SMS marketing remains to be an effective digital marketing channel for most businesses worldwide. According to a survey, B2C marketers continue to prefer SMS marketing for reasons including real-time delivery, high open rates, and the global reach/ubiquity of mobile devices. With the number of mobile phone users increasing day by day, businesses are more likely to report revenue growth with SMS, chatbots, live chat among others in the ever-expanding bag of digital marketing channels.  

Here, we will be exploring more about the integration of top SMS service providers with powerful marketing automation platforms like Mailchimp and ActiveCampaign to widen the scope of SMS marketing. 

Top 10 SMS Providers with Mailchimp and ActiveCampaign Integrations
Text Marketer Mailchimp SMS Integration

Mailchimp SMS Integration

Mailchimp integration with SMS marketing allows you to combine your email and SMS marketing campaigns. The integration of Mailchimp and SMS marketing enables you to send and receive SMS, manage your contact list, schedule email, and SMS delivery, and track customer engagement. 

You can also use the power of shortcode marketing to allow people to join your Mailchimp list through simple SMS using shortcodes.

ActiveCampaign Mailchimp SMS Integration

ActiveCampaign SMS Integration

The integration of ActiveCampaign with SMS marketing platforms provides you with a comprehensive customer engaging experience. Some significant advantages include: 

  • Automate your subscription list: This allows you to set up a separate list to quickly see how many people are utilizing your SMS option. You can select the phone number that people can use to subscribe. There are multiple available phone numbers available in the United States/Canada, as well as options for Great Britain (UK), Spain (ES), Australia (AU), Germany (DE), and Mexico (MX).
  • Check SMS sending credits: The bottom of the SMS customization screen on ActiveCampaign will tell you how many available credits you have on your account, as well as detail how many credits messages cost based on location.
  • Use for two-way communication: SMS ActiveCampaign is, largely, a broadcast option. ActiveCampaign can monitor texts for personalized keywords and capture email addresses also. Any inbound texts to these numbers that are NOT keywords or email addresses will be met with custom text as configured in the SMS settings.
  • Appointment Reminders/Event list Registration: Appointment reminders are a simple and powerful way to utilize SMS to remind your contacts that they have an upcoming appointment/event list registration. 

SMS Marketing on ActiveCampaign is available on Plus, Professional and Enterprise accounts.

Top SMS Integrations with Mailchimp and ActiveCampaign

SlickText  BulkSMS BirdEye Tatango
Twilio Call Loop Simple Texting MessageBird
SlickText Mailchimp SMS Integrations

1. SlickText

As one of the feature-rich and cloud-based text messaging platforms, SlickText allows you to send and receive bulk messages to/from your customers. 

Being a low-cost messaging software, SlickText can be a suitable platform for businesses ranging from retail and salon to schools and churches. The basic monthly plan of SlickText starts at $29. It offers 500 texts and 2 text words. Its 14-days free trial allows you to understand its features and benefits in detail. 

Some expressive features of SlickText include:

Sending mass text messages Auto replies Scheduling text messages
MMS messaging SMS surveys Contests texts
Integration Data sync Personalization 
Unlimited contacts Detailed analysis Segmentation

Slick Text Reviews

Pros Cons
Easy-to-use interface Increasing pricing
Excellent customer service Reluctant to cancel account
Reasonable pricing No automatically resizing of pictures and gifs
High open rates  

SlickText Integration with Mailchimp

The integration process of SlickText with Mailchimp is simple if you have accounts in both SlickText and Mailchimp. Once you have integrated SlickText with Mailchimp, you can avail the following benefits:

  • You can use Mailchimp forms to collect the details of your customers along with their mobile numbers. 
  • It allows you to send text messages to your new customers.
  • The integration also facilitates you to update your existing customer lists. SlickText’s shortcode marketing allows your customers to join your Mailchimp list. 
  • Mailchimp can also automatically add the email address of your customers to the Mailchimp list while they make a reply message containing it.
  • You can send SMS to existing customer lists from Mailchimp without any limits.

