Aesthetic Record is a dynamic practice management software ideal for both small and large medical spas and plastic surgery clinics. It streamlines critical processes from appointment scheduling to billing and patient communication. Ideal for a range of aesthetic medical practices, including spas and plastic surgery clinics, it adapts seamlessly to various scales and patient volumes. 

Aesthetic Records Med Spa Practice Management Software Review

This overview explores the streamlined critical processes from appointment scheduling to billing and patient communication.

Key Features of Aesthetic Record’s Practice Management Software

Aesthetic Records Med Spa Ease of Use

Appointment Booking and Smart Scheduling

The appointment booking and smart scheduling capabilities of Aesthetic Record are designed for maximum convenience and efficiency.  Available 24/7, this feature empowers patients to book appointments at their convenience, aligning with your available hours. 

For practitioners, it offers comprehensive control over scheduling parameters, such as setting office hours, defining appointment durations, and implementing booking deposits and cancellation protocols. 

This robust system not only prevents double bookings but also incorporates automated reminders and provider-specific booking options, ensuring a seamless and efficient scheduling experience for both patients and staff.

Revenue Management System

Aesthetic Record’s revenue management system is tailored to provide a detailed insight into your practice’s financial status, facilitating efficient cash flow management. This all-inclusive system manages payment processing, including credit card transactions, and incorporates a patient wallet for simplified management of special offers and repeat purchases. 

The system extends its capabilities to include POS integration, various patient financing options, virtual checkout, and mechanisms for appointment deposits, e-gift cards, and rewards, all contributing to increased patient satisfaction and sustained practice growth. It is important to note, however, that Aesthetic Record is designed without insurance billing capabilities, focusing on direct financial management with patients.

Patient Portal

Aesthetic Record’s HIPAA-compliant patient portal enhances patient-practitioner interaction while ensuring HIPAA compliance. This vital feature enables practitioners to pre-emptively access patient data, vital for planning and delivering tailored treatments. 

The portal streamlines the exchange of information, allowing practitioners to send out questionnaires and instructions and gather progress photos before appointments. For patients, the portal offers a user-friendly interface to communicate changes in scheduling, manage payments efficiently, and engage actively with their healthcare providers, fostering an environment of continuous care and support.

Mobile Applications

The Aesthetic Record platform is not just limited to its web-based application; it also extends its functionality through an intuitive iPad application, allowing simultaneous use for greater flexibility.

This HIPAA-compliant system ensures a high level of security in patient engagement and practice management tasks. The mobile application bridges the communication gap between patients and healthcare providers, providing secure messaging, efficient appointment handling, and quick access to patient data. This dual-platform approach ensures that practitioners and staff can stay connected and responsive to patient needs, even while on the move.

SMS Integration

Aesthetic Record’s SMS integration enhances patient communication by offering customizable automated email and SMS messaging following appointment bookings. This feature enables the system to send timely notifications to clients upon booking, cancellation, or appointment reminders, detailing the time and date. 

Beyond these automated messages, the platform also supports two-way HIPAA-compliant messaging, allowing for secure and efficient communication between patients and healthcare providers before, during, and after consultations and treatments, enhancing patient engagement and streamlining practice management. 


Aesthetic Record, while not featuring an open API for universal application integration, offers specialized integration capabilities with key marketing platforms to enhance practice management. 

This includes seamless connectivity with popular platforms like ZOHO, Mailchimp, and Hubspot, enabling efficient marketing campaign management and patient communication. Additionally, the software integrates with essential tools such as Google Analytics for insightful data analysis, Zapier for automating workflows, and Zenoti for spa and salon management. These integrations collectively enhance the functionality of Aesthetic Record, providing users with a more comprehensive and efficient practice management experience.

Zoho: Zoho allows Aesthetic Record to natively sync patient demographics and send invoice dates and amounts in real time.

MailChimp: Through MailChimp, Aesthetic Record users can send automated emails and newsletters to their customers and track email marketing performance.

Hubspot: This integration helps improve the marketing aspect of your medical practice. Through this native integration, marketing reports can seamlessly flow to Hubspot. 

Zapier:  Zapier enables medical practices to connect to different apps and automate workflows. With Zapier, Aesthetic Record users can create custom workflows like adding new customer information to a CRM or sending text message notifications to patients when an appointment is booked. 

Zenoti: Zenoti is a spa management software that offers scheduling, appointment booking, and customer management tools. Aesthetic Record users can sync their customer information and appointment data and view their analytics and reports through this integration. 

For patient financing, it Integrates with Cherry Financing, which offers approvals of up to $10,000. The software has an integrated point-of-sale system with a $10 monthly connection fee. When enabled, it allows you access to the platform’s appointment booking deposit and cancellation policy features, recurring revenue, patient wallet, and other revenue management features. Aesthetic Record does not integrate with Google Analytics or WordPress forms. Therefore, reporting and marketing needs can only be managed using the functions within the software.

Aesthetic Record Cost and Fees

Aesthetic Record’s pricing plans are designed to cater to a variety of medical practices, from small clinics to large healthcare organizations. These plans offer a range of functionalities to suit diverse operational needs and budgets.

Essentials Plan: Priced at $12 per user per month, the Essentials Plan is an excellent starting point for basic practice management. It includes vital features like high-resolution photo management, procedure tracking, and an intuitive patient portal. The plan requires a one-time $399 startup and onboarding fee, which includes comprehensive training and support.

Accelerator Plan: For practices seeking more advanced capabilities, the Accelerator Plan at $16 per user per month offers additional features like 2-way texting, advanced KPI reporting, and integrations with third-party CRM platforms. This plan also includes 4GB of storage per user and enhanced email and SMS capacities, making it suitable for growing practices. The same $399 startup and onboarding fee applies.

Enterprise Plan: Tailored for larger practices or multi-location clinics, the Enterprise Plan’s pricing is available upon request. It encompasses all features of the preceding plans and adds exclusive services like onsite setup, branded onboarding materials, and a dedicated support plan catering to complex and expansive operational needs.

You can also start with a 14-day free trial of the software to test the compatibility of its features with your practice requirements before making commitments.


Aesthetic Record is a comprehensive practice management solution equipped with essential features for efficient practice management and quality medical care delivery. It excels in appointment scheduling, photo management, and patient communication, significantly enhancing daily operations in aesthetic care. 

However, its full potential may require extensive training, and the closed API limits integration with other applications. This could be a constraint for practices seeking extensive interoperability.

Although Aesthetic Record may have limitations when it comes to moving data and integrating it with other applications, overall, it is an excellent choice for medical practices that want to organize their operations and elevate the quality of care. The software’s ability to manage patient interactions effectively and maintain detailed records supports a higher standard of care and patient satisfaction.

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