Maple is voted as one of Canada’s most trusted telemedicine software providers, with the largest online network of doctors in the country. The platform provides 24/7 on-demand access to medical care, enabling patients to get diagnoses, prescriptions, lab work, and specialist referrals without leaving their homes. 

Maple Canadian Telemedicine Software Review

Maple covers an extensive array of medical conditions, such as psychological health issues, various infections, and allergic reactions, to name a few. While its primary focus is on delivering complete healthcare solutions to Canadians, it also reaches out globally to offer expert medical advice and second opinions.

Summary Table

Scheduling & Appointment ManagementMaple’s software allows efficient management of appointments, accessible via Patient App, Doctor App, and Admin Panel.Enhances accessibility and convenience for managing chronic conditions and urgent care needs.
Customizable Intake FormsThe platform enables the organization and upload of personal health information.Allows patients to manage their health records and share them easily for collaborative care.
IntegrationsOffers integrations with EHR for improved care, Maple Pay for payment processing, and various medical devices for comprehensive diagnostics.Streamlines healthcare delivery and billing processes, ensuring seamless care and efficient administrative and clinical workflows.
Video Conferencing Uses WebRTC technology to provide high-quality video conferencing without the need for downloads, featuring encryption, and a variety of interactive tools.Fosters a stable and engaging online healthcare experience.
Compliance with Healthcare Regulations & SecurityUpholds data security with AWS hosting and compliance with global regulations like PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and ISO 27001.Ensures top-notch data center security, maintaining the highest standards of data protection.
Consultation Recording & DocumentationEnables patients to maintain comprehensive virtual profiles with accessible and secure health documentation.Gives patients control over their health data and simplifies sharing with healthcare providers.
Analytics & Reporting Tools Provides insights into program use and patient satisfaction with features like analytics, surveys, and reporting integrated with medical records.Helps healthcare strategists to analyze trends and enhance the efficiency of healthcare services and patient satisfaction levels.
Secure Messaging Supports secure text, video, and voice communications, and allows document uploads prior to appointments.Prioritizes user privacy and quick, encrypted communication, improving the virtual care experience.
Mobile Access Offers mobile accessibility across various devices, including clinical tools for healthcare process enhancement.Simplifies appointment setups and enhances interactions between patients and healthcare providers.
Billing & PaymentsIntegrates billing and payments with support for various payment methods and partnerships for no-cost or discounted services, featuring end-to-end encryption.Streamlines financial transactions, improves the billing experience, and ensures data protection.
Pricing Flexible pricing plans available. Pay-per-visit to membership subscriptions. Pay-per-visit for urgent care, membership for GP visits, and Maple Membership for specialty care and personalized experiences.

Key Benefits of Maple

Maple’s comprehensive approach to virtual healthcare has transformed patient engagement with health services, offering a holistic and integrated platform that supports everything from diagnosis to treatment and follow-up care. 

Key Benefits Of Maple

From routine health complications such as influenza and allergic reactions to more focused areas of care, including skin health and psychological well-being, Maple provides an extensive catalogue of medical services. This diversity in offerings makes Maple an appealing choice to a wide spectrum of users, increasing its functionality and desirability.

Maple also ensures that patient demand is constantly met by maintaining a sufficient number of medical professionals available, promoting swift and effective treatment. This strategic approach to staffing significantly betters the patient experience by minimizing the delay before seeing a doctor.

Comprehensive Review of Maple’s Features

Maple’s round-the-clock operation significantly enhances the convenience of obtaining medical care, making it an invaluable resource for patients with urgent health concerns or those managing chronic conditions that require frequent monitoring.

Comprehensive Review Of Maple’s Features

Additionally, family plans and the option to select preferred physicians for follow-up visits reflect Maple’s dedication to providing personalized and affordable healthcare solutions. 

Ease of Use

Maple’s three-step process is designed to be straightforward, allowing patients to quickly get the care they need without navigating complex systems. Patients just need to log in, describe their symptoms, and then receive a quick and detailed response from a healthcare provider.

Maple Ease Of Use

The platform’s intuitive interface ensures that both initiating a consultation and receiving care are hassle-free, making Maple accessible to users with varying degrees of technological proficiency. They also provide training and onboarding support for both patients and providers. 

Customizable Intake Forms

Maple, a Canadian telemedicine software, provides a range of benefits through its customizable intake forms. These forms are designed to enhance the patient experience and streamline healthcare processes. By tailoring questions based on specific medical needs, healthcare providers can efficiently collect relevant patient information. This not only reduces administrative burdens but also improves the overall patient experience. 

