Mike the Molar – Dental Clinic Trenton

Project Overview

With a dentist on every corner Mike the Molar wanted to stand out from other dentists in Trenton and to rank in search engines for the the dental services they offered, so they contacted Wisevu for advice and expertise.


Wisevu cleaned up the website to make it more visually appealing, functional and error free. Next Wisevu worked with Mike the Molar to help them rank in search engines like Google and Bing for dentist related keywords. Their rankings continue to improve every month and they are staying busy. Wisevu is proud to support reliable and qualified dentists in Trenton to offer those in need of dental care, with quality dental services.

Mike the Molar Details

Name: Mike the Molar
Telephone: (613) 394-8888
Address: Address:169 Dundas Street East Trenton, Ontario K8V 1L5
Website: www.mikethemolar.com