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Online Reputation Management – ORM

What is Online Reputation Management?

According to Wikipedia Online reputation management, “is the practice of attempting to shape public perception of a person or organization by influencing information about that entity, primarily online.“ Source

However, at Wisevu we view ORM as a way of empowering our clients’ customers to share their experiences, whether positive or negative, for two main reasons.

  1. To let our clients know how they are doing
  2. To let others that are looking for similar services know what to expect

This empowerment, in effect, has proven to help our clients become better, many times even the best at what they do, simply by listening to their clients and changing accordingly. How we empower our clients’ customers is what sets Wisevu apart from other online reputation management companies.

Why Choose Wisevu for Your ORM?

You may be wondering why you would want to hire Wisevu for your ORM if we will empower your customers to leave good and bad reviews, taking into consideration that people are most likely to naturally leave bad reviews?

At Wisevu we understand human nature very well, and we are aware of peoples tendencies to voice their opinions when they are unhappy more so than when they are happy with a product or service. This is why our ORM program also focuses on empowering business owners with an effective toolset to enable them to request reviews from their happy customers. Furthermore, our ORM software and tactics help business owners decrease the impact of negative reviews, while still helping them learn from unhappy customers. Essentially our ORM program creates a win-win situation for both, business owners and customers.

Google Your Company. Are Your Customers Happy?

At Wisevu we believe that, in the long term, only the truth will prevail and so we exclusively work with companies that are in it for the long run, with a goal of serving  their clientele better than their competitors. If you are in business to make a quick buck by any means necessary and are looking for an ORM company to cover your tracks, you came knocking on the wrong door. However, if you are here to get help, guidance and an action plan on improving your company to serve your customers optimally, this is exactly what out ORM program was built for.

Online Reputation Management is at the heart of everything Wisevu does. Having the world’s fanciest website and the best rankings on search engines means nothing if you have nothing but bad reviews. Google says “content is king” and yes it’s true, content will help you rank on search engines, however at Wisevu we believe serving your customers better than your competitors is king and so we help companies striving to achieve this goal showcase their hard earned work through their customers positive reviews.

Is Your Online Reputation Really All That Important?

Numbers speak for themselves, so without further ado, lets see what numbers have to say.

According to research done by BrightLocal

  • 97% of consumers 18-34 year of age read online reviews when searching local businesses
  • 91% of consumers 35-54 years of age read online reviews when searching local businesses
  • 86% of consumers ages 55 and up read online reviews when searching local businesses

According to Local Consumer Review Survey 2014

  • 88% of consumers turn to online reviews before purchasing a local service
  • 88% of consumers believe online reviews as much as they believe personal recommendations

According to Local Consumer Review Survey 2018

  • 90% of adults read local business reviews - based on a study of 1000 adults 
  • On average adults read about 10 reviews for local business but prefer seeing 40 reviews to have trust in the reviews
  • 89% of adults read the actual responses to reviews by the local business owner
  • Roughly 60% of people will not choose a local business with a star rating below 4 stars
  • A large majority of review research is being done on mobile phones, especially those below the age of 55

According to BIA Kelsey

  • 97% of consumers say they read online reviews about local businesses

According to Marketing Land

  • 90% of consumers have said positive reviews influence their purchasing decision


Google Reviews At the Core of ORM

When most people think about ORM they think about Google Local Reviews. These are the reviews that show up for companies that are listed in the Google maps section of search results when someone searches on Google for queries such as:

  • Restaurants near me
  • Fabric Stores in Mississauga
  • Dental Implants Toronto
  • Auto Glass Shops

goole review management mississauga

In above image of Google’s local listings for Fabric Stores, you can see our client Prestige Decorstanding out, not only in terms of rankings but also in terms of Google reviews – thanks to our ORM program. Keep in mind that all their reviews are 100% real customer reviews.

local busines google reviews

In the above photo, you can see our client Pestend Pest Control Toronto standing out amongst competitors with over 170 reviews, again showing the effectiveness of our ORM program.

In general, Google reviews are the most important reviews for most local businesses, both for-profit and not-for-profit, as most people turn to Google when looking for information and reviews about businesses of interest, however, these Google reviews are far from the whole mix of what ORM at Wisevu encompasses.

Google Rich Snippets

Google rich snippets, review snippets or star ratings in Google’s organic search results are very powerful and seldom understood reviews not only amongst many business owners but also amongst many ORM companies.

Below you can see examples of our clients’ Google rich snippets in organic search listings of Google.

google schema review snippets curly hair salon

In above screenshot, you can see Google schema review snippets for our client The Curl Ambassadors. Having star ratings in organic search helps them stand out from the competition.

google schema rich snippets leather repair

In above screenshot, you can see Google schema review snippets for our client Love Your Leather. Having star ratings in organic search gives them an obvious competitive advantage.

google schema rich snippets purse repair

In above screenshot, you can see Google schema review snippets for our client Love Your Purse. Rich snippets in Organic search results provide an obvious benefit.

google schema rich snippets wisevu

In above screenshot, you can see Google schema review snippets for our own listing in Google organic search.

ORM Beyond the Search Engines

yelp homestars yelllowpages facebook reviews 1024x176ORM doesn’t only apply to search engines. Far from it! Reviews are everywhere, from social media sites like Facebook, to review sites like Yelp, Homestars, Yellow Pages, as well as many other industry-specific sites – also known as critic review sites. At Wisevu we identify all the websites that may be important to each of our individual clients,  and we devise an online reputation management program geared towards getting reviews for each of these sites. We believe each review is an asset and that you can never have too many unless they are bad reviews, so we equip our customers with the right tools that enable them to get customer reviews for many sites that their potential clients turn to when looking for answers.

Are Your Competitors Cheating?

rich snippet spam

Our Online Reputation Management doesn’t end with helping you get genuine reviews from your clients. We go a step further to ensure that your competitors are not cheating your potential clients and even leaving fake reviews of your business to intentionally hurt your online reputation. With over a decade of ORM experience, the online reputation pros at Wisevu have seen the ins and outs of shady practices that businesses take to get ahead, and fake reviews are at the heart of it. Although we cannot remove all fake reviews, we definitely know how to make a strong impact. As a Google Partner we have a say in what goes on Google and due to our close relationships with Google, they listen. As an authority on ORM we know how to approach Google and other review websites to get rid of fake reviews. Whether your competitors are getting fake 5-star reviews from their friends and family, paying for reviews (which is against Google’s guidelines) or if they are leaving you negative, fake reviews; we have what it takes to clean up their act and keep reviews legitimate. At Wisevu we have removed countless reviews from fake customers both for our clients and their competitors, in effect helping our client improve their online reputation.

Our diverse team of online reputation specialists works closely together to offer our carefully selected customers the latest in online reputation management solutions to help them shine, while they do their part of offering exceptional products/services and customer care.

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