VSee Clinic is known as one of the leading telemedicine software in the global telehealth arena. It sets itself apart by offering a highly customizable platform that caters to various healthcare scenarios. It integrates seamlessly with electronic health records and provides tailored workflows for different medical specialties.

VSee Clinic Telemedicine Software Review

Additionally, its robust security measures, including HIPAA compliance and end-to-end encryption, ensure patient confidentiality and data safety.

This comprehensive blog will delve into VSee Clinic’s role in streamlining healthcare delivery, highlighting its efficient appointment scheduling and management tools and other key features. 

Summary Table

Scheduling & Appointment ManagementStreamlined patient profile creation, customizable time settings, group appointments, and on-call schedule management.Enhances efficiency and flexibility for both patients and providers in scheduling telehealth services.
Customizable Intake FormsPersonalizable forms with default and custom fields to suit clinic needs.Improves patient intake accuracy and clinic workflow.
IntegrationsClinicKit for app integration, APIs, and SDKs for telehealth development, and major healthcare system compatibility.Allows seamless embedding of telehealth into existing platforms and apps, enhancing patient engagement.
Video Conferencing One-click, no-install calls with document sharing, medical device integration, and low bandwidth optimization.Facilitates clear patient-provider communication and remote diagnostics while maintaining high video quality.
Compliance with Healthcare Regulations & SecurityStrong encryption and HIPAA-compliant Business Associate Agreements.Ensures patient data security and regulatory compliance.
Consultation Recording & DocumentationRecords audio and video but recommends third-party software for screen sharing.Captures consultation details for review while recommending solutions for comprehensive documentation.
Analytics & Reporting Tools Customizable dashboard with drag-and-drop widgets for real-time data tracking.Provides actionable insights for clinic performance and patient satisfaction.
Secure Messaging Beta chat inbox for message history management Streamlines communication, ensuring security and convenience.
Mobile Access User-friendly mobile app for scheduling and managing appointments.Increases accessibility and convenience for patients on the go.
Billing & PaymentsSimplifies insurance eligibility checks and claims processing. Integrates with Stripe for payments. Reduces administrative tasks and enhances the billing experience for providers and patients.
Pricing Offers a range of plans from a basic free version to customizable enterprise solutions.Provides options suitable for individual providers to large organizations, with essential features included.

Key Benefits of VSee Clinic

VSee Clinic stands out as a premier telemedicine solution, offering a robust and comprehensive suite of features that cater to the evolving needs of healthcare providers and patients alike. Its software is designed for quick setup, allowing healthcare providers to launch their virtual clinic as fast as one day with ready-built workflow templates and no-code configurations. 

The platform also facilitates omni-channel communications through video, phone, and chat, offering a no-download experience for patients. 

Benefits Of VSee Clinic

With features like transparent calendars, automated alerts, and customizable analytics and reporting, VSee Clinic empowers healthcare providers to optimize their practice management and make data-driven decisions​.

Additionally, VSee Clinic has been trusted by over 1,000 enterprises worldwide, including NASA, underscoring its reliability and effectiveness as a telemedicine solution. 

Comprehensive Review of VSee Clinic’s Features

VSee Clinic is known for its innovative approach to telemedicine, offering solutions that blend advanced technology with user accessibility, making it a go-to option for healthcare providers seeking efficient telehealth services.

With its comprehensive suite of telemedicine tools and commitment to security and privacy, VSee Clinic has become an essential component in the toolkit of modern healthcare delivery, connecting patients and providers across distances efficiently and securely. Here are some key features of VSee Clinic.

Review Of VSee Clinic’s Features

Ease of Use

VSee Clinic is a relatively simple and straightforward telemedicine software. Many users appreciate its low-bandwidth options, which are beneficial for users in remote areas or on mobile units. However, some users have reported technical challenges, including audio and video lags and occasional software glitches. 

Despite these issues, VSee Clinic is generally regarded as user-friendly and easy to integrate, although it may face occasional challenges related to internet connectivity and device compatibility.

Customizable Intake Forms

VSee Clinic enables clinics to personalize their intake forms to better suit their specific needs and workflows. Clinics can easily input their company name, email address, and URL into the system and then select from a variety of default fields to include in their intake forms. These fields cover basic patient information like name and location at the time of the visit, the reason for the visit, document uploads, and a consent checkbox.

Clinics have the flexibility to edit these default fields to make them mandatory or optional and can also add up to ten custom fields. The process of customizing these forms is straightforward and is done through the VSee Clinic interface, with the changes being implemented following a confirmation from the VSee Clinic Admin team.