SlickText Integration with ActiveCampaign

The integration of SlickText with ActiveCampaign provide the following benefits to your business:

  • The integration helps you capture the names and email addresses of your customers through SMS.
  • It allows you to send text messages to your customers seamlessly.
  • The shortcode of SlickText allows you to collect emails.
BulkSMS Mailchimp SMS Integrations

2. BulkSMS

BulkSMS is a business-to-person bulk messaging platform that allows you to send a large volume of SMS to a predetermined list of customers. 

BulkSMS provides you with an opportunity to send promotional and transactional messages to your customers. BulkSMS also facilitates your customers to send a reply to messages from anywhere at any time. BulkSMS offers a customized pricing structure.

Following are some of the features of BulkSMS:

Scheduling messages Integration Send personalized messages
Automated opt-in/opt-out Automatic messaging reports Send SMS attachments
Automated response Automatic top-up Send long messages

BulkSMS Reviews

Pros Cons
Send and receive text messages globally Limited word count
Automatic reply to messages Not supporting images and gifs
Reliable and proven volume of messages  

BulkSMS Integration with Mailchimp

BulkSMS offers ready-built SMS integration with Mailchimp. Following are some of the important benefits of BulkSMS integration with Mailchimp:

  • Offers advanced SMS potentials to Mailchimp users.
  • Allows you to send a large volume of SMS directly using your Mailchimp account.
  • Enables you to preview messages before sending them to your customers.
  • Provides tokens that help you personalize your messages.
  • Facilitates you to create your own message templates.
  • Enables you to send long messages.

BulkSMS Integration with ActiveCampaign

The process of integration is simple as it offers ready-built integration with ActiveCampaign. The integration with ActiveCampaign also offers the same features as that of Mailchimp integration. Here are some of the significant benefits of integrating BulkSMS with ActiveCampaign:

  • Enables two-way messaging. 
  • Provides tokens to manage and personalize your messaging content.
  • Automatically formats badly formatted message content before sending it to your customers.
  • Enables you to access delivery reports.
Birdeye Mailchimp SMS Integrations

3. BirdEye

BirdEye is a comprehensive platform for text messaging. It helps you to collect your product reviews, convert leads and get new referrals. 

Being a customer experience platform, BirdEye offers a range of services and integrations to grow your business. BirdEye offers custom pricing for its Standard, Professional, and Premium plans. Key features of BirdEye include:

Business listings for directories Send text campaigns Generate online reviews
Unified inbox for two-way communications Create surveys Performance analysis
Report generation Integrations Mobile app for iOS/Android

BirdEye Reviews

Pros Cons
Easy-to-use Clunky in nature
Cost-effective Switching from setup to campaigns not easy
Review management  

BirdEye Integration with Mailchimp

The integration of BirdEye with Mailchimp provides a better experience with your business. Here are some of the benefits of integrating BirdEye with Mailchimp:

  • It enables you to send fully automated review requests.
  • It facilitates you to capture names, email addresses, and phone numbers.
  • It allows you to send emails automatically daily.

BirdEye Integration with Active Campaign

The integration of BirdEye with ActiveCampaign provides seamless benefits to reach your business to the minds of customers. The key benefits of integration include the following:

  • It enables you to send an automated feedback request to your customers.
  • It facilitates you to update existing contact based on feedback records.
  • It provides detailed customer analysis.
TatanGo Mailchimp SMS Integrations

4. Tatango

As one of the leading text messaging platforms, Tatango helps you build your business by engaging your customers through text message campaigns and promotions. 

Tatango is used by political groups and for fundraising programs. Tatango’s monthly pricing plan starts at $199. Although it is costly, the unique features of Tatango make it one of the most preferred platforms for many business:

MMS marketing Report generation API integration
Scheduling text messages The large volume of SMS Personalization
Automatic reply to messages Integration Text-to-landline

Tatango Reviews 

Pros Cons
Easy-to-use Expensive
Great audience reach Backend features with increased downtime
Excellent tech support  

Tatango Integration with Mailchimp

Tatango integration with Mailchimp makes your business more automated without requiring any technical skills. Following are some of the key features of Tatango and Mailchimp integration:

