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Advanced Keyword Research

Wisevu offers professional keyword research services, which take into account your target market's demographic and geographic variables, as well as your company's unique marketing budgets, in order to implement keyword strategies that result in a sustainable competitive advantage.

Industry Leading Keyword Research Tools

In order to provide our clients with world class keyword strategies, Wisevu's highly experienced keyword research team conducts in-depth studies using industry leading keyword research tools and competitor analysis technologies, which allow us to analyze your target market's keyword usage from a data driven perspective. At Wisevu we show you actual numbers that can be used to make accurate predictions and implementation strategies which give your company a sustainable competitive advantage.


In-Depth Keyword Research Reports

Our keyword research reports include the following metric:

  • A list of 100% relevant keyword phrases, organized in a logical manner.
  • Monthly search volumes per keyword.
  • Monthly search volumes for the past 12 months - Ideal for seasonal businesses.
  • Average Cost Per Click data.
  • Industry competitiveness of each keyword phrase.



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