Maple Customizable Intake Forms

Additionally, customizable intake forms promote patient engagement by allowing individuals to provide detailed information about their health concerns, medical history, and symptoms before consultations. This ensures that healthcare providers have access to pertinent patient information beforehand, enabling more focused and effective virtual appointments. 

Maple’s intake forms also prioritize data security and compliance with healthcare regulations, ensuring the confidentiality and privacy of patient information throughout the telemedicine process. With personalized care in mind, Maple’s customizable intake forms enable healthcare providers to gather specific details that are relevant to each patient’s unique healthcare needs and concerns.


Maple offers comprehensive integrations to enhance virtual healthcare delivery, including seamless Electronic Health Records (EHR) for improved patient care and administrative efficiency, Maple Pay for streamlined online payment processing, and advanced video conferencing tools utilizing WebRTC technology for high-quality virtual consultations. Additionally, its sophisticated scheduling software enables efficient appointment management, matching patients with the appropriate healthcare providers swiftly through AI technology. 

Maple Integrations

These integrations collectively enhance the accessibility, coordination, and delivery of healthcare services, setting new standards in Canada’s digital health sector.

  • Electronic Health Records (EHR) Systems: Maple streamlines healthcare by integrating Electronic Health Records (EHR), boosting care quality, operational efficiency, and data access. It simplifies both administrative and clinical processes, offering EHR tools that foster better communication, appointment management, and easy access to health records. Despite potential challenges during setup, Maple provides tailored support for customization and implementation to meet specific practice needs. Additionally, it emphasizes data security, ensuring compliance with health information legislation. 
  • Online Payment Processing: Maple Pay is Maple’s built-in online payment feature, designed to simplify how healthcare providers manage payments for virtual care. It issues secure invoices to patients after their visits, streamlining the billing process, reducing costs, and improving financial workflows. This tool not only optimizes revenue management but also ensures predictability in cash flow. Utilizing advanced encryption, Maple Pay safeguards payment transactions and adheres to strict data protection standards.
  • Video Conferencing Tools: Maple utilizes sophisticated video conferencing capabilities to foster a stable and engaging online healthcare experience. With WebRTC technology enabling easy setup without downloads, the platform presents high-quality video, flexible layout options, virtual waiting rooms, ambient music, screen sharing, interactive whiteboards, and full encryption. 
  • Scheduling Software: Maple’s scheduling tool streamlines the process of booking and managing healthcare appointments. It integrates a Patient App, Doctor App, and Admin Panel for easy symptom reporting and communication with healthcare professionals. Leveraging AI, it intelligently matches patients with the right doctors based on medical needs, ensuring quick healthcare access. The platform offers flexible appointment settings, and efficient workflows and is compatible with remote diagnostic tools for comprehensive monitoring and assessments.
  • Device Integrations: Maple streamlines virtual healthcare by allowing seamless integration with medical peripherals like digital stethoscopes and blood pressure cuffs. It offers extensive compatibility, enabling healthcare professionals to conduct detailed virtual diagnostics. Maple’s remote control feature ensures precise data collection for diagnosis and treatment planning. Additionally, its compatibility with multiple devices and EMR systems enhances information exchange and continuity of care, making it a versatile tool in virtual health services.

Compliance with Healthcare Regulations & Security

Compliance With Healthcare Regulations & Security

Maple upholds the highest standards of data security by hosting its platform in Canada with Amazon Web Services (AWS), a leader in cloud infrastructure. AWS’s compliance with global regulations, including PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and ISO 27001, ensures that Maple’s data center security is top-notch.

Consultation Recording & Documentation

Maple gives patients full autonomy over their health documentation, allowing them to upload and organize their medical history, including past treatments, immunizations, and medications. 

Compliance With Healthcare Regulations & Security Copy

This information is compiled into a comprehensive virtual profile that is easily accessible and secure. Moreover, all patient-provider interactions on Maple are securely documented, offering patients portable access to their health data. This autonomy over personal health information allows for seamless sharing with other medical professionals, enhancing collaborative care.

Analytics & Reporting Tools

Through its advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, Maple offers valuable insights into program interaction and patient approval. It encompasses a wide range of features, including comprehensive analytics, satisfaction surveys, adaptable reporting, and medical records integration, ensuring HIPAA compliance. 

