Leading the Way: How We Helped a GYN Surgeon Dominate the Market with Cutting-Edge Marketing Solutions

At Wisevu, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional marketing solutions tailored to the unique needs of our medical clients. This case study showcases the successful transformation of online marketing strategies for a young GYN surgeon in NYC. Through a highly strategic marketing approach, we implemented a range of services, including SEO, CRO, content development, web dev, lead tracking, CRM integration, online bookings, text messaging automation, and review acquisition systems, resulting in accelerated growth for the Cosmetic GYN surgeon’s startup practice.

Client Background

Dr. Ammar Mahmoud approached Wisevu with the desire to rapidly enhance his market presence with a limited budget, and attract more patients to his startup medical practice in NYC. Like many other GYN doctors, he faced challenges in leveraging digital platforms effectively to reach their target audience in a highly competitive market in New York. Recognizing the critical role of online marketing in today's competitive landscape, Alinea Medical sought Wisevu’s expertise to optimize its marketing efforts and achieve its goals.

Alinea Medical Case Study Client Dr. Ammar Mahmoud

What They Needed

Our partnership with Alinea Medical centered around several key objectives:

  • Establish a robust lead tracking system to identify the sources of each lead precisely (organic, PPC, social, direct, or referral).

  • Implement the right tech stack required to operate smoothly and automate repetitive processes.

  • Seamlessly integrate the lead tracking system with their CRM for efficient office management and lead-to-conversion analysis.

  • Integrate an online booking system with the website lead forms to streamline appointment scheduling for patients.

  • Develop an automated text messaging system to enhance communication and follow-ups with patients.

  • Create a review acquisition system to cultivate positive online reviews and strengthen the GYN surgeon's reputation in one of the most difficult markets to acquire reviews.

Dominate & Continually Retain the #1 Position on Google Search with Organic SEO

Thanks to Wisevu's expertise in medical SEO we were able to rapidly dominate the Google and Bing search results within 3 months of launching our campaigns. Wisevu has implemented a multi-site SEO approach in order to dominate the search results for thousands of high-converting keywords.

Number 1 Position On Google Search With Organic SEO
Track Analyze Tweak Repeat

Track, Analyze, Tweak, Repeat

Our team utilized industry-leading call tracking software powered by conversion intelligence to track every customer down to the T - where they came from, which keyword they used to search, what they were looking for, and how long did they take to convert. This enabled us to make data-driven marketing and sales decisions.

Furthermore, we seamlessly integrated the lead tracking system with their existing CRM, enabling efficient management and analysis of patient data.

Knock Out Competition

When a company grows, so do its competitors. If not in rankings, then certainly in spamming. We understand that the market can be notoriously difficult, with competition trying to take your organic rankings, or draining out your paid ads budget by repeatedly clicking on your ads. To combat these activities, we have proven systems and processes in place that help us keep unethical competitors at bay. For Alinea Medical, we did just the same.

Knock Out Competition
Appointments Made Easy

Appointments Made Easy

We implemented an intuitive online booking system and integrated it with their website, empowering patients to schedule appointments conveniently. This automated process not only enhanced the patient experience but also improved the practice's operational efficiency.

Automated Patient Engagement System

To boost patient engagement, we set up an automated text messaging system that delivered personalized messages, reminders, and important updates to patients. This system not only improved patient satisfaction but also increased appointment attendance and reduced no-show rates.

Automated Patient Engagement System
Crushing It With Reviews

Crushing it with Reviews

To strengthen the campaign’s effectiveness, we implemented a customized review acquisition system to encourage patients to share their positive experiences online. We integrated their CRM with Automated Emails to actively reach out to the patients. By proactively managing and cultivating online reviews, Alinea Medical built a strong online reputation that helped them attract new patients and foster trust in their medical practice.

Software Automation

We implemented cutting-edge software system automation to revolutionize their operations and enhance the GYN surgeon’s organizational efficiency. Through seamless integration of their CRM (Customer Relationship Management), EMR (Electronic Medical Records) software, Google Workspace, and cloud document storage, we created a cohesive digital ecosystem that streamlined their workflow and maximized productivity.

By integrating their CRM, we enabled the GYN surgeon to centralize and manage patient data effectively. This integration facilitated seamless communication, improved patient follow-up, and enhanced overall patient management.

The integration of EMR software allowed for the efficient storage, retrieval, and management of electronic medical records. This eliminated the need for manual paperwork, reducing errors, enhancing data security, and improving the overall patient experience.

We leveraged the power of Google Workspace to optimize collaboration and communication within the practice. This seamlessly integrated digital infrastructure facilitated streamlined operations, improved data management, enhanced collaboration, and increased overall productivity for the GYN surgeon's practice.

Software Automation
The Wise Impact

The Wise Impact

Our omnichannel strategies yielded remarkable results for Alinea Medical's practice. Here are some of the key outcomes:

  • Increased lead generation and a clear understanding of lead sources.

  • Enhanced patient management and improved customer relationship management.

  • Streamlined appointment scheduling process, resulting in time savings and improved patient satisfaction.

  • Enhanced patient communication through automated text messaging, leading to increased engagement and better patient follow-up.

  • A significant increase in positive online reviews bolstered the practice's online reputation and credibility.

365 Days Of The Wise Impact

365 Days of the Wise Impact

May 1, 2020 to April 30, 2021

  • Organic Sessions increased by 13000%

  • Paid Traffic increased exponentially (1,388,650%)

  • Conversions increased by 6080%

2 Years Later

May 1, 2021  to April 30, 2022

  • Organic Traffic increased by 201.74%

  • Paid Search Traffic increased by 133.55%

  • Total Conversions increased YOY by 155.9%

  • Organic Conversions increased by 57.22%

2 Years Later Of The Wise Impact
The Success Story Of Alinea Medical's Practice

To Sum it All Up

The success story of Alinea Medical's practice showcases the transformative power of our digital marketing solutions for GYN surgeons. At Wisevu, we are committed to helping gynecologists maximize their online presence and attract new patients.

If you are a GYN doctor seeking to elevate your practice to new heights, we invite you to be our next success story. Contact us today to discuss how we can customize our services to meet your specific needs and drive exceptional results.

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