In the world of patient management, technological tools like Aesthetic Records enable medical practitioners to do their work more efficiently and provide excellent patient experiences. Aesthetic Record is an all-in-one EMR and practice management solution. It is an ideal software for practitioners who need to manage appointments, billings, and patient communication.  

Aesthetic Records Med Spa Practice Management Software Review

The  Aesthetic Record practice management software is primarily tailored to aesthetic medical practices like spas and plastic surgery, regardless of size or patient volume. This software could hold great promise for your practice, from connective features that allow you to acquire and engage patients to treatment tools and revenue management features. But is it an aesthetic practice management software worth investing in? This review aims to make clear what to expect when using Aesthetic Records for your practice operations.

Ease of Use

Firstly, one great feature that makes it easy for practitioners to learn the Aesthetic Record software is the Learning Lab feature. With several other features enabling task automation, the Aesthetic Record software could transform the patient experience and practice management. At first glance, you would notice that the software interface is comprehensively arranged to allow users to easily access its functions. 

Aesthetic Records Med Spa Ease of Use

However, the practice will need Ipads manufactured later than 2019 to use the app. The software helps build patient confidence by giving them a visible look at what stage they are in their treatment. Plus, they can upload photos and fill out consent forms virtually. The patient portal also allows them to book appointments and send over medical records with ease. 

Since aesthetic medicine involves several inventories, this software’s operation management suite organizes all inventory seamlessly for daily operations. The Ipad enables practitioners to take clinical notes, view charts, and perform other administrative tasks. Patients also have a wallet on the app to save money or pay using a credit card, cash, or financing plan.

Aesthetic Record Features

Appointment Booking and Smart Scheduling

Aesthetic Record 24/7 appointment booking features enable your patients to schedule visits according to your free working hours. Practitioners can also set up open hours, appointment durations, booking deposits, and cancellation policies and not have to deal with double booking. Automated reminders and the option to book specific providers also improve Aesthetic Record’s offerings and service efficiency. 

Revenue Management System

The integrated revenue management system on Aesthetic Record gives practices a complete view of their cash inflow. It processes payments, charges patients through credit cards, and has a patient wallet feature that removes the hassle of managing discounts, repurchases, and more. Your practice can benefit from POS integration, patient financing options, virtual checkout, appointment deposits, e-gift cards, and rewards that improve patient satisfaction and ensure sustainable growth. However, Aesthetic Record does not offer insurance billing functionalities.

Patient Portal

Accessing patient information before the appointment is vital in any practice management software. The HIPAA-compliant patient communication portal on the Aesthetic Record allows practitioners to send questionnaires, give instructions and get treatment progress photos. Patients can also communicate with their providers about rescheduling appointments and manage their payments hassle-free.

Mobile Applications

The Aesthetic Record platform is accessible via its web-based application and Ipad software that can be used simultaneously. This HIPAA-compliant patient engagement and practice management systems ensure end-to-end secure communication between patients and their practitioners and staff.

SMS Integration

On Aesthetic Record, you customize your system to send an automated email or SMS messages to patients following their appointment booking. You can have the system send clients an email or SMS text after they book an appointment when they cancel or to remind them of the appointment time and date. This inbuilt integration also allows for two-way HIPAA-compliant messaging between both parties, ensuring seamless communication before and after consultation and treatment.


Aesthetic Record software does not have an open API for easy integration with any application. The platform integrates with marketing platforms such as ZOHO, Mailchimp, and Hubspot. Aesthetic Record also integrates Google Analytics, Zapier, and Zenoti. 

Zoho: Zoho allows Aesthetic Record to natively sync patient demographics and send invoice dates and amounts in real time.

MailChimp: Through MailChimp, Aesthetic Record users can send automated emails and newsletters to their customers and track email marketing performance.

Hubspot: This integration helps improve the marketing aspect of your medical practice. Through this native integration, marketing reports can seamlessly flow to Hubspot. 

Zapier:  Zapier enables medical practices to connect to different apps and automate workflows. With Zapier, Aesthetic Record users can create custom workflows like adding new customer information to a CRM or sending text message notifications to patients when an appointment is booked. 

Zenoti: Zenoti is a spa management software that offers scheduling, appointment booking, and customer management tools. Aesthetic Record users can sync their customer information and appointment data and view their analytics and reports through this integration. 

For patient financing, it Integrates with Cherry Financing, which offers approvals of up to $10,000. The software has an integrated point-of-sale system with a $10 monthly connection fee. When enabled, it allows you access to the platform’s appointment booking deposit and cancellation policy features, recurring revenue, patient wallet, and other revenue management features. Aesthetic Record does not integrate with Google Analytics or WordPress forms. Therefore, reporting and marketing needs can only be managed using the functions within the software.

Aesthetic Record Cost and Fees

Aesthetic Record pricing depends on the subscription package you choose for your practice. The Essentials plan is priced at $12 per month per user, while the Accelerator plan is priced at $16 per user. The two subscription plans include a one-time activation fee of $199, including foundational training on how to operate the software. With the higher subscription plan, users get extra features such as 2-Way Text Messaging, KPI reporting, and Integrations with other Third-Party Platforms. The enterprise plan, the highest subscription, has advanced features that can be customized to the practice’s needs at a quoted rate. 

You can also start with a 14-day free trial of the software to test the compatibility of its features with your practice requirements before making commitments. There is also an optional onboarding fee ranging from $300 for the partner plan to $1250 for the C&D plan, where the team trains you and sets up your software functions for you.


One of the most important benefits of using Aesthetic Record is that it’s fitted with the essential features you need to manage your practice efficiently. Once setup is complete, it can improve your management capabilities and assist in delivering quality medical care. In Aesthetics medicine, trust and quality service is everything, and this software is built to help make that possible. From setting up appointments to adding before and after photos and providing seamless communication with patients, it can add several operational improvements to your daily aesthetic care routines. 

One drawback of using this software is that extensive training may be required to maximize its full potential. Also, the closed API and limited integrations could be unsuitable for practices looking to integrate with other applications. Furthermore, the interconnected nature of the platform means that your practice may miss out on how well the PMS can manage your entire practice without the necessary skill set, which you can only receive through paid training.

Overall, Aesthetic Record is an excellent PMS that can help organize your practice operations, but the ineffective approach to moving your data and limitations of integrating with other applications may be reasons for concern.

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