  • It helps to increase the open rates of text messages and emails.
  • It facilitates you to directly collect customers’ mobile numbers through Mailchimp forms.
  • It helps to track performance SMS and email campaigns

Tatango Integration with ActiveCampaign

The integration of Tatango with ActiveCampaign provides the following benefits:

  • It allows you to send a large volume of transactional messages to your customers.
  • It helps to develop a list of campaign subscribers.
  • It allows you to keep up-to-date records of your contact base.
Twilio Mailchimp SMS Integrations

5. Twilio

Being a cloud SMS platform Twilio provides you with seamless opportunities to communicate with your customers through SMS. It allows you to send text messages, MMS, and OTT to your customers across the world. The pricing of Twilio varies based on the destination and type of message. 

To understand more about Twilio, here are some features:

Automated responses Campaign segmentation Data collection and management
Voice recognition Personalized messages Performance tracking
Mobile coupons Text-to-win Unified communications

Twilio Reviews

Pros Cons
Effective business communication tool Bad Customer support
Affordable pricing Needed technical skill
Good documentation  

Twilio Integration with Mailchimp

You can build your customer relationships by integrating Twilio with Mailchimp. The integration allows you to make use of the following features:

  • Allows you to send automated text messages through Twilio.
  • Helps to streamline your business data management processes.
  • Enables you to accelerate the workflow with integrated automation.

Twilio Integration with ActiveCampaign

You can connect with your customers easily while integrating a powerful text messaging platform with ActiveCampaign’s Customer Experience Automation. The integration also offers some major features to build your business:

  • It allows you to send notifications of order status.
  • It helps to engage your customers with your business by providing them with relevant content.
  • It helps to reach the right messages at the right time to the customers everywhere.
CallLoop Mailchimp SMS Integrations

6. Call Loop

As one of the best SMS marketing platforms, Call Loop helps you grow businesses of all sizes by sending text message campaigns. Call Loop’s recorded voice messages have high open rates among customers. The pricing structure of Call Loop starts at $5 per month for its Lite plan and varies for other plans such as Basic, Pro, and Max. 

Key features of Call Loop Include:

SMS scheduling Group messaging Contact management
Autoresponders Marketing automation Voice broadcast
Audio management Emergency notifications Text-to-join keywords

Call Loop Reviews

Pros Cons
Integration flexibility Lack of functionality
Quick customer support Word count limit

Call Loop Integration with Mailchimp

The integration of Call Loop with Mailchimp facilitates you to take the advantage of the following functionalities:

  • It makes the process of capturing emails easy through SMS and voice broadcasts.
  • It helps to build your text messages list from Mailchimp forms.
  • It facilitates you to send unlimited SMS autoresponders.

Call Loop Integration with ActiveCampaign

Call Loop integration with ActiveCampaign helps you keep your customers connected through effective SMS and email marketing campaigns. Following are the major benefits of integrating Call Loop with ActiveCampaign:

  • Allows you to extend the range of marketing campaigns from newsletters to text messages
  • Helps to keep your customer database updated.
  • Enables you to automate your SMS and email marketing campaigns.
SimpleTexting Mailchimp SMS Integrations

7. SimpleTexting

SimpleTexting is dedicated to providing a strong SMS text messaging platform that gives you a competitive edge to your business. The pricing plans of SimpleTexting start at $45 per month. 

Following are some of the key features of SimpleTexting:

Two-way messaging Data collection Link tracking
MMS messaging Segmentation Integration
Text to win Extended messaging Recurring marketing campaigns

SimpleTexting Reviews

Pros Cons
Image attaching Lack of tracking
Rollover credits Lack of scalability
Unlimited keywords  
Importing of contact list  

SimpleTexting Integration with Mailchimp

Integration of SimpleTexting with Mailchimp helps you succeed in the world of mobile phones. The integration allows you to experience the following benefits: 

  • Helps to synchronize Mailchimp and SimpleTexting contact lists.
  • Allows you to combine email and text marketing in one click.
  • Enables you to update your Mailchimp contact list through SMS and SimpleTexting contact list through Mailchimp forms.

