large, and multi-specialty practices to improve operational workflows. 

DrChrono Practice Management Software Review

Other features like patient chatting, reporting, reminders, and e-prescribing functionalities make it stand out as a top practice management software.

With its free setup, flexibly reasonable cost, and open API feature, DrChrono offers advantages that make it ideal for new practices looking for budget-friendly software to manage their practice. Although some drawbacks, such as limited text messaging and reminder functionalities, still exist, this article will provide a full overview of this software’s features, functions, and cost. 

Key Features of DrChrono Practice Management Software

Key Features Of DrChrono Practice Management Software

Appointment scheduling

DrChrono front desk management features are user-friendly and customizable, allowing you to take advantage of pre-built booking profiles tailored to the needs of small, large and multi-specialty practices. With it, you can reduce time wasted on phone booking, reduce no-shows through reminders, and take advantage of the calendar that easily integrates with websites. However, the reminder tool is limited to a certain number of monthly messages and email alerts, depending on your subscription plan. It also includes real-time secure payment processing tools that allow practices to collect appointment deposits and other billings.

Billing functions

Though not all subscription plans offer the top features, the DrChrono medical billing software assists in point-of-sale transactions and claim management. It seamlessly integrates with its EHR and PMS systems. Its innovatively built revenue cycle management system also gives practices a cohesive billing approach, enabling them to streamline payment collection, submit claims, reduce denials, and make the entire billing system more efficient. DrChrono medical software also comes with real-time insurance eligibility and custom billing code functionalities. However, the full range of billing functions available will depend on the pricing plan you choose for your practice.

Revenue Cycle Management

DrChrono medical software offers RCM functionalities that support practices in developing financial performance reports, streamlining collections and statements, claim status dashboards, appointment and charts colour-coding for adequate visualization and managing accounts receivables. However, these features are only available on the Apollo Plus pricing plan.

Patient Portal

The DrChrono medical software HIPAA-compliant patient portal called ‘OnPatient’ is an all-in-one solution that gives your patients access to their records and allows them to set appointments, send SMS messages to their providers, pay bills, and more.

Mobile Applications

The DrChrono platform application, OnPatient, is available on IOS mobile devices such as iPhones and IPads. It also has a web-based browser application, which allows patients to fill out paperwork, view their appointment schedules, manage insurance information and medical records and make payments online. It also manages patient check-ins, customization of intake forms, and patient access to educational tools. Furthermore, the Onpatient app also runs on iWatch, allowing patients and practitioners to view their schedules, send and receive messages, process refill requests and receive medication reminders. 

SMS Integration

The OnPatient portal allows patients and practitioners to communicate seamlessly through its HIPAA-compliant messaging function, ensuring end-to-end data and information security. Since the platform adheres to HIPAA regulations, messages between practitioners and patients are fully protected, whether they are using the telehealth system or communicating with their provider via OnPatient.


DrChrono medical software likes to describe its Application Programming Interface (API) as one that developers build for developers. The software has an open API with about 27 end-points and a Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) client that accepts any programming language. 

Dr. Chrono integrates with several practice management and other platforms such as Box, Square Point of Sale, AmbraHealth, Grow, Rater8, and more. 

Box: The integration with DrChrono allows healthcare practices to securely store and share patient records and other documents on the Box platform. This integration can help healthcare practices improve collaboration between providers and reduce the risk of data breaches.

Square Point of Sale: The Square Point of Sale integration enables medical practices to simplify their payment process directly from the Dr. Chrono platform. Dr. Chrono users can accept credit card payments and manage their sales transactions seamlessly through this integration. 

AmbraHealth: AmbraHealth is a tool that enables medical practices to store, view, and share medical images securely. Integrating with DrChrono enables healthcare providers to examine medical pictures immediately within the DrChrono platform’s patient chart. Medical professionals can safely exchange photos with each other, with patients, and with family members or other caregivers.

