OnCall Health Canadian Telemedicine Software is reshaping the healthcare landscape through its all-encompassing virtual care platform. With a focus on secure, efficient, and user-friendly telemedicine solutions for remote consultations, this software prioritizes accessibility, quality care, and patient satisfaction while ensuring privacy and data security. 

OnCall Health Canadian Telemedicine Software

It also supports secure messaging, file sharing, and integrated scheduling to comply with industry standards and provide user-friendly interfaces.

Summary Table

Scheduling & Appointment ManagementAppointment management, customizable communication options, tech support, EHR integration, and insurance eligibility verification.• Enhances efficiency and patient experience.
• Optimizes schedules and reduces wait times.
• Ensures timely consultations
• Provides convenient appointment booking
• Reduces no-show rates and improves access to care
Customizable Intake Forms Enabling users to create personalized digital forms for efficient patient information collection, catering to healthcare providers’ unique requirements.• Improves data accuracy
• Enhances patient experience
• Facilitates remote data collection
IntegrationsEMR integration, insurance eligibility verification, communication customizations, provider tech support, HIPAA and PIPEDA compliance, technical support, and training resources.• Enhances workflows and patient care
• Integrates with EMR systems
• Provides secure messaging, appointment booking, payment processing
Compliance with Healthcare Regulations & SecurityEnsures privacy, security, and HIPAA/PIPEDA compliance, safeguarding patient data and confidentiality, and providing a secure environment for healthcare providers and patients.• Ensures compliance with healthcare regulations and PIPEDA standards
• Provides a secure platform for digitizing services
• Meets provincial standards for virtual visit verification
Analytics & Reporting ToolsOffers healthcare providers analytics, reporting, HIPAA compliance, seamless integration with EHR systems, and real-time performance monitoring.• Provides analytics for healthcare operations
• Enhances patient care
• Drives telemedicine program growth
Secure Messaging Ensures secure messaging, patient-provider interactions, and compliance with HIPAA and PIPEDA regulations, enhancing trustworthiness and security• Ensures regulatory compliance & security
• Improves patient engagement and care delivery
Mobile Access Conveniently access the platform on their mobile devices, improving the flexibility and accessibility of telemedicine services.• Provides quick clinical information
• Aids in decision-making
Billing & PaymentsOnCall Health Canadian Telemedicine Software streamlines billing and payments for virtual care operations, allowing healthcare providers to manage processes efficiently and securely.• Enhances financial processes
• Provides secure payment handling
• Ensures accurate, timely payments
• Promotes transparency and compliance with regulations
PricingBasic, premium, and enterprise options, with pricing details regularly updated on their website for transparency.• Subscription-based pricing
• Regular updates
• Support services
• Enhances budget predictability
• Manages virtual care program expenses

Key Benefits of OnCall Health

OnCall Health’s telemedicine software offers several key benefits, as emphasized in the provided sources. One of these benefits is efficient appointment management, which includes tools like appointment reminders and insurance verification prompts. These features help streamline virtual care operations and automate workflows, ultimately enhancing clinic efficiency. 

Key Benefits Of OnCall Health

Additionally, the software provides a patient portal and telehealth features specifically designed for behavioural health companies. This simplifies complex workflows and delivers a modern patient experience, leading to improved patient retention and outcomes. 

OnCall Health’s analytics dashboard also offers valuable insights into telehealth usage and outcomes, enabling healthcare providers to scale operations, launch new services, and make data-driven decisions to improve patient retention. 

Furthermore, the software allows for customizable solutions by unifying patient engagement and telehealth tools, automating repetitive tasks, leveraging EHR integrations, and offering an API for versatile use cases tailored to individual healthcare practices. This enhances flexibility and customization. Lastly, users have reported positive experiences with OnCall Health, praising features such as secure video conferencing, ease of use, reliable performance, and responsive customer support. This positive user feedback contributes to high user satisfaction and successful telemedicine practices.

Comprehensive Review of OnCall Health’s Features

OnCall Health’s telemedicine software is a reliable and efficient solution designed for healthcare providers and patients. Its user-friendly interface, appointment management, and robust security features ensure a seamless experience for all users. 

Comprehensive Review Of OnCall Health’s Features

The platform is compliant with regulations such as PHIPA, guaranteeing confidentiality and privacy. Additionally, it offers excellent picture and audio quality, enhancing the virtual sessions. By automating reminders and streamlining appointment scheduling, it saves time and effort for both providers and patients. 