SimpleTexting Integration with ActiveCampaign

The Integration of SimpleTexting with ActiveCampaign provides the following benefits to your business:

  • It helps to trigger automation.
  • It allows you to send text messages through SimpleTexting when a contact is created in ActiveCampaign and vice versa.
MessageBird Mailchimp SMS Integrations

8. MessageBird

When it comes to cloud-based business Communication platforms, MessageBird is on the leaderboard. Although its free version is available with limited features, its paid plans offer seamless communication opportunities for your business to build better customer relationships. 

MessageBird’s main features include:

Integration Contact management Bulk text messaging
Communication management Customizable branding Report generation and analysis
Collaboration tools Call monitoring Chat messaging

MessageBird Reviews

Pros Cons
Affordable pricing Lack of automated features
Easy integration Lack of customer support
Great functionality  

MessageBird Integration with Mailchimp

MessageBird and Mailchimp integration makes your business process more automated. The integration also provides the following functionalities:

  • It helps to streamline the process of data management.
  • It helps to create new message templates with Mailchimp.
  • It allows you to synchronize contact lists of MessageBird and Mailchimp.

MessageBird Integration with ActiveCampaign

  • It makes communication possible through multiple channels.
  • It allows you to send SMS through MessageBird when a customer is added to your ActiveCampaign contact list.
ClickSend Mailchimp SMS Integrations

9. ClickSend

ClickSend is a cloud-based SMS provider that allows businesses to send, receive, and track text messages worldwide. The service can send messages and communicate with your audience using the easy-to-use products from ClickSend and build a strong relationship with your audience. The pricing is based on the product you choose for your business. 

ClickSend’s main features include:

Contact management Analytics MMS
Bulk SMS Live Chat Manage contacts
Dynamic content Text messaging Scheduling
Dashboard Import address book Email marketing

ClickSend Reviews

Pros Cons
Easy setup No call recording and file sharing
Proper job planning and management Restrictions of messages (only for US and Canada)
Automated campaigns Lacks email monitoring
  Prior information needs to be submitted for enabling the Bulk SMS feature (only for US and Canada)

ClickSend’s Integration with MailChimp

ClickSend and Mailchimp integration makes your business processes more automated. The integration also provides the following functionalities:

  • Notifies whenever a new member is added to MailChimp
  • Can connect ClickSend and MailChimp using Zapier or
  • With this integration, you can send SMS, MMs, postcards, create and delete contact lists, and more

ClickSend’s Integration with ActiveCampaign

  • Allows to send text messages and push notifications from your ActiveCampaign account
  • Automatically sends alerts, notifications, invites and reminders globally and rapidly
JustCall Mailchimp SMS Integrations

10. JustCall

JustCall is an anytime, anywhere modern phone system for your growing business. This service provider helps in automated integrations and smooth workflows. The cloud-based phone system seems to be affordable for every business with its pricing plans.

JustCall’s main features include:

Get phone numbers instantly Call forwarding and distribution Call center analytics
Managing teams  Appointment scheduler Send and receive SMS
Call logs and recordings JustCall mobile app JustCall add-ons
Voicemail transcription Ring on speakers Click to call

JustCall Reviews

Pros Cons
Easy setup Interruption due to network 
Allows to schedule calls Quite hard to find  voicemails
Appointment scheduler Clarity on messaging can be improved

Justcall’s Integration with MailChimp

The JustCall and Mailchimp integration will add a new contact of JustCall as a subscriber to the Mailchimp campaign

Justcall’s Integration with ActiveCampaign

  • Allows to text and call your contacts using JustCall
  • All incoming/outgoing calls and messages are recorded in ActiveCampaign
  • With ActiveCampaign integration, you can easily get the “Click to call” and “Click to message” buttons next to your contacts

In Conclusion

There are no favourites from our side. We have curated a list of top SMS marketing platforms that deliver excellent results with both Mailchimp and ActiveCampaign integrations. We have provided you with insights into the use, advantages, and disadvantages of these SMS integrations so really it will boil down to feature requirements that you will need for your business.  

Which SMS integration are you going to opt for? Let us know in the comment below.

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