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Wisevu was founded in 2008 by two war survivors from Sarajevo. Our mission has been to help great charities & NPOs succeed on the web - as a result, building a better world for everyone:)

  • Advanced content strategies that ensure conversions by making pages rank for target long tail keywords.

  • Digital PR & Outreach campaigns which create awareness and quickly rank the pages.

Free Consultation With Our Charity Digital Marketing Expert

During free consultations, we show the actual demand on search engines for the competitive charity market based on monthly search volumes and certify keywords and content that we will need to target in order to deliver a ROI.

World-Class SEO for a Real Cause

At Wisevu, we regard our clients’ businesses as our own and this is why we leave no stone unturned when it comes to delivering premium quality services in every aspect of SEO.

Since 2008, Wisevu has been delivering charity digital marketing services specifically curated according to different charity types. We understand exactly what they require for SEO & digital marketing and help them scale quickly in these areas.

When it comes to charity SEO, we establish a long-term strategic partnership with our clients as a part of their marketing department and truly work to deliver world-class results for the charity and their cause.

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Industry-Leading Satisfaction Guarantee

Please get in touch with us to speak with one of our representatives and receive thorough information on our industry-leading satisfaction guarantee.

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33 Reviews

Dinu Filip

Hired Wisevu to improve our websites. First one done and it is excellent. Drazen knows his stuff, he is very good to work with and makes good suggestions. Highly recommended!

Gina Simicic

Outstanding results and customers service.! Wisevu, YOU have been a big part of our success for the last few years. Thank you Wisevu team!!

Omar Alazzawi

Wisevu, I do not know how to thank you honestly, what you have done for my newly business is unbelievable, I started my new business a couple of months ago, what I’ve heard it takes up to 8 months to a year for the business to start picking up, my case was totally different because of the hard work you have done for my business, I started getting calls daily two months after and look at it now, I feel like I am in the business for 10 years, I am thinking to stop the SEO just to slow down the amount of calls I am getting “just kidding 😄” DO NOT STOP THE SEO, keep up the hard work folks, you guys are amazing and thank you for all your effort.