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Wisevu ensures doctors, dentists, physiotherapists, medical spas and other healthcare practitioners quickly outrank their competitors on Google and Bing.

Fully remote medical SEO agency since 2008. Ensuring highly competitive prices and top SEO rankings.

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Get in touch with Wisevu to rapidly accelerate your medical SEO efforts, outrank top 3 competitors and attract more patients. Our free SEO strategy and proposal include an in-depth analysis of the medical SEO industry in your location(s), including competitor analysis, a comprehensive analysis of your past marketing efforts, an SEO audit, advanced keyword research, and a peek into the strategies we’ll use to help you stay ahead of the competition.

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FREE Healthcare SEO Strategy And Proposal Mississauga

Request a FREE Healthcare SEO Strategy & Proposal

Get in touch with Wisevu to rapidly accelerate your medical SEO efforts, outrank top 3 competitors and attract more patients. Our free SEO strategy and proposal include an in-depth analysis of the medical SEO industry in your location(s), including competitor analysis, a comprehensive analysis of your past marketing efforts, an SEO audit, advanced keyword research, and a peek into the strategies we’ll use to help you stay ahead of the competition.

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Genuine Client Toronto SEO Google Reviews

Don’t take our word for it! See why we’re the Best SEO Agency in Toronto by reading our genuine client testimonials.


22 Reviews

Zaid Abdalsattar

I have been with Wisevu since 2011 and they are amazing, onset and they have the best customer service, I recommend them to all people who want to grow their business with search engine optimization and web development.

Karim Ghawi

Worldclass. The team at WiseVu is always very responsive and competent, and they are capable of performing everything ranging from SEO & SEM to website design and development at the highest caliber around.

Wisevu’s Medical Practice Marketing

Whether you're a new practitioner, an established professional, or a healthcare franchise that wants to expand your online reach, our medical digital marketing agency can help. We offer medical SEO services that provide the quickest and largest ROI.

On-Page SEO for Healthcare

Medical SEO On-Page Tactics

The goal of on-page SEO is to increase search visibility and traffic to a web page by optimizing it for specific keywords. This involves aligning page-specific elements with keywords, like title tags, headings, content, and internal links, just to name a few.

Here are just a few things that our on-page SEO tactics can help you achieve:

  • Advanced On-Page SEO technical audits

  • Preimum-quality medical content optimized for SEO Success

  • EAT and YMYL algorithm optimization for medical SEO

  • Technical website code architecture optimization

  • Core web vitals optimization with page experience signals

  • Mobile optimizations with lightening fast page loading time

  • Images, videos and text-based content optimization

  • High relevancy score for your website category

Hear What Our Customers Are Saying About Our Medical SEO Services

Website Review Rating


9 Reviews

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Alliance For Just Money Executive Committee, staff, and Board

Wisevu has always been responsive to our needs and requests as a nonprofit organization, from helping us to develop our website in 2018-2019 to their maintenance and improvement of it ever since. They are willing to explore different and creative solutions, and sensitive to our limited budget. We are tremendously thankful for their assistance, dedication, and expertise.

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Dr. Mansour Yasser

I have been working with Wisevu Web Design and SEO for over ten years. They have done an outstanding job designing my four medical clinic websites, they have optimized them for search engine rankings and have taken care of our PPC ads very effectively. I would recommend them to anyone looking for high quality website design, Pay Per Click and search engine optimization in Toronto.

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The Curl Ambassadors

The WiseVu team make it hard to resist using technology. In fact through the last 5 years of working with them they have inspired us to continue to want more and more and they have never fallen short in showing us what really works for us. From first designing a website that compelling allowed us to tell our story and translate our brand to an on-line platform and then to managing our SEO that we learned turned a simple click into a tool that brings us profits each month. They have listened to our team who wanted an online booking form that captured the information they needed to help get it right the first time for our clients. They have helped us respond to our customers needs and turned around many of our product and services into an easy and effective online store. With Wisevu’s command of the vast technology options, they find what works for us and we continue to convert our visitors into lifetime customers. They make it easy to do business with technology. When you are small business like ours you need experts around you like Wisevu who show up, show that they care and who have shown us that while they take care of us we in turn can spend our time to continue to be passionate and excited about our business, our team and our own customers.

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I have been with this company for about 8 years and they are amazing, onset and they have best customer service, I recommend them to all people want to get business.