Furthermore, OnCall Health provides customization options and integration with EHR systems, allowing healthcare providers to optimize workflows and streamline processes. Overall, this comprehensive telehealth solution elevates the virtual care experience for both providers and patients.

Ease Of Use

The user-friendly interface, accessibility, reliability, and seamless experience across various devices make OnCall Health telemedicine software highly acclaimed. Users appreciate the platform’s intuitiveness, ease of navigation, and reliability. 

OnCall Ease Of Use

The software’s mobile access is also commended, as it allows users to access it on both desktop and tablet devices. The reliability of OnCall Health is particularly emphasized in fields like psychotherapy, where consistency is of utmost importance. In conclusion, the “Ease of Use” aspect greatly enhances the overall user experience.

Customizable Intake Forms

OnCall Health’s telemedicine software includes a feature called “Customizable Intake Forms,” empowering healthcare providers to design and personalize digital intake forms according to their practice requirements. These forms are adaptable to efficiently collect pertinent patient information, simplify administrative tasks, and elevate the patient experience. 

OnCall Customizable Intake Forms

Through customizable intake forms, OnCall Health facilitates the collection of crucial patient data before appointments, leading to more targeted and productive consultations. This functionality enhances practice efficiency, promotes better organization of patient data, and fosters a personalized care delivery approach within the telemedicine platform.


OnCall Health Canadian Telemedicine Software optimizes operational processes and improves telehealth services through seamless integration with top Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems. Key integrations include EHR integrations and API access. These integrations empower healthcare organizations to provide top-notch services, streamline workflows, boost patient involvement, and achieve operational success in their telemedicine operations.

  • EHR Integrations: OnCall Health seamlessly integrates with Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems, enabling the capture of patient data, streamlining workflows, and standardizing processes for healthcare teams. By automating forms, appointment reminders, and insurance verification prompts, the software facilitates efficient telehealth operations management. Administrators can preconfigure program workflows, ensuring smooth patient and provider interactions.
  • API Access: API access provided by OnCall Health helps automate tasks and decrease errors by utilizing connected technology. This empowers operations and IT leaders to effectively manage telehealth operations and standardize processes for their teams. By leveraging the API, staff can easily handle multiple workflows on a unified platform, irrespective of their location or time zone, leading to enhanced operational efficiency and reduced administrative burdens.

Compliance with Healthcare Regulations & Security

OnCall Health telemedicine software complies with stringent healthcare regulations such as HIPAA and PIPEDA to guarantee the secure management of patient information. 

OnCall Compliance With Healthcare Regulations & Security

The software employs strong data encryption, with data stored on servers in the United States and Canada, and is subject to routine audits by third-party organizations to confirm its compliance with privacy standards. This commitment ensures patient privacy and fulfills regulatory standards for telehealth offerings. Regular audits affirm the software’s dedication to safeguarding data and maintaining privacy.

Consultation Recording & Documentation

OnCall Health’s telemedicine software provides a thorough solution for consultation recording and documentation. It seamlessly connects with a company’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) system to collect patient information and streamline workflows. 

OnCall Consultation Recording & Documentation

Additionally, it offers digital admissions tools, automates paperwork, and provides workflow templates. By integrating with a company’s tech stack, the software boosts staff productivity through standardized processes, error reduction, and data accessibility. This holistic approach simplifies telehealth consultations and guarantees precise and effective sessions.

Reporting & Analytics

OnCall Health’s Reporting & Analytics feature in telemedicine software provides healthcare providers with essential insights and data-driven decision-making tools. 

OnCall Reporting & Analytics

The software enables access to telehealth usage data, evaluates business performance, integrates data with EHR systems, and offers customizable reporting options. This empowers providers to streamline operations, improve patient care, and achieve better outcomes in virtual care delivery. By utilizing this software, healthcare providers can enhance patient retention, expand their services, and make informed decisions guided by data-driven analytics.

Secure Messaging

The secure messaging feature in OnCall Health’s telemedicine software offers a reliable and effective method for healthcare professionals and patients to communicate privately. By encrypting messages and following HIPAA guidelines, the platform guarantees data privacy and security. 

OnCall Secure Messaging

This functionality enables authorized users to exchange sensitive information securely, improving communication while upholding healthcare regulations. OnCall Health also provides a user-friendly interface for staff and patients, ensuring smooth communication in a secure setting.

