Limitations Of Phlox Pro Theme

Phlox Pro is one of the most popular multipurpose WordPress themes. It provides all the building blocks to create a modern website.

Due to its popularity, one of our clients wanted us to develop a news website using Phlox Pro. They wanted a news website with three modules (big grid news module, recent news module, grid and carousel news module) on a single page.

Even though it has many great features, our developers faced some limitations when using Phlox Pro for this project.

In this blog, we will discuss all the limitations that we experienced. Before that, let’s take a quick overview of Phlox Pro.

Overview of Phlox Pro

Phlox Pro is a popular theme built for the Elementor page builder. It has powerful and advanced theme features that will allow you to override the options on every single page of your website. Phlox Pro offers more than 30 Elementor demos that can be easily imported and customized.

Key features

  • WooCommerce options to build online shopping websites
  • Compatible with popular plugins like Yoast SEO, Related posts, MailChimp, etc
  • Layout options like site box, full width, framed, etc 
  • Customization options for header and footer layouts 
  • WPML and RTL ready
  • Highly responsive 

Limitations of Phlox Pro Theme

Below are the limitations we faced when working on the news website project.

1. News Filter in “Recent News Module”

The “recent news module” was added to the homepage and by default, all the categories and posts were displayed in this module. But, whenever a category was selected, all the posts in the “recent news module” started buffering. In this case, you will not be able to view or access any news category filter page. Our developers tried the same module on a different page but that was also not working. This is one of the major drawbacks of Phlox Pro.


2. Exclude a Category Option

On the website, we wanted to show three different news categories on the same page.

  • “Grid and carousel news” module will display only the latest news
  • “Recent news” module will display posts from all the categories except one category that comes under “Grid and carousel news” module
  • “Big grid news” module will display posts from all the categories except one category that comes under “Grid and carousel news” module.

There are default excluding options but, the news id of every post has to be mentioned to be excluded. This is practically not feasible because news will be updated regularly and adding the id for each news post is redundant.

In order to display news without duplications, “exclude a category option” in modules is essential. This is another major drawback, especially for those who wish to display different categories on the same page.

3. News Page Excerpt Length

There are options to set excerpt length for news modules using Phlox Pro. But there are no options to control the excerpt length of news category archive pages. This is also considered as a major drawback as you will always have to stick to the standard theme’s excerpt length.
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4. Customer Support

Customer support provided by the Phlox Pro theme is also not good. Whenever there is an issue, the support team responds after a very long time. From our experience, most of the time, the response from the Phlox support team is brief, incorrect and not helpful.

Winding Up

A website is essential to the success of any modern business. However, to stand apart from the huge online market you have to give a unique and attractive appearance to your website.

This can be achieved by picking a perfect theme that enhances the look and feel of a website. Themes are very essential to build and give an attractive look to websites. Getting the right theme is always challenging as they have their own limitations.

Therefore, try to learn all the limitations of the theme that you are planning to purchase. This will deter you from additional workload in the future.

Have you ever faced any limitations while developing websites using Phlox Pro? Do share your experience in the comment section!

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