VSee Clinic offers several integration options, such as ClinicKit, which allows for easy integration into mobile apps, and comprehensive Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and Software Development Kits (SDKs) for custom telehealth application development.

ClinicKit is particularly useful for developers who want to add telehealth capabilities to their apps quickly and efficiently, enabling users to connect with healthcare providers seamlessly within the app itself. 

Vsee clinic offers several integration options

On the other hand, APIs and SDKs allow for embedding telehealth features such as video and chat communications, patient engagement tools (like intake, scheduling, reminders), and clinical workflow connections into existing websites or apps. This flexibility is crucial for developing personalized health portals for virtual doctor visits, integrating devices, and enhancing patient engagement​.

  • Electronic Health Records (EHR) Systems: VSee Clinic’s platform integrates with Electronic Health Records (EHRs), including Epic and Cerner and Health Information Exchanges (HIEs). This ensures seamless and secure data management and reduces workflow friction. It is designed to provide a secure infrastructure that is compliant with various regulatory standards, including multi-factor authentication (MFA) and single sign-on (SSO) integration options for enhanced account security.
  • Online Payment Processing: The payment verification function ensures financial transactions are secure by confirming patient fund availability before starting a video visit. Additionally, VSee Clinic integrates with Stripe for online credit card payments, enabling clinics to set visit fees and manage payments securely and efficiently. 
  • Video Conferencing Tools: VSee Clinic’s Video Conferencing feature offers a streamlined telehealth experience with its one-click, no-install web-based video calls. It enhances patient-provider interactions with capabilities like sharing and annotating documents in real time. 

    The feature integrates various medical devices for comprehensive care and operates efficiently even on low bandwidth, ensuring high-definition video quality. Prioritizing security, it uses robust encryption for HIPAA compliance.
  • Scheduling Software: VSee Clinic’s intuitive scheduling and appointment management feature streamlines telehealth services with features such as quick patient profile creation during appointment scheduling, customizable AM/PM time formats and time zone settings, streamlined group appointment creation, and on-call schedule management that automates clinician coverage and alerts. 

    Additionally, it offers administrative functionalities for managing appointments and a patient-friendly booking interface, along with multi-hosted appointments for collaborative treatment scenarios. 
  • Device Integrations: VSee Clinic supports the integration with healthcare devices, allowing for the remote monitoring of patient’s health. This can include digital otoscopes, dermatoscopes, ECGs, and more, enabling providers to perform more comprehensive examinations and monitor patient health remotely.

VSee Clinic enables healthcare providers to invite patients to their branded virtual waiting room via email, a feature that simplifies the process of scheduling and managing appointments. This capability allows for personalized communication and the automation of appointment reminders, ensuring that patients are engaged and informed. 

For enterprises, VSee Clinic’s integration capabilities extend to major healthcare systems like Epic. It offers tools and automation options for complex queuing, patient assignments, eligibility, claims processing, and more. This integration also empowers healthcare providers to extend their Epic functionality with ready-built telehealth workflows.

Compliance with Healthcare Regulations & Security

VSee Clinic ensures healthcare regulatory compliance and data security by implementing strong 256-bit AES encryption and providing HIPAA-required Business Associate Agreements. This dual approach secures patient data both in transit and at rest, while VSee Clinic’s commitment to legal agreements underlines its dedication to safeguarding health information, aligning with HIPAA’s privacy and security rules.

Consultation Recording & Documentation

VSee Clinic offers a consultation recording feature, but it’s important to note that this feature has certain limitations. The recording functionality in VSee Clinic does not include the capability to record shared screens or desktops. This means that while audio and video interactions within a call can be recorded, any content shared via screen sharing won’t be captured in these recordings. 

For capturing presentations or interactive sessions that involve screen sharing, VSee Clinic recommends using third-party screen recording software. There are a variety of tools available, both free and paid, that can complement VSee Clinic’s recording capability, ensuring a comprehensive capture of both the consultation and any shared digital content. 

Analytics & Reporting Tools

VSee Clinic’s Analytics & Reporting Tools come with a versatile dashboard specifically designed for users with Admin and Analyst roles, enabling detailed data analysis and reporting. This dashboard can be customized through an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface, which includes a variety of widgets for displaying important metrics in the form of numbers, spreadsheets, and charts. 

It allows for the real-time tracking of vital data such as visit details, patient satisfaction, and financial metrics and features a convenient one-click export option for data from individual widgets. This tool is invaluable for clinics seeking to closely monitor key performance indicators and maintain an efficient, data-driven operation.

