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If you are a business owner in the GTA, then it is likely that you’ve spent a chunk of time wondering how you can effectively reach a particular target audience. With new startup companies appearing almost daily, it’s crucial to have a competitive edge.

Being a local business owner comes with many challenges that are entirely unrelated to trying to find out who’s interested in what you have to offer. There always a risk in the world of advertising, especially if you’re just getting started. With countless marketing options, it can be difficult to decide what will help your business become successful. We want to show you how you can get the most out of your advertising dollar.

 A New way of Targeting Potential Clients with Facebook

If you aren’t familiar with cost per click advertising, we’ll run you through it! Facebook pay per click (PPC) allows businesses to grow while making meaningful connections with consumers. Their ads are formatted to work across a variety of devices to effectively catch attention. By telling your story through Facebook ads, you are given creative flexibility on a platform that will prompt action.

This form of advertising is one of the newest and most efficient ways to push your message directly in front of your desired target audience. By starting a Facebook PPC advertising campaign, you are given access to a form that has a targeting section. The targeting section alone makes the investment well worth it.

How does Facebook Targeting Work?

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Facebook PPC allows business owners to carefully select who will see their ad based on gender, marital status, age, and more. Have you ever noticed the interests section of your Facebook page? You can add all sorts of categories onto that section, such as movies, books, television shows, and more. Facebook PPC allows you to target consumers based on those interests.

By narrowing down your demographic to potential customers within your area, your small business will be well noticed by your goal audience.

What will Facebook Advertising Accomplish?

The three primary goals of Facebook advertising are simple.

  • Help your business find the right people.
  • Capture their attention.
  • Get results.

Getting exposure for a small business hasn’t always been so simple. The world of advertising has drastically changed since the days of print-only ads on the back page of the Sunday newspaper. It used to be difficult to control ad targeting. However, the reality of the digital world is that roughly two billion people use Facebook monthly. Furthermore, 1 of every 5 minutes that people spend on their cellphones is used to browse through Instagram or Facebook.

Facebook PPC has changed the entire dynamic of online advertising. Using Facebook’s form will even show the number of users that will be targeted through your ad while giving you access to seamless communication with consumers.

How are Businesses Utilizing this Service?

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The specs you enter for your target audience will help define the success of your business. In order to garner results from Facebook advertising, you must be able to accurately define and hone in on your target market.

Additionally, PPC is just the surface of what Facebook advertising is capable of, and the great part is that there are options for any budget.

As an example from Facebook, an insurance company wanted to target married couples by optimizing their bid for clicks. When their ads began to deliver, they were shown to married couples who would most likely be drawn to clicking on the ads. Having this option changed the growth rate of their business. The company pays for each click, however, if they also wanted to optimize the use of impressions (CPM), their ads would be shown to as many married couples as possible.

There are thousands of PPC success stories that Facebook has shared with the world so that small businesses are inspired to realize the future potential of their brand.

How Wisevu is Adapting to Target Marketing

As internet marketing professionals, we know how outdated traditional advertising is. Broadcasting to a general audience won’t help grow or market your business to its fullest potential.

We’ve noticed the outstanding capabilities of target advertising and PPC advertising, which is why we’re creating a detailed targeting category. Having a wide variety of Canadian business clients is what motivates us to market businesses in the most efficient way possible. By allowing our clients to include the demographics, interests, behaviors, and more of their target audience, they are able to reach their market at the touch of a button.

By working closely with our clients, we are flexible with budgeting and helping clients understand their advertising goals. PPC allows us to help you start your publicizing campaign with speed. By controlling your strategically aimed geographic location, and taking advantage of detailed targeting, we can assure you that your new marketing campaign will be successful.

We’re taking PPC to a whole new level, and we hope your business will join us!

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