Top Free And Paid Survey Software For Non Profit Organisations

Most of the non-profit organizations use survey software every day to receive information like answers for opinion-based questions, multiple choice questions, demographic questions, email addresses, names, phone numbers, etc., from interested parties.

As survey software acts as an interactive tool to gather answers from people, we have done the research to give you a clear picture of the free and paid survey software along with a comparison table that will be suitable for your Non-Profit organization (NPO). Take a look and pick yours!   

1. SurveyMonkey


SurveyMonkey is one of the online survey development software that provides free customizable surveys. There is a pro version of SurveyMonkey that provides paid backend programs like data analysis, sample selection, bias elimination, and data representation tools. SurveyMonkey has over 600,000+ users in more than 190 countries. 

Free features

  • Unlimited surveys
  • Limited questions (only up to 10) can be asked per survey 
  • Limited responses (up to 100) per survey
  • Responses can be received via web, social media, email, etc
  • Depending on your plan, you may be limited to 3 collectors (the way to collect survey responses) per survey 
  • Email responses can be tracked
  • SSL/TLS encryptions are available
  • 24/7 email support is provided
  • Multilingual surveys are present
  • Contact information of users can be collected

Pro features 

  • Instant results can be provided with the best survey-taking experience
  • Visual data can be downloaded or can be imported into Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS). If you want to know how the SPSS file looks like, click here
  • Surveys can be viewed in multiple ways using custom filters
  • Surveys can be shared across different teams in the organization and you don’t have to reveal the password
  • SurveyMonkey can be integrated with other existing applications
  • Quizzes with custom feedbacks are available
  • Survey details can be downloaded in formats like CSV, PDF, PPT, and XLS
  • A/B testing randomization, and quotas functionalities are available
  • Payments can be accepted
  • White label surveys are present 

Click here to learn more about the available features.

SurveyMonkey Pro Pricing packages 

Individual plans

  • Standard- $37/month
  • Advantage- $32/month
  • Premier- $99/month

Team and organization plans

  • Team advantage- $25/user/month
  • Team premier- $75/user/month
  • Enterprise- contact their sales team

* Note: NPO’s get a special offer - 25% off on annual subscriptions. 

2. SoGoSurvey


SoGoSurvey is a software that allows you to create, design, distribute, and analyze multilingual surveys, forms, polls, quizzes, and assessments. Through SoGoSurvey you can engage various communication channels and attract more visitors. They have special offers for students and NPOs. 

Free features

  • Mobile responsive surveys are offered
  • Multimedia can be embedded in your survey 
  • Inbuilt online poll application is available
  • Multiple templates are available for surveys
  • Surveys can be published on social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc
  • Contacts can be uploaded and you can even create a contact list
  • Short urls can be generated for surveys
  • Real-time reports are provided
  • Surveys can be exported to Word, CSV, HTML, Excel, etc
  • No limitations to the number of surveys and questions that can be added. But, only 100 email invitations and 100 responses can be collectd per survey. Overall, in a year, you will be able to send 200 emails and collect 200 resposnses 

Pro features 

  • Individual survey logo can be added to your own survey
  • Thank you page can be customized
  • Surveys can be exported to SPSS
  • 24/7 email support
  • Survey data can be imported 
  • Surveys can be embedded in email invitations 
  • Advanced frequency for surveys are offered 
  • Quiz with automatic scoring can be created 

Click here to learn more about the available features.

SoGoSurvey pro pricing packages 

  • Plus- $25/month with 7 days free trial
  • Pro- $40/month with 7 days free trial
  • Premium- $99/month with 7 days free trial
  • Enterprise+- request a demo or reach their support (+1(800)646-0520) for pricing

* Note: NPOs get a special offer of a FREE Pro account (see below requirements) or a 50% off on Pro and Premium annual subscriptions (without below requirements).  

Please note: to qualify for a FREE Pro account you need to be a registered nonprofit and you have to do the following: 

    • Like SoGoSurvey on Facebook and post a comment about your experience.
    • Include a link to on the home page of your non-profit’s website
    • Each year, post a new comment, check your link and share your story to keep the account current.
    • By accepting a Free Annual Non-profit License or a Discounted Non-profit License, you give SoGoSurvey permission to reprint your comments, including your name, in SoGoSurvey marketing materials.

3. Zoho


Zoho is a software that addresses most of the survey requirements and needs of nonprofits. It offers built-in reports and interactive charts through which you can analyze survey results easily. Zoho has powerful survey engines, flexible dashboards, and fully customizable surveys. It also helps you in making data-driven decisions.

Free features

  • Offers unlimited surveys
  • Limited questions (only up to 10) can be asked per survey 
  • Limited responses (up to 100) per survey
  • Multiple survey templates (up to 200) are available
  • HTTPS encryption is available
  • Surveys can be shared on social media
  • Reports or surveys can be exported in PDF format
  • Real-time responses can be received

Pro features 

  • Unlimited questions can be asked and responses can be received
  • Custom path for users like skip, end-page, and auto-fill logic can be created
  • Customize the complete design of the survey
  • Adding a logo to your survey is possible
  • Emails can be sent to your entire mailing list 
  • Responses can be stored even when you are offline
  • Export surveys in XLS, CVS, and SPSS formats
  • Piping logic is available for surveys

Click here to learn more about the available features.

Zoho Pro Pricing packages 

  • Plus- $20/month billed annually plus tax (with 7 days free trial)
  • Pro- $25/month billed annually plus tax (with 7 days free trial)
  • Enterprise- $60/month billed annually plus tax (with 7 days free trial)

* Note: NPOs get a special offer of 40% off on annual subscriptions (NPO certificate required). 

