Every month, 400 million people view 24 billion pages hosted by WordPress. It is one of the most popular Content Management Systems (CMS) in the world. WordPress is trusted by the most high-profile companies on the Internet, from Sony to Walt Disney to the White House. This CMS is ubiquitous because it’s free, simple to use and supports any type of user including multinational corporations, start-ups and bloggers. The CMS is able to host eCommerce stores, display photo and video galleries and incorporate social networks. 

Best CMS For SEO

There’s a reason why 14.7% of the World’s Top 100 Websites are WordPress-based. WordPress is the simply best CMS for Search Engine Optimization. In this blog, we’ll explain why. 

The SEO Benefits of WordPress

WordPress has Search Engine Optimization built into its platform. The coding behind these sites is clean and simple,, which allows for precise SEO. Its features and functions embrace search engines and guide them through a site’s posts, pages and categories. This CMS makes it easy to utilize tags and employ important keywords in a website’s URL. It will create Meta Titles and Descriptions automatically for all the posts and pages made on its platform to move up your site in the rankings. WordPress websites are beautifully organized and easily navigated, so website indexation is facilitated This CMS gives search engines everything it needs to include a site in its database and simplifies the site crawling process. 

WordPress’ Built-in SEO tools

The following are an assortment of tools for optimizing content for SEO that are included with WordPress: 

Customized Permalinks

One major SEO advantage of WordPress is the simple customization of permalinks. Permalinks, or permanent links, are the URLs associated with a site’s posts or pages. Users can customize their permalinks to include important SEO-friendly keywords and rank higher on search engines. 

Trackbacks and Pingbacks

WordPress includes a trackback and pingbacking system. This system notifies other legacy websites when a similar post has been made related to something written on their website, even if it hasn’t included a hyperlink to their post. Pingbacks and Trackbacks help get a site noticed and acknowledged by other businesses and quickens the indexing process to get a website ranked higher. 

Loading Speed

Loading speed is crucial for conversion rates, critical for functionality and affects Google rankings. WordPress has many fast-loading professional themes, unlike other CMS systems that haven’t been updated to support modern technologies.

Really Simple Syndication

WordPress has a built-in RSS feed. RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, sends your website’s content to a directory that links back to your website. RSS feed improves SEO by allowing people to get updated whenever a post or update is made on a site. 

Images and Tags

Photos and tags are integral to any search-engine-optimized website as they help search engines index posts. WordPress simplifies the process of adding titles, alt & meta tags, and keywords to a site. 


Another major advantage to using WordPress to build a website is the millions of specialized plug-ins that can be installed. Although this CMS includes everything needed to get a website indexed, the extensive array of plug-ins from third-party developers will help extend the website’s reach further. These plug-ins can be activated and deactivated as the website grows and needs are changed. 

The following are some of the most highly recommended WordPress plug-ins for SEO:


The Yoast SEO plugin is a WordPress necessity. It analyzes a website’s posts or pages to see the efficacy of the keywords used. Yoast essentially acts as an automated directory that ensures the website is living up to its full SEO potential. 

Yoast additionally shows how a website’s post or page will appear in a search engine’s results and creates an XML sitemap which will allow search engines to easily locate pages on the site.

Broken Link Checker

This plug-in does exactly what it says, it checks a website for broken links. Whether they’re external or internal links, Broken Link Checker will notify the website owners when it detects any links that don’t work. It additionally checks for missing images and redirects. Edits to these broken links can be made within the plug-in page so it’s simple to fix any problems. 


The last thing you want potential customers to see when they visit your website is a 301 redirect or a 404 error. This plug-in automatically monitors for any of these errors that would cause user disruption. 

Why Choose Wisevu For WordPress Development

The WordPress CMS has innumerable benefits, making it the perfect choice for a business’ website, eCommerce store or personal blog. It’s no secret that having a beautiful, easy-to-navigate website is the best way to connect to potential customers and boost sales. WiseVu will help you every step of the way, from website design to SEO. We have the wisdom, expertise and experience to optimize all of the advantages of WordPress. 

Our team of skilled WordPress SEO experts will handle all of your website needs including:

  • Design
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  • Migration
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  • Support

Since our inception in 2008, Wisevu has utilized WordPress and all of its SEO benefits to help our clients’ websites rank higher than their competitors. We adhere to the highest industry-standards to deliver superior results and maintain long-term relationships with our clients. Call now to book a free appointment and learn how our WordPress experts can take your business to the next level. 

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