Our Web Design Portfolio

Since 2008 our talented team has designed hundreds of websites that help our clients stand out in competitive industries. Below you can check out some of our recent web design work.

  • Wisevu SEO Portfolio Alinea Medical Spa

    Alinea Med Spa

    Alinea Medical Spa in New York City had an outdated site with limited info. Wisevu designed a brand new, cutting-edge website that will help them become an authority in a hyper-competitive market.

  • Wisevu Portfolio - Soma Breath

    SOMA Breath®

    Soma Breath, a leading international wellness brand, entrusted Wisevu to re-design and re-brand their premier website. Beyond aesthetics, Wisevu amplified their digital presence, securing #1 Google rankings for hundreds of niche-relevant keywords in all English-speaking countries, underscoring their dominance in the wellness arena.

  • Wisevu Portfolio Smart Glass Tech

    Smart Glass Tech

    Smart Glass Tech offers a revolutionary and innovative alternative to window treatments. Their PDLC film provides privacy on-demand with a variety of control options. From commercial and healthcare to residential applications, Smart Glass Tech is a leader in Smart Film.

  • Wisevu Portfolio Vytalize Health

    Vytalize Health

    Vytalize Health provides home health Care services in New Jersey. Their visiting nurses and visiting physicians offer a convenient alternative to driving to the doctors office and long waits. Wisevu created a modern website that caters to both patients and practices.

  • Wisevu Portfolio Dental Implants Toronto

    Bond Street Dental

    Designed to portray innovation and cutting-edge dental services, this website was built on the WordPress CMS platform with lightspeed and clean backend interface as well as a clean, modern and easy to use frontend.

  • Wisevu Portfolio Labiaplasty NYC

    Labiaplasty NYC

    Plastic surgery is a highly competitive market, especially in New York City. Wisevu collaborated with Dr. Ammar Mahmoud to create a brand new, lightweight WordPress site filled with technical medical content to attract and inform new patients.

  • Wisevu Web Design Hamilton Dental

    Hamilton Dental

    Wisevu was hired by Hamilton Dental, to develop the SEO strategy from ground up, including writing all the medical content as well as designing the UI/UX of the website. This gave the website a rapid boost in search engine rankings, as well as helped this startup clinic present itself as a trustworthy practice.

  • The foot company

    The Foot Company

    Wisevu was consulted by The Foot Company to help them with a brand new website design inquiry. The old website was dated and needed a total makeover. Wisevu designed a lightweight website on WordPress that looks professional, clean and modern.

  • Wisevu Web Design - Trafalgar Dental Oakville

    Trafalgar Dental

    Wisevu designed a professional and modern website with enhanced UI/UX for this dental startup. Our web design & maintenance experts surpassed the client’s expectations with the website visuals and responsiveness while also taking them to the top of the search engine results with our dental SEO services.

  • Wisevu Portfolio Brampton Physiotherapy

    Physio Village

    Wisevu crafted an advanced website for Physio Village, a leading physiotherapy center operating in Brampton and Oakville. Our monthly SEO strategy, encompassing top-tier medical sales/UX copywriting, web design, development, Google Ads, and organic SEO services, has positioned Physio Village at the forefront of its industry, outshining competitors.

  • Wisevu Portfolio - Pediatric Urgent Care

    Pediatric Urgent Care

    Wisevu worked closely with Pediatric Urgent Care to understand their goals, requirements, and branding guidelines. We designed a cutting-edge, professional-looking website ensuring the design aligned with their vision and helped them stand out from the competition.

  • Wisevu Portfolio Labiaplasty & Vaginoplasty NJ

    Labiaplasty & Vaginoplasty NJ

    Wisevu developed a professional website with cutting-edge UI/UX that loads on mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop devices in seconds. The Alinea Labiaplasty & Vaginoplasty NJ website passes all Google Core Web Vital tests, which has helped them be on top of their competitors.

  • Wisevu Portfolio Rock West Dental

    Rockwest Dental

    Dr. Fanar Swaida approached us looking for a more current and professional website for his dental clinic in Mississauga. Wisevu gave his outdated website a makeover and re-wrote all of the content to ensure it was search engine optimized.

  • Wisevu Portfolio - Absolute Medi Spa

    Absolute Medi Spa

    Wisevu’s efficient web design services for Absolute Medi Spa ensued a customized, modern-looking website with easy navigation and clear calls-to-action. We also optimized the website for SEO and fast-loading times to ensure they rank high in the med spa industry.