Mobile Access

OnCall Health’s telemedicine software offers Mobile Access, enabling users to conveniently engage in virtual appointments, access patient information, manage workflows, and utilize telehealth tools on their smartphones or tablets. 

OnCall Mobile Access

The software is compatible with a range of devices, including Mac, iPad, Android, iPhone, and Windows, allowing healthcare providers and patients to stay connected and deliver or receive care remotely from anywhere. This feature enhances the flexibility and accessibility of telemedicine services provided by OnCall Health, ensuring a smooth and efficient virtual care experience for all users.

Billing & Payments

OnCall Health’s telemedicine software provides a customizable billing and payment structure designed to meet the unique needs of healthcare providers and organizations. The pricing model consists of a platform fee and an active provider fee, ensuring access to essential software and features. 

OnCall Billing & Payments

Discounts and personalized packages are offered to providers who commit to a specific number of licenses each month, with the option for OnCall Health to create tailored packages as needed. Support plans are available at basic and premium levels, offering chat, email, extended support coverage, and training resources. This transparent and flexible billing system guarantees cost-effectiveness, scalability, and access to vital support services for successful telemedicine operations.


PlanMonthly PriceFeatures
Basic$49.00/ month• Encrypted video conferencing (up to 15 participants per call)
• Secure file sharing and storage
• Automated appointment reminders (email and SMS)
• Secure payment processing
• Appointments calendar view
• Option to schedule in-person and phone appointments
• PHIPA and PIPEDA compliant portal, hosted on Canadian servers
PremiumCustom• The full suite of virtual care features
• Custom patient self-scheduling page
• Roster to manage patient records
• Charting and session notes, including templates and secure cloud storage
• Custom digital intake and assessment forms
• Includes features of Premium plan, plus
• Branded apps
• EMR integration
• Analytics dashboard
• Patient-provider matching
• Configurable workflow
• Multilingual interface

Pros & Cons of OnCall Health

Efficient Appointment Management: Enhance clinic efficiency with OnCall Health’s appointment management tools, including reminders and insurance verification prompts, designed to streamline virtual care operations and automate workflows.Technical Issues: Technical issues, such as dropped calls or poor picture quality, have been reported by users during video calls.
Data Analytics: OnCall Health’s analytics dashboard provides valuable insights into the usage and outcomes of telehealth, empowering healthcare providers to expand their operations, introduce innovative services, and enhance patient retention through informed decision-making.User Experience: OnCall encounters challenges related to user-friendliness and compatibility, which have the potential to disrupt consultations and lead to patient frustration. Moreover, its limited range of features may not be well-suited to meet the specific needs of Canadian healthcare practices.
Enhanced Patient Engagement: The software offers a patient portal and telehealth capabilities specifically tailored for behavioral health organizations. It streamlines intricate workflows and ensures a contemporary patient experience, thereby promoting enhanced patient engagement.Integration Challenges: The integration of the billing feature of OnCall Health with existing bookkeeping software has presented challenges for users, as reported. This is particularly problematic for practices that rely on third-party billing, causing difficulties in the integration process.
Customizable Solutions: Seamlessly integrates patient engagement and telehealth tools, automates repetitive tasks, and offers an API for versatile use cases. Additionally, it leverages EHR integrations to streamline workflows and enhance efficiency.Connectivity Challenges in Rural Areas: In certain regions, the delivery of telemedicine services can be impacted due to connectivity issues. Users have experienced video compression overhead, which has affected the service in rural areas. This highlights the challenges faced in ensuring reliable connectivity in remote locations.
Positive User Feedback: OnCall Health’s automated booking tools and virtual programs have proven to be highly effective in enhancing virtual appointments, patient retention rates, and patient acquisition rates, as evidenced by the positive user feedback received from companies like Pyramid and Trafalgar.Patient Compatibility: Patients may encounter difficulties when using the OnCall platform, leading to potential disruptions in consultations if they need to switch to another platform. This could impede patient adoption and limit accessibility.


OnCall Health telemedicine software is a comprehensive solution designed to enhance operational efficiency, improve patient care, and ensure secure telehealth services for healthcare providers and patients. 

The software offers integrations with Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems, API access for connected technology, and customizable solutions tailored to different healthcare settings. Users value the user-friendly interface, reliability, appointment management features, security measures, and responsive customer support provided by OnCall Health. 

With customizable intake forms, appointment scheduling, and secure video conferencing, OnCall Health is a valuable telemedicine platform that streamlines workflows, boosts patient engagement, and supports healthcare providers in delivering top-notch virtual care.

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