Tender Years Preschool and Kindergarten

Project Overview

Tender Years is a private, non-for-profit preschool and kindergarten operated solely by the corporation members, who are parents of the children which the organization teaches.
Tender Years wanted to encourage more parents to become members of Tender Years and enrol their children in the high quality private preschool and kindergarten programs.


Tender Years did not have time to focus on anything else but making sure that their educational program was exceptional and above the rest. They wanted to focus on teaching their children, and not wasting their time doing administrative work like search engine optimization.

Tender Years hired Wisevu to help build them a child and parent friendly website on a content management system so that they can make their monthly schedule and menu updatesm and asked us to rank it on the serch engines like Google so people looking to enrol their children in a quality Mississauga kindergarten or preschool could find Tender Years Co-op Education.
Wisevu did exactly that and today they are busier than ever, with top rankings for kindergartens and preschools in Mississauga.

Business Details

Name:Tender Years Co-Operative School Inc
Telephone:(905) 828-1104
Address: 3120 Glen Erin Dr, Mississauga, ON L5L 1R6
Website: www.tenderyears.ca