4. SurveyGizmo


SurveyGizmo is asurvey software that allows every business to create and conduct surveys, polls, quizzes, and questionnaires. It has a customizable interface that gives an interactive experience to your target audience. You can create charts, pipe data, loop pages, and more using the pro version of SurveyGizmo. 

Free features

  • Limited pages (up to 5) are offered per survey
  • Limited questions (up to 25) can be asked for a single page of survey
  • Limited responses (up to 100) can be received per survey
  • Standard summary report is provided
  • All surveys are professional and accessible
  • Three active surveys can be present at a time

Pro features 

  • Offers unlimited questions, pages, responses, and surveys
  • Additional users can be included in an account
  • Email invitation campaigns are available
  • Data can be imported and exported from Excel 
  • HIPAA Compliance is available
  • HR 360 review project is offered
  • Checkbox grids are available
  • Email campaigns can be sent
  • Advanced logic conditions are available
  • Page randomization options are available
  • Send and receive data from external webpages using Webhooks 

Click here to learn more about the enterprise features and click here to learn more about individual features.

SurveyGizmo Pro Pricing packages

  • Explorer- $25/month billed $300 annually (with 7 days free trial)
  • Adventurer- $85/month billed $1,020 annually (with 7 days free trial)
  • Voyager- $150/month billed $1,800 annually (with 7 days free trial)
  • Enterprise- contact their support team

* Note: NPOs get a special offer of 25% off (only registered NPOs are eligible). 

5. Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is a suitable solution for organizations looking to create dynamic meetings, training, and events by adding members to the conversation. You can conduct activities such as Q&A sessions, multiple-choice questions, word clouds, rankings, competitions, and more. The tool also gives you an option to integrate into PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote.

Free features 

  • Unlimited users 
  • Option to create unlimited questions for a maximum of 25 audiences 
  • Create and add support center, FAQ, and webinar tutorials

Paid features

  • Create unlimited questions for a maximum of 700 audience 
  • Option to show live results to participants for multiple choice activity
  • Create your own username/response URL as long as it is not used by any other company
  • Add your own branding on polls and response page
  • SOC 2 Type 2 level security 
  • Users can sign in to Poll Everywhere using their organization credentials


6. Jotform Survey Maker

Jotform Survey Maker is a great online tool that lets you create custom surveys without using any code. Collecting feedback becomes easier when you can share your surveys with a link or a QR code and even embed it into your website. Track your submission data and gain insights into your users.


Free Features

Over 800 survey templates to use
Form translation
Drag-and-drop form builder
Custom conditional logic
App Integrations to help with your workflow
Shareable survey links
Collect payments inside forms
Offline forms
Advanced designer and custom CSS

Pro Features

HIPAA compliant surveys
Greater form creation and submission limit
Remove branding from surveys

Jotform Pro Pricing packages

Free - includes all features except for HIPAA compliance
Bronze- $34/month billed $408 annually
Silver- $39/month billed $468 annually
Gold- $99/month billed $1188 annually
Enterprise- Contact sales

Best Survey Software Comparison Chart

Features SurveyMonkey SoGoSurvey Zoho SurveyGizmo Poll Everywhere
Pricing Individual plans: Standard: $37/month Advantage: $32/month Premier: $99/month

Organization plans: Advantage:$25/user/month
Premier: $75/user/month

Enterprise: Contact their sales team

Plus: $25/month with 7 days free trial

Pro: $40/month with 7 days free trial

Premium: $99/month with 7 days free trial

Enterprise+: reach support 1(800)646-0520

Plus: $20/month billed annually plus tax (with 7 days free trial)

Pro: $25/month billed annually plus tax (with 7 days free trial)

Enterprise: $60/month billed annually plus tax (with 7 days free trial)

Explorer: $25/month billed annually (with 7 days free trial)

Adventurer: $85/month billed annually (with 7 days free trial)

Voyager: $150/month billed annually (with 7 days free trial)

Enterprise: Contact their support team

Present: $120/year

Engage: $42/year

Teams: $84/year

Enterprise: $9,999+

Embed in Websites It can be embedded in websites It can be embedded in websites It can be embedded in websites It can be embedded in websites Not sure
Free plan limitations Unlimited surveys, 10 questions per survey, and 40 responses per survey 15 surveys, 3 questions per survey, and 100 responses per survey Unlimited surveys, 10 questions per survey, and 100 responses/survey 3 surveys, unlimited questions, and 100 responses 25 max audience size, Unlimited questions, and 25 responses
Discounts for NPOs 25% off on annual subscriptions 50% off on pro and premium annual subscriptions 40% off on annual subscriptions 25% off on subscriptions No discount
Integration details It can be integrated with Salesforce, Marketo, MailChimp, HootSuite, Eloqua, Eventbrite, Google Drive, Zapier, Slack, Google Forms, HubSpot, Crazy Egg, etc It can be integrated with Google Analytics and you can publish surveys easily on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ It can be integrated with Zoho CRM, Zoho Campaigns, Zoho Sales IQ, MailChimp, and Google Sheets It can be integrated with Salesforce, SAML, SSO, Zapier, Google Analytics, LRS/LMS, and Zendesk It can be integrated with Powerpoint, Keynote, Google Slides, and Slack

Note - All the information mentioned in our blog was collected at the time of writing.


All survey software listed here works great and allows your audience to share their thoughts related to your NPO. Our favorite among this list is Zoho as there are many features in the free plan (unlimited surveys, 10 questions/ survey, 100 responses/survey, 250 survey templates, etc) and a good NPO discount when compared to the others on the list. We have also compared the top polling solutions for NPOs in another post, do take a look if you like to explore more. 

Like surveys, there is another way to receive answers from your audience called polls. Polls are suitable if you do not require a lot of information from your audience. Using polls you can get an answer for a single multiple-choice question or a handful of them. 

Which survey software helped you serve your audience? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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