Pestend Pest Control Toronto

Project Overview

The pest control industry is one of the most competitive online. Pestend Pest Control Toronto wanted to attract people in Toronto who were looking for pest exterminators in Toronto.
Wisevu restructured Pestend’s website and implemented a new online marketing strategy that would allow Pestend Pest Control to effectively compete in this highly competitive pest control market in Toronto.


Wisevu first re-designed Pestend’s old website which was outdated and programmed with many errors which would not allow it to successfully compete in this competitive pest extermination and wildlife control market. Once the website was re-structured, we implemented a highly focused online marketing strategy which would allow Pestend Pest Control Toronto to focus on the most lucrative online markets and attract people searching for very specific services such as pest exterminators Toronto, ant control Toronto and wildlife control Toronto. Today Pestend Pest Control Toronto is a huge website with hundreds of pages, as well as a serious competitor in their market in Toronto.

Store Details

Name: Pestend Pest Control Toronto
Telephone:(416) 319 5880
Address: 415 Oakdale Rd. Toronto, ON M3N 1W7