Medical SEO Off-Page Tactics

A website's off-page SEO tactics usually refer to the various steps taken outside of the actual site itself to improve its ranking. Our healthcare marketing firm follows tried and tested practices and recommended guidelines for off-page optimization since 2008.

Off-page SEO helps search engines determine what other websites on the web are saying about your medical practice and individual services & products. Mentions and backlinks from high-authority sites can help you rank higher and quicker. Off-page SEO plays a key role in establishing a website's authority, relevance, and trustworthiness. We offer scaled and tested off-page SEO strategies to help you rank higher:

  • Blogger Outreach: A sound content strategy combined with highly targeted blogger outreach campaigns, can deliver top quality SEO results! When these two factors are combined, your website becomes more authoritative and trustworthy in search engines eyes.

  • Citations: Citations involve mentions of you practice on quality directories as well as reputable news websites. These factors are used by Google and other search engines to assess your online authority.

  • Online review sites: Almost all patients trust review websites when making their decisions! Wisevu helps train your staff how to gain hundreds of positive reviews using our review automator software. 

  • Professional link building: Premium quality link building is crucial to improving your medical practices' long term rankings on Google and Bing. Collaborating with webmasters within the medical industry is crucial for success. 

Off-Page SEO for Healthcare
Medical Website SEO Outreach

Link Building and SEO Outreach

By securing backlinks from high-authority referring domains, link building helps promote the content on your website. Consistent link management can increase your ranking signals and dramatically increase your medical website’s authority.

You'll gain a sustainable competitive edge with our SEO outreach services. We only create high-quality, naturally-acquired backlinks, so your website is not penalized by search engines.

Our link management techniques include:

  • Removing dead links and 404 error pages

  • Resubmitting all past penalty links for review

  • Making sure the website has an index of backlinks

  • Disavowing suspicious backlinks that can harm your website

  • Following up with web admins to reinstate and remove links

Local Medical Practice SEO

46% of searches on Google are local. Google’s three-pack appears in the top spot in 93% of local intent searches. It is heavily impacted by three things: proximity, reviews and relevancy.

The first Google my Business format shows up if and when you search for a business (doctor, private practice, or hospital) by name and this pops up on the right hand side of the results page. Known as the knowledge panel, it includes pictures, address, hours, phone number, and “Google reviews.”

Apart from GMB, we also create business listings on several essential websites with direct links back to you. By featuring our clients in the most important directories, we have been able to dramatically improve patient footfall.

SEO for Medical Practices
Technical SEO for Medical Practices

Technical SEO & Usability Improvements

Incorporate proven techniques like:

  • XML Sitemaps: Helping bots crawl your website intelligently

  • Page Speed: Evaluating page loading time & improving lags

  • Mobile Optimization: Designing your site for mobile searches

  • User Experience: Improving layout, info architecture, user interface design, and accessibility

  • Website Crawlability: Ensuring the absence of various errors to encourage successful bot crawls

Reporting & Analytics

By integrating Google Analytics and Google Search Console, our healthcare SEO experts will gain insights into user behaviour on your website. Our reports will show you how many new visitors you’ve attracted, what keywords were used to land on your site, which pages have high bounce rates or exit rates, and so on. You will also be able to evaluate your best-performing campaigns and most optimal channels.

These insights will empower you to formulate even better strategies and drive more significant conversions.

Medical SEO Reports and Analytics
SEO for Medical Non-Profits Canada

SEO for Medical Non-Profits

Our healthcare SEO experts are passionate about causes. Our team will formulate a strategy to match your NPO’s needs and spread the word about your cause.

Partner with us to find more volunteers, staff, donors, members, subscribers, supporters and followers. We strike the perfect balance between local and national SEO, target the right keywords, and create content that inspires your target market.


Wisevu Consistently Ranked Medical Clients Canada

Focus On Your Practice

We’ll Bring in the Patients

Wisevu has consistently ranked medical clients on Google’s first page for the most competitive keywords in their domain. Some of our earliest clients have stayed in the number one spot for over a decade!

Our results are tangible. We can provide evidence of increased form-fills and appointments, so you know that our medical SEO is working.

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How long does Medical Search Engine Optimization take to work?

While it is true that SEO is a long-term strategy, we have clients who have shown breakthrough growth within a few months. We use a powerful combination of short-term and long-term strategies for optimal results. Check out how we helped one of our medical clients, Bond Dental (link to break through to the Top 5 search results of Google for high converting keywords within the first quarter, and then dominate the search results for the highest demand/competition keywords within the next quarter.