  • Wisevu Portfolio Dentist North York

    Dentist North York

    We have created a brand new WordPress website for Dentist North York which is user friendly with fast to load components. The website has an easy to use frontend page builder, latest security features and a clean, modern design to portray the image of this dental clinic in North York.

  • Wisevu Portfolio The Compounding Centre

    The Compounding Centre

    The Compounding Centre is a specialty compounding pharmacy. They compound various medications to suite each patient’s unique medical needs while providing the highest standard of medicine compounding in Canada.

  • Wisevu Portfolio Perfect Property Maintenance Kings Inc.

    Perfect Property Maintenance Kings Inc.

    Wisevu employed the latest design concepts and WordPress technology to build Perfect Property Maintenance Kings a website that gives them a competitive edge. We wanted their potential clients to see the PPMK difference.

  • Wisevu Portfolio Love Your Rug

    Love Your Rug

    Love Your Rug is the largest rug cleaning factory in the Greater Toronto Area. Wisevu designed their new website and implemented internet marketing strategies which resulted in unprecedented revenue growth and solidified their competitive advantage.

  • Wisevu Web Design Firefly Transformation Services

    Firefly Transformation Solutions

    We designed and developed a modern website with a custom job board plugin and a candidate tracking database for this Canadian female-owned, full-service recruitment agency

  • Wisevu Portfolio Pestend Pest Control Toronto

    Pestend Pest Control Toronto

    At Pestend Pest Control Toronto their core specialties are complete commercial and residential pest extermination and wildlife control services at your convenience.

  • Wisevu Portfolio Niagara Toronto Tours

    Niagara Toronto Tours

    Wisevu built a World class website for a tour provider that provides day tours to one of the World’s most fascinating wonders – The Niagara Falls. The site we built is hands down best in class.

  • Wisevu Portfolio - The Curl Ambassadors

    The Curl Ambassadors

    For The Curl Ambassadors, we’ve innovatively designed a complex custom form, enhancing user experience across multiple franchise locations. Our team specializes in crafting SEO-optimized content tailored to each of their unique services. This strategic approach has not only helped boost their online visibility but also strengthened their digital footprint.

  • Wisevu Web Design Canada Audio Visual Contractors

    Canada Audio Visual Contractors

    In a highly niche industry aimed at targeting only B2B clients, was no easy task. Wisevu deployed highly strategic local SEO tactics in order to deliver a rapid ROI with minimal costs by targeting a large quantity of high converting long tail keywords.

  • Wisevu Web Design Aco Stormbrixx

    Aco Canada

    Wisevu was hired by Aco Canada, a provider of Trafficable stormwater tanks, to redesign their outdated website and make it look more modern and mobile friendly. Check out what we did.

  • Wisevu Portfolio Richmond Hill Auto Glass

    Richmond Hill Auto Glass

    The auto glass experts at Auto Glass Pro offer a lifetime warranty on all their work and their prices are unbelievable given the quality of work they provide. Wisevu has designed a website to portray trust and a high end image to match their service and auto glass product quality.

  • Wisevu Portfolio Smart Glass Group

    Smart Glass Group

    Smart Glass Group offers a revolutionary and innovative alternative to window treatments. Their PDLC film provides privacy on-demand with a variety of control options. From commercial to residential, Smart Glass Group is a leader in Smart Film.

  • Wisevu Portfolio Crackmasters


    Crackmasters is a known name in Ontario when it comes to wet basement repair. Wisevu was hired to design and develop a new website and to do search engine optimization making Crackmasters one of the top names in their niche.

  • Wisevu Portfolio Auto Glass Oakville

    Auto Glass Zone Oakville

    Auto Glass Zone in Oakville pays up to 100% of your Deductible. Free mobile windshield replacement in Oakville. Lifetime Guarantee on auto glass repair in Oakville. All makes & models of auto glass in stock in auto glass shop.

  • Wisevu Portfolio Love Your Shoes

    Love Your Shoes

    Wisevu built a brand new WordPress website with stunning visuals, captivating content and on-page search engine optimization to promote Love Your Shoes’ professional shoe cleaning and shoe repair services in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.

  • Wisevu Portfolio Winducks Cleaning

    Winducks Cleaning

    Winducks approached Wisevu saying that they wanted to appeal to families with small children that are prevelant in Cochrane and Calgary. We built Winducks a fun yet professional Friday website in a cartoon style to accomplish this goal.

