How To Write An Amazing Author Bio (With Examples)

Your author bio matters because it tells readers who you are, and why they should trust you. It acts as an elevator pitch, so you have to lead with your strongest points that will also resonate with your audience. 

Learning how to write an author bio that attracts your readers does not require feats of strength or a stroke of genius. 

All you have to do is read and follow our straightforward forward instructions below.

In this article, we’ll share simple tips for writing a professional bio. Whether it is a bio for your website’s blog section or for your own article that is going to get published on popular websites, through this article you will learn how to do the job right. 

Let’s dive in.

Things you Must Keep in Mind When Writing a Professional Bio

Here is a sample of how an ideal bio looks like.

Let’s dissect the above author bio.

1. Tell About Yourself

When explaining about yourself, make sure to be personal and career-focused. For example, you can say, ‘Jane is a published author of Content is King and a content professor for Wisevu Academy. She is passionate about helping people understand about content marketing through her materials.’

This example focuses on Jane’s professional accomplishments and what the reader can gain from her.

Additionally, avoid using jargon or buzzwords such as ‘wordsmith’ or ‘content wizard’. This will make the audience roll their eyes and you may lose credibility. Plus, if you are using acronyms like SEO or PPC specialist, then write Search Engine Optimization or Pay Per Click specialist. 

2. Always Write in Third Person

The bio you add on your website is not an autobiography. For example, you should not say, ‘I am a published author of Content is King and a content professor for Wisevu Academy.’ You can say, ‘Jane is a published author of Content is King and a content professor for Wisevu Academy.’

3. Choose a Good Photo of Yourself

Include a professional yet casual photo of yourself. Make sure it’s a picture where you are smiling because you don’t want it to look like a mugshot. The picture must be true to you and your style. 

4.  Make it Personal

You can add personal stuff like a dog lover or a pizza addict. It will remind readers you are human. Still, keep it to a bare minimum, as your professional bio is not the place to reveal a lot of such details. You can end the bio with a sentence like. ‘In her spare time, she loves to swim and cycle.’

5. Keep it Short

Write an author bio that is short – 100 words or 3-5 sentences. It is more than enough to form a powerful elevator pitch for yourself. 

6. Try to Include an Element of Validation or Something Authentic

You have to make your readers feel that you are a credible source when they need to find information. So, give your readers a chance to see you as a thought leader of your industry. If it is relevant, try to add a performance stat or an award you received. 

For example, the content marketing courses she designed have helped many writers around the world to grow in their careers.

7. Add your Email or a Social Media Account Link

You can either add your email ID or list your social media account where people can engage with you. Make sure to add the channels in which you are active and can monitor on a regular basis. This can help people to engage with you. 

8.  Include Inbound Links 

An author bio is an excellent place to add inbound links to your website. Keep in mind to link to an educational page on your website (eg – Wisevu Academy) so it will be relevant to the articles you write or your target audience. 

Common Bio Mistakes to Avoid

Here is a sample of an author bio that will make readers run for the exit. 

When you are writing a bio, avoid these errors.

  • Making it all about yourself 
  • Sharing irrelevant details and info about your entire life
  • Writing in 1st person 
  • Adding ambiguous phrases 
  • Including way too much information 
  • Using an unprofessional photo

Winding Up

Writing an author bio requires some time and effort. But it is very important since, as part of the Wisevu SEO services, we publish your content on many great websites in order to establish you as an authority in your industry. Therefore, you should brainstorm and devote some time and effort to nail your bio.

The best way to write an effective bio is with a lot of care and caution. So do multiple rewrites if required.

Now, buckle up and write an awesome author bio!

Do you have any more tips you would like to share about writing an author bio? Add it in the comments section. 

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