Should Local Business Review Snippets be Service Specific

Specializing in local business enables us to see many types of local business scenarios, some of which are clear cut when it comes to schema markup, and others not so much. We know Local Business review snippets markup must be location specific, however, does it have to be service specific?

For example

We have a customer with a local business that has one location and specializes in 2 distinct services: 1st service is window treatments and 2nd service is furniture upholstery.
We want to markup each service page with schema using json-ld to display AggregateRatings so each page can have review snippets displayed in organic Google search.
We have 3 types of customer reviews:
– generic reviews (reviewing the local business without specifying any particular service)
– window treatment reviews (reviewing the 1st service this business provides)
– furniture upholstery reviews (reviewing the 2nd service this business provides)
The website for this business has 4 pages: Home page, window treatments page, upholstery page and main testimonials page.
We want to add a review slider to the home page, window treatments page and upholstery page which will showcase the latest 4 reviews and a link to the main testimonials page which will contain all reviews.
– The home page review slider will show the latest generic reviews
– The window treatment page will show the latest window treatments reviews
– The upholstery page will show the latest upholstery reviews
– The main testimonial page will show all of the above reviews
My questions are:
Is it okay to have the same json-ld script with all reviews (generic, 1st service and 2nd service) marked up on both service pages, this way Google review snippets would be the same for both pages? Or are we required to have 2 separate json-ld scripts, 1 for each service page, with service-specific reviews marked up?
If the latter is true, then where should we markup the generic reviews?

We noticed that the home page never gets approved for review snippets so we don’t care to have a json-ld script with aggregate reviews on the home page.

We are waiting on confirmation from the Google support forum and we will update you as soon as we find out more details…

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