That said, it is also essential to understand that medical SEO is a never-ending process. You can never really slow down your SEO efforts because top ranks are hard-earned and can diminish over time with Google algorithm updates and other factors. Moreover, what people search for can also change with time. To keep up, you need an updated strategy that mirrors these changes.

How much experience do you have with medical SEO?

Wisevu has specialized in healthcare SEO since 2008. As one of Canada’s most reputed medical marketing companies, we provide a range of medical SEO services, physician marketing services, and medical marketing for doctors, dentists, physiotherapists, cosmetic surgeons and nursing homes. Visit our portfolio (link to portfolio) to see a few of our clients. Not only do we know what is required to get your practice noticed locally and at the top of Google, Bing and other search engines, but we are also aware of the complexities of the ever-changing regulatory environment. We ensure that your medical marketing never flouts the regulations laid down by HIPAA, PHIPA or PIPEDA.

Why is it necessary to make changes to my website in order to do medical SEO?

Your website is at the front and centre of all our SEO efforts. Our SEO tactics are meant to drive patients to your practice, and your website will often be their first port of call. Having a strong website is essential as Google considers the overall experience provided by a webpage when ranking it. When we design or redesign your website, our website developers and SEO experts work hand in hand to implement the best user experience for your patients. 

We will evaluate your website on various parameters and fix gaps where required. This could include optimizing your page’s URL, developing relevant page elements including but not limited to meta tags, headings and subheadings, image tags, and much more, optimizing site speed and mobile responsiveness, and providing structured mark-up, internal linking, and more. Not only will these activities help you rank higher on Google, they’ll also ensure that your website provides an optimal user experience for your visitors.

We have already done some medical SEO. What will you do differently?

If you already have a website, we’ll benchmark it against competitors, determine its strength on various SEO metrics, identify gaps and formulate a strategy to outrank existing competitors. 

We’ll evaluate elements like:

  • Overall Website Health 
  • Website Security 
  • On-Page SEO Factors
  • Page Content Quality
  • Page Speed Score

Based on our findings, we will put together a proposal and timeline to turn your website around.

Will you rank us only on Google or other search engines as well?

Google is the most widely used search engine. The SEO strategies and principles we use will help you rank higher on all major search engines including Bing, but since most internet searches are conducted on Google, we focus on Google.

Why should we choose a medical SEO company rather than a regular digital marketing agency? Aren’t the principles the same?

The healthcare industry is susceptible and has several regulations that require compliance. HIPAA, PHIPA, PIPEDA and any other rules dealing with PHI are sacrosanct. You need to use the information within specific guidelines to meet these requirements. There are also several regulations pertaining to marketing. Hiring a healthcare marketing agency that is PHI-compliant can save you from future lawsuits and penalties for non-compliance. Our SEO experts and medical writers receive HIPAA training periodically and are well aware of the sensitivities.

What should I be looking for when choosing an SEO agency for my medical practice?

  • Ask the agency to take you through what they have done for other clients. You can request case studies via phone or an online form. Also, look for unbiased opinions about the agency on Google reviews. Ask for client references. At Wisevu, we have a perfect 5/5 Google Reviews Rating. Check out what our clients say about us.(link to Google reviews on Wisevu)
  • SEO is NOT abstract. While the science of SEO and the ongoing Google algorithm updates can seem overwhelming to the beginner, at its heart, SEO is a science. Doing certain things and doing them consistently and thoroughly can give you reasonably accurate results. It is also a constantly evolving science as algorithms keep changing. That’s why experience counts. We have a good understanding of what works and what does not and can give you realistic estimates and proven results.
  • Don’t fall for agencies that promise overnight results. SEO is a process, and when done right, it can take about three months to start showing results. Any agency that promises quick results is probably gaming the system, and Google is pretty clever. Too many black hat SEO techniques, and your practice will pay the price!
  • High traffic to your website is good news. It means you’re getting something right. But is it translating into more patients for you? If your medical SEO agency is not including more appointments and form-fills as their success metrics, you might want to rethink your choice.
  • Ask for a proposal. The proposal should include a detailed audit, competitor analysis and a customized marketing plan that makes sense to your practice and elevates it. You don’t want to choose a medical SEO agency that simply replicates what worked for one client. It may be a good idea to ask for the results they’ve achieved for different clients to understand their versatility.

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Speak with an internet marketing expert about your goals and how we can take your business to the next level.