Google rich snippets for NPO's

According to Google Rich Snippet guidelines outlined here, there are only a handful of content types that qualify to receive rich snippets (aka Google Star Ratings in organic Search Results) Those include:

  • Article
  • Local Business
  • Music
  • Recipe
  • Review
  • TV & Movie
  • Video

However, as you can see there is no mention of non-profit organizations or Organization being listed under the qualified content types by Google, which is discouraging for NPO’s. However, we went on a Google search frenzy to find out if there are any NPO’s or Organizations out there that have rich snippets, more specifically Google star ratings, in their organic Google listings.

Although we didn’t find any NPO’s : ( hopefully because most NPO’s are too busy working on their great cause : ) we did find a for-profit business marked up with Organization schema content type which did have rich snippets in their organic Google listing as you can see in the screenshots below!

We even consulted Trust Pilot and asked them if it okay to markup an Organization that isn’t a local business with a local location, and they said yes this is perfectly fine and can be accomplished with their trust boxes as you can see in the screenshots below.

So there you have it, your Organization, whether Non-Profit or For-Profit can get those much wanted Google star rating rich snippets next to their ORGANIC Google listing just like a LocalBusiness offering Services can also!

Google star ratings for Organization Content Type


Organization Star Rating Schema Code

In case you are wondering what “sameAs” means in the schema markup below, it simply specifies to search engines like Google other pages on the web that represent the same thing, such as your social media pages.

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