Grow: Grow is a cloud-based platform that enables medical practises to produce custom reports and dashboards. With the DrChrono-Grow integration, medical professionals can access and analyze data from the DrChrono platform to create unique reports and dashboards. This integration allows medical facilities to understand better their business processes, patient outcomes, and revenue cycle management.

Rater8: Rater8 is a cloud-based reputation management platform that helps medical practices manage and monitor their online reviews. The DrChrono-Rater8 integration allows healthcare professionals to send patient satisfaction surveys straight from the DrChrono platform. With this integration, healthcare practices can track their online reputation, read and reply to patient reviews, and generally provide better treatment.

Additionally, the API can integrate analytical, marketing, or any other 3rd party applications like Content Management Software (CMS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and other platforms to improve its functionality and serve medical practitioners more optimally. It integrates seamlessly with ZOHO, Google Analytics, Mailchimp, and other marketing platforms.

To connect your Google Analytics to DrChrono, you can add the Google Analytics code in your dashboard settings to track information about appointment forms filled on the Online Scheduling Widget. Once the code is activated, you can view the appointments within your Google Analytics. 

Benefits of Using DrChrono Practice Management Software

DrChrono medical software provides an all-in-one solution for managing healthcare practices. With its innovative products and features, the robust platform improves how you set up appointments, reduce no-shows, streamline billings, utilize EHR, and engage with patients. With a setup period of 4 to 8 weeks, a dedicated account manager and accessible customer service, this software is worth consideration in medical practices. Some of the benefits of using DrChrono medical software include the following:

  • Flexible and cost-effective pricing that is ideal for small, large, and newly established practices
  • Open API that allows custom software integrations 
  • Mobile application and portal for easy patient engagement
  • All-in-one PMS features include appointment scheduling, automated reminders, billing solutions, and more.
  • HIPAA-compliant chat function.

Industry Capabilities

DrChrono medical software features are customizable for any healthcare practice. It is ideal for small, large, and multi-specialty practices needing a cost-friendly integrated system that manages all their administrative and time-consuming activities. It is a robust clinical solution that can meet your unique needs.

DrChrono Pricing

DrChrono medical practice management software has four pricing plans offering different hierarchical features. Its flat fee is priced per provider per month and also includes a setup fee for migrating and importing your data into the system. The four pricing plans on the DrChrono software include the following:


This pricing plan only includes EHR and practice management tools that help improve administrative tasks. Its pricing begins at a monthly subscription of $249 per provider. However, you incur extra fees for exceeding the limit on the number of text and phone patient reminders your plan allows; this is the same for every other type of subscription.


This pricing plan offers more advanced EHR functionalities and practice management tools, including insurance eligibility checks, lab integrations, e-prescribing (only available in the US), 150 text and phone reminders, respectively, and more. The monthly subscription for this plan starts at $349 per provider.


This pricing includes all the features and functionalities in the previous plans along with the medical billing system, 300 text and phone reminders, respectively, and other more advanced features. costs of monthly subscriptions start at $599 per provider.

Apollo Plus

With this pricing plan, you get everything that DrChrono software offers, including EHR, PMS, RCM, patient portal, medical billing functions, and more. Pricing for this plan starts at $1200.

To get the exact pricing figures specific to your needs, we suggest you scrutinize the plans offered more carefully to decide which features you need, then contact Drchrono for a detailed quote.

In Conclusion

The DrChrono medical practice management software comprises several valuable features and functionalities that make it ideal for medical practitioners. This software features front-desk management, billing, RCM, EHR and patient engagement tools, and the full suite of functionalities needed to manage a practice effectively. 

DrChrono also has an open API for advanced integration functionalities, which is not the case in most other competing software such as Nextpatient, Aesthetic Record, and PatientNow. The user interface looks modern and easy to use, while the setup time is short compared to other medical software. DrChrono medical software is one of our top choices for medical practice management because it has robust features and is one of the most cost-effective medical software.

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