Analytics & Reporting Tools

This detailed feedback enables healthcare strategists to analyze trends, uncovering opportunities to advance both the efficiency of healthcare services and patient satisfaction levels.

Secure Messaging

Maple boosts healthcare communication with its secure messaging feature, facilitating direct exchanges between patients and providers. It integrates various communication forms like text, video, and voice calls, emphasizing privacy and ease of use. The system allows patients to attach documents to their virtual appointment space ahead of time. 

Secure Messaging

Additionally, it supports messaging among healthcare team members, encouraging team collaboration. With its fast, encrypted communication, Maple prioritizes user privacy, meeting high data security standards and enhancing the overall virtual care experience.

Mobile Access

Maple’s telemedicine software significantly improves the way patients and healthcare providers interact by offering mobile accessibility across various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and PCs. The platform is equipped with clinical tools for writing prescriptions, creating requisitions, and noting medical records, enhancing the healthcare process. 

Mobile Access

It’s designed for simplicity, allowing quick appointment setups and enabling patients to pre-upload documents in a virtual waiting area for their consultation. Furthermore, Maple facilitates EMR integration, promoting efficient data exchange and ensuring consistent patient care across different healthcare environments.

Billing & Payments

Maple enhances the payment and billing experience, allowing easy transactions for both healthcare providers and patients. It supports payments through major credit cards and mobile payments like Google and Apple Pay. Maple facilitates access to services at no cost or at a discount via partnerships with employers and insurance providers while ensuring providers receive prompt payment. 

Billing & Payments

The system’s end-to-end encryption secures all financial transactions, protecting sensitive health information. Additionally, integration with health benefits providers makes the billing process smoother, assuring patients receive the coverage they’re entitled to, thus elevating the overall user experience with its well-rounded billing and payment functionalities.


PlanMonthly PriceFeatures
Pay per visit$69• See a doctor for urgent care needs, prescriptions, referrals, and more.
Membership$30 per month (paid annually)• Receive up to 30 visits annually with a general practitioner.
• Access convenient virtual care anytime you need it.
• Get prescriptions, sick notes, lab work, and referrals to specialists.
• Customize your healthcare experience. 
• Take ownership of your medical records and test results.
Maple Membership$79.99 per month
• You can receive an $80 credit for a specialty visit that you choose. 
• You will have exclusive access to specialty care such as mental health, dermatology, and pediatric primary care.
• Additionally, you can get prescriptions, sick notes, lab work, and specialist referrals.
• Take control of your healthcare experience by personalizing it and owning your medical records and test results.

Pros & Cons of Maple

Convenience and Accessibility: Maple offers 24/7 on-demand access to medical care, enabling patients to receive diagnoses, prescriptions, lab work, and specialist referrals from the comfort of their homes.
Comprehensive Healthcare Solutions: Maple covers a wide array of medical conditions, including psychological health issues, infections, and allergic reactions, among others. 
High-Quality Video Conferencing: With WebRTC technology, Maple provides high-quality video conferencing without the need for downloads. 
Data Security and Compliance: Maple upholds data security with AWS hosting and compliance with global regulations like PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and ISO 27001. 
Customizable Intake Forms: Maple’s customizable intake forms allow patients to provide detailed information about their health concerns, medical history, and symptoms before consultations.
Limitations on Visits: Depending on the chosen plan, there may be limitations on the number of visits allowed annually. 
Specialty Care Access: While Maple offers comprehensive healthcare solutions, access to specialty care may require additional fees or subscriptions to specific membership plans. 
Continuity of Care: Telemedicine platforms like Maple may face challenges in providing seamless continuity of care, especially when patients require follow-up appointments or coordination with other healthcare providers.


Maple emerges as a leading telemedicine software, offering unparalleled convenience and access to healthcare for patients while upholding stringent standards of data security and regulatory compliance. Its extensive suite of medical services and round-the-clock availability have revolutionized the way patients engage with healthcare, providing a comprehensive platform for virtual consultations, prescriptions, and specialist referrals.

At Wisevu, we understand the value of Maple in modern healthcare delivery and can assist medical practices in seamlessly integrating this application into their existing systems. Leveraging our expertise in web development and API integration, we ensure a smooth transition and optimization of Maple’s telemedicine capabilities within your practice. 

By partnering with Wisevu, medical practices can maximize the benefits of Maple while addressing any challenges or concerns along the way, ultimately enhancing patient care and operational efficiency.

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