Bond Street Dental & Wisevu

Bond Street Dental partnered with Wisevu in 2017. We developed a highly strategic web development & SEO plan. This plan has allowed Bond St Dental to break through to the Top 5 search results of Google for high converting keywords within the first quarter. This strategy provided a quick ROI during the early stage by focusing on mid competition keywords, while setting up the foundation that would allow us to dominate the search results for the highest demand/competition keywords within the next quarter.

Wisevu delivered above and beyond and ranked Bond St Dental #1

During the first 6 month term in Google Maps as well as under Google Maps search results for the most demanded keywords in Toronto, including:

  • Dental Implants

  • Dental Implants Toronto

  • Teeth Implants

  • Toronto Dental Implants

  • Teeth Implants Toronto

  • Toronto Teeth Implants

  • All-on-4 Dental Implants

  • All-on-4 Dental Implants Toronto

  • And many more

Wisevu Delivered Bond St Dental Ranked #1
What Bond Street Dental Needed From Wisevu

What Bond Street Dental Needed from Wisevu

Bond Street Dental was a new clinic looking for rapid growth. However, since they were in their beginning phase, their budget was minimal. This limitation, combined with the high operating costs of a cutting-edge downtown Toronto dental clinic, required a highly strategic SEO Plan that would ensure the quickest ROI during the first quarter continuing into the following years.

The clinic owner, Dr. Swaida, wanted to focus on his dental work and required Wisevu to take over the entire online marketing function with minimal input. Wisevu was up for the challenge! We have a lot of experience with clients who are too busy to focus on marketing and require Wisevu to fulfill this role entirely.

High-Quality Web Design & Development

Wisevu built an impressive, new, content-rich website that looks and performs optimally on all mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop screens.

  • Every page was designed to provide an optimal experience for the target market and search engines.

  • We performed custom server and site speed optimizations to maximize site speed in accordance with search engines.

  • We integrated our proprietary and highly effective Online Reputation Management (ORM) software with the website to request reviews via email or text message quickly. It also automatically showcases patient reviews on the website.

  • We coached the client's internal team on the best practices and processes for online review acquisition.

High Quality Web Design & Development
Dental Web Design & Development Copy
  • We developed comprehensive web forms for automated appointment scheduling integrated with the internal POS software.

  • We integrated industry-leading website security software and protocols.

  • We set up advanced website analytics and conversion tracking - including phone call conversion tracking. This data allows us to gradually monitor website activity and determine which SEO keywords resulted in phone calls or form submissions. The conversion tracking aids in future SEO strategy. We can utilize the phone call recordings to evaluate staff performance and develop staff training materials.

  • We advised and integrated automation with other essential software, including email automation.

Bond Street Dental’s SEO


Wisevu is continually building Bond Street Dental’s SEO strength to maintain top rankings among other deep-pocket competitors who continually attempt to take the #1 spot. With our proprietary Off-Page and On-Page SEO services and over a decade of experience in the local dental industry, Wisevu can outrank large enterprises with significantly larger budgets.

Paid Search Ads

Wisevu strategized and implemented highly targeted paid ad campaigns on Google Ads and Bing Ads to target keywords for which Bond Street Dental was not ranking in the #1 spot with Organic SEO. This strategy allowed the client to acquire highly qualified leads at minimal costs for 100% relevant keywords. Wisevu ensures that Organic SEO and Paid Search Campaigns work together seamlessly to deliver the highest ROI.

Bond Street Dental’s Paid Search Ads
Bond Street Dental’s Social Media Ads & Email Marketing

Social Media Ads & Email Marketing Automation

In addition to our two specialty services, SEO & Web Development, Wisevu also implemented highly efficient and effective Social Media Ads services using tried and tested tactics for dental practices. All the campaigns were integrated with Email Automation Software allowing for time-saving and error-proof automation.

Genuine Client Google Reviews

Since Wisevu's inception in 2008 our unique and effective online marketing strategies continue to successfully help businesses in Canada and USA increase online awareness, sales and profitability.


14 Reviews

Matthew Quattrociocchi

Wisevu was a great choice for my business. Drazen and his team was patient and really listened to what I wanted. I needed a complete revamp of my old website, including photos, logos, content, and rebranding. Wisevu was able to handle all my needs and did a beautiful job creating a modern and really effective website for my business. Many of my customers have commented on how easy the site is to navigate and how nice it looks on their phone or computer. I would highly recommend Wisevu if you have any website design or SEO needs. Great experience and great value for the money! Thanks Drazen!!

Ted Walter

My organization has been working with the Wisevu team for over four years. We have found them to be very professional, organized, and knowledgeable of the latest tools and trends in online marketing, and also fun to work with. I highly recommend them.

Gary Torrens

WiseVu are true experts in their field and much more. Not only were they super professional, giving us new insights into.our business and helping us uncover new opportunities, they were also so much fun to work with. Highly recommend their services to anyone serious about growing your business

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Speak with an internet marketing expert about our dental website design and dental SEO services for your dental practice.