  • Wisevu Portfolio Kepler Academy

    Kepler Academy

    Kepler Academy offers full-time and after-school daycare and childcare programs in Edmonton. They have a rigorous, well researched and scientifically backed Exploratory Education approach to daycare in Edmonton giving children a modern approach to education.

  • Wisevu Portfolio North York Auto Glass

    North York Auto Glass

    Wisevu built a professional WordPress website to accomodate a franchise model so that North York Auto Glass can expand across Canada and the U.S.A. This a great way to allow our clients to grow in the future and promote their goods or services in other places around the world.

  • Wisevu Portfolio Prestige Decor

    Prestige Decor

    Prestige Decor is a famous fabric store specializing in window treatments in the Greater Toronto Area. Wisevu designed the Prestige Decor website, and implemented their SEO & PPC campaigns which resulted in tremendous growth over the past 7 years.

  • Wisevu Portfolio Alliance For Just Money

    Alliance For Just Money

    The Alliance For Just Money is a non-profit organization comprised of volunteers who are focused on bringing about real monetary reform with an effort to make money work for everyone, not just the elite. an effort to make money work for everyone, not just the elite.

  • Wisevu Web Design - Auto Glass Zone Mississauga

    Auto Glass Zone Mississauga

    Wisevu expertly crafted and developed Auto Glass Zone Mississauga’s comprehensive franchise websites. We also wrote and optimized content to dominate Google rankings in Mississauga for key repair and replacement keywords, showcasing our expertise in SEO and content creation.

  • Wisevu Portfolio Maple Auto Glass

    Maple Auto Glass

    Maple Auto Glass specializes in auto glass repair and windshield replacement in Peterborough. All their auto glass services are 100% Lifetime Guaranteed and their mobile auto glass service is available anywhere in Peterborough.

  • Wisevu Portfolio Hubbard Insurance

    Hubbard Insurance

    Hubbard Insurance is an insurance company based in Mississauga that originated in 1987. Wisevu was hired to design and develop a brand new website which would help improve their online image and to increase visitor trust.

  • Wisevu Portfolio Auto Glass Pro

    Auto Glass Pro

    Auto Glass Pro specializes in high end auto glass replacement in Mississauga. We have developed this custom website using responsive website design technology to offer their visitors an easy to use and fast to load website full of valuable information and convenient online quotes.

  • Wisevu SEO Portfolio PID Engineering

    PID Engineering Inc.

    PID came to us with a request to redesign their very limited and outdated website. The new WordPress website design that we came up with focused on making the site look modern while helping the client stand out in the field of process engineering and integration solutions.

  • Wisevu Portfolio Bed Bug Exterminator Pro

    Bed Bug Exterminator Pro

    Bed Bug Exterminator Pro in Toronto offers guaranteed bed bug extermination services at a competitive price. We built this custom site on WordPress to offer the client a reliable CMS platform so they can keep their site up to date. We also make the website mobile and tablet responsive.

  • Wisevu Web Design - Assignment Pros

    Assignment Pros

    For Assignment Pros, Wisevu developed a sophisticated custom form, improving user interaction across various service areas. Our team excels in creating SEO-optimized content specifically tailored to their diverse property-related services. This strategic methodology has significantly elevated their online presence and solidified their digital footprint.

  • Wisevu Portfolio Midnight Sun Tanning Salon

    Midnight Sun Tanning

    Wisevu designed a website that would set Midnight Sun Tanning in Mississauga apart from other tanning salons. Our client had a vision, and Wisevu made it a reality with their website. Wisevu also implemented SEO & PPC campaigns for them.

  • Wisevu Portfolio Scrap Car Removal Toronto

    Scrap Car Removal Toronto

    Scrap Car Removal Toronto makes it easy to get rid of your scrap car for some good fast cash. We built a website that is fully mobile responsive and is lightning fast for quick mobile access as most customers use mobile phones to access this website.

  • Wisevu Portfolio Tom Wilda Green Party

    Tom Wilda Green Party

    Thomas Wilda reached out to Wisevu to design a new website as he is running for the Green Party Congress Illinois’ 5th Congressional District. We delivered.

  • Wisevu Portfolio Love Your Carpet

    Love Your Carpet

    Love Your Carpet wanted to promote their in-home carpet cleaning services in the Greater Toronto Area, so Wisevu developed a brand new, modern WordPress website to attract new customers interested in carpet cleaning and carpet repairs for their residential and commercial properties.

  • Wisevu Portfolio The Phase Quest Co.

    The Phase-Quest Co.