Secure Messaging

VSee Clinic’s chat inbox feature, currently in beta, allows clinics to manage chat histories easily, including accessing archived conversations and sending new messages directly from the dashboard. 

The “Visit Chat” feature stores all chat conversations per visit. This chat is separate from the Direct Message/Private Message chat, which is per patient. After a call is over, the chat can continue until the provider closes it off when the visit is over. This feature allows for communication and messaging between healthcare providers and patients during telehealth visits.

Mobile Access

VSee Mobile App

VSee Clinic enables patients to easily schedule appointments with their mobile app, offering a user-friendly interface for selecting available time slots and preferred providers. The app simplifies telehealth access by integrating features like SMS appointment links and Apple Sign-In, streamlining the appointment process and enhancing accessibility for users on the go.

Billing & Payments

VSee Clinic’s billing and payments feature simplifies insurance eligibility verification and claims processing, making it easier for both healthcare providers and patients to manage insurance-related tasks.

This system includes key features such as insurance eligibility checks, ICD-10 and CPT code inputs, and options for submitting claims for both single and multiple provider services. These features are designed to reduce the time spent on administrative billing tasks.

Patients can self-check their insurance eligibility during the intake process or update their insurance information on their profile page. VSee Clinic also implemented a feature for submitting multiple claims, streamlining the process for co-treatment or shared visits involving multiple providers.


PlanMonthly PriceFeatures
Free$0• Basic walk-in waiting room for solo providers
• No download, one-click video link
• Unlimited 1-1 HD video, chat, screenshare
• Personalized waiting room
• Quick intake
• Signed BAA for HIPAA compliance
• Knowledge Base and email support
/per month per provider
• Versatile solo waiting room for walk-ins, groups, and appointments.
• Custom subdomain
• Patient portal
• Unlimited group video*
• Standard intake and consent
• Credit card payment
• SMS**/email invites and reminders
• Phone dial-out
• Add or invite family, interpreters, and guests
*on-demand and scheduled
**Restricted SMS sends per day (Plus & Premium) to prevent spam abuse

/per month per provider
• Complete shared waiting room + front desk for remote care teams up to 50
• Custom logo & branding
• Shared waiting room
• Shared Scheduling
• Custom intake**
• Standard EMR notes
• Standard reports and usage analytics
• User management
• Notifications management
• Patient and workflow tagging
• Live chat and phone support
* $200 one-time setup fee
** Update default fields and add up to 10 custom intake fields
EnterpriseGet Quote• Fully customizable, white-label solution for complex workflows and EMR extension
• Branded mobile app
• Custom workflows*
• Custom intake process with logic, e.g. state and specialty routing
• Central scheduling and staffing
• Custom assessment forms
• Custom EMR notes
• Custom SMS/email notifications
• Custom analytics dashboard & reports
• Waiting room(s) management
• Cloud recording
• RPM & device integration
• Eligibility, billing & claims
• Dedicated phone support line
* e.g. call center dispatch, virtual check-in with patient transfers, asynchronous eConsult

Pros & Cons of VSee Clinic

Ease of Use: Many users find VSee Clinic user-friendly and straightforward to navigate.
HIPAA Compliance: The platform is HIPAA compliant, making it suitable for confidential medical conversations.
Low-bandwidth Options: It offers low-bandwidth options that are beneficial for remote areas or mobile medical units.
Customizable Features: Users can customize windows and utilize features like screen sharing and file uploads easily.
Sound Issues: Some users have reported sound issues during meetings.
Connectivity Problems: There are occasional complaints about connectivity, particularly affecting video and audio quality.
Setup Process: The setup process can be cumbersome for some, with patients sometimes experiencing a 15-minute setup time.
Compatibility Issues: Certain users have reported difficulty using the platform on Android phones or some computer systems.


VSee Clinic not only bridges the gap between patients and providers across distances but does so with a keen focus on security and patient privacy. This telehealth software has become a vital tool in modern healthcare delivery with its user-centric design and robust security framework.

However, the platform isn’t without its challenges. While praised for user-friendliness and integration ease, there are occasional reports of technical issues such as audio and video lag.  Despite these minor setbacks, the advantages—ranging from improved patient engagement and provider efficiency to seamless EHR integrations and cost savings—present VSee Clinic as a comprehensive telemedicine solution. Balancing its extensive features with proactive customer support and technical troubleshooting, VSee Clinic remains a formidable choice as a telemedicine software. 

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Collaborating with Wisevu gives you access to our dedicated professionals, who are committed to elevating your online presence and integrating cutting-edge telehealth features to streamline your operations and improve patient care.

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