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Wisevu Web Design and SEO (Wisevu) is a professional web design, development, and internet consulting company based in Canada. We are a dedicated team of website designers, developers, content developers, and search engine  experts with extensive knowledge and experience in online marketing. We have been studying search engine algorithms since the 90's and have gained significant insights into this powerful advertising medium.

Since Wisevu's inception in 2008 our unique and effective online marketing strategies continue to successfully help small businesses across the globe increase awareness, sales and profitability. Our ongoing training, education, dedication, and interest in helping local business owners gain a sustainable competitive advantage in hyper-competitive industries, often saturated with conglomerates and multinational corporations, allow us to maintain superior results and long-term customer relationships, that we consider mutual partnerships more than simply business.

Wisevu Mission Statement

Our mission can not be defined without first defining "Wisdom".

Wisdom is the ability to perform the action(s) with the highest degree of adequacy under a given circumstance, with the limitation of error in any given action. This implies a possession of knowledge, or the seeking of knowledge, to apply to the given circumstance, and the willingness as well as the ability to apply perception, judgement and action in keeping with the understanding of what is the optimal course of action.

As such, Wisevu’s Mission is to help Canadian companies involved in activities that contribute to the betterment of our communities and the world, achieve their organizational objectives, by implementing our Online Marketing Wisdom and Services at mutually beneficial rates.

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