    The Phase-Quest Co. of Canada offers a cost effective reliable source of 3-Phase power from a single phase line to Canadians who prefer the handling and versatility 3-phase powered equipment offers.

  • Wisevu Portfolio Bella Vista Miranda Realty

    Bella Vista Miranda Realty

    We created an elegant, light, fast to load and custom property listing website on a content management system so that it can be easily managed by the client. The site uses advanced search functions and filters for ease of use.

  • Wisevu Portfolio Shelcon Shelters

    Shelcon Shelters

    We completely re-vamped the website with a modern, completely mobile/tablet responsive website and animated css3 effects. Integrated 3D models of products and created a custom price calculator as the main feature of the website.

  • Wisevu Portfolio – Love Your Dress Toronto

    Love Your Dress

    Wisevu created a visually striking WordPress website for Love Your Dress, featuring engaging content, on-page as well as off-page search engine optimization, fast loading time and efficient responsiveness. We effectively promoted their professional dress cleaning and repair services in Toronto and other locations while enhancing the website’s visibility on search engines.

  • Wisevu Portfolio Love Your Leather Repair

    Love Your Leather

    Love Your Leather is a renowned name when it comes to repairing any type of leather goods. Wisevu redesigned and developed their website with a new approach, enhancing the SEO aspect, user experience, content and visibility. This has helped build credibility and attract new customers.

  • Wisevu Portfolio – Love Your Purse Toronto

    Love Your Purse

    Wisevu developed an eye-catching website for Love Your Purse, complete with captivating content, comprehensive on-page and off-page search engine optimization, swift loading speeds, and optimal responsiveness. This effectively highlighted their professional purse cleaning and repair services in Toronto and beyond, significantly boosting the site’s search engine visibility.

  • Wisevu Portfolio – Love Your Tailor Toronto

    Love Your Tailor

    Love Your Tailor is a tailor in Toronto that saw potential online and hired Wisevu to build them a website and take them to the top of the search engines in the Greater Toronto Area. We are determined to make them number 1 across Southern Ontario.

  • Wisevu Web Design - Love Your Coat Toronto

    Love Your Coat

    Wisevu designed an attractive website for Love Your Coat, featuring engaging content, thorough on-page and off-page search engine optimization, rapid loading times, and quick responsiveness on various devices. This strategy successfully showcased their professional coat cleaning and repair services, greatly enhancing the site’s visibility on search engines.

  • Wisevu Web Design Glass Bath Doors

    Glass Bath Doors

    Glass Bath Doors offers premium services for glass shower door installation and repair. Wisevu crafted a website portraying trust and high-quality services. Collaborating closely, we’ve helped them thrive in their specific community market through our tailored SEO and web design services, aligning their online presence with their distinguished brand image.

  • Wisevu Portfolio Bramar Interiors

    Bramar Interiors

    Bramar Interiors had a very outdated, 10 year old website and a tight budget due to the Covid Pandemic. Wisevu delivered with a super lightweight and modern WordPress website design within a couple weeks that really transformed their online image and brought their decorative work to life.

  • Wisevu Portfolio UKKO


    UKKO needed a mobile friendly website that will provide them with a professional online image to showcase their window and door products. Wisevu delivered a scalable website built on a content management system for easy editing of photos, text, video and much more.

  • Wisevu Portfolio Drapery Installation Toronto

    Drapery Installation Toronto

    Drapery Installation Toronto consists of a team of professional drapery installers servicing Toronto. They wanted a website to showcase their work and to offer information about their drapery hardware products. We did exactly this while sticking to their limited budget.

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Zaid Abdalsattar

I have been with Wisevu since 2011 and they are amazing, onset and they have the best customer service, I recommend them to all people who want to grow their business with search engine optimization and web development.

Karim Ghawi

Worldclass. The team at WiseVu is always very responsive and competent, and they are capable of performing everything ranging from SEO & SEM to website design and development at the highest caliber around.

amy moug

We have been with Wisevu since 2012. They were referred to us by a friend who spoke very highly of them, and they have helped us grow our auto glass business from the very first day we opened. Thanks to their expertise in online marketing and business, we now have multiple locations and our revenues and profits keep growing substantially every year. We have invested all our marketing budget and trust into Wisevu, since they consistently provide us with the highest return on our marketing investment, and they have proven to us that they care about our business like its their own. They exclusively work with us and do not work with any of our competitors, which helps us gain a sustainable competitive advantage in our markets. Their customer service is exceptional and I would recommend them to my family and friends. Thank you Wisevu!

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