Midnight Sun Tanning Salon in Mississauga

Project Overview

The owner of Midnight Sun Tanning Salon hired Wisevu to restructure the company and implement an online marketing strategy that would position Midnight Sun Tanning as the tanning salon of choice for anyone looking for tanning salons in Mississauga or spray tanning Mississauga.
Today Midnight Sun Tanning is the most successful tanning salon in Mississauga.


Before Wisevu took over the account, Midnight Sun Tanning Salon in Mississauga had a very poor website and a non existent online marketing strategy. Wisevu conducted extensive research and created an online strategy which allowed us to take Midnight Sun Tanning Salon to the top, and attract a large percentage of prospects looking for tanning salons in Mississauga. Our online strategy for Midnight Sun Tanning was to create a sustainable competitive advantage which would allow Midnight Sun Tanning to dominate in the present as well as in the future.

Store Details

Name: Midnight Sun Tanning Salon Mississauga
Telephone:(905) 848-3494
Address: 325 Central Parkway West Mississauga ON L5B 3X9