Twitter consists of a significant amount of users[1], with their active monthly users sitting at 330 million.  Effectively promoting your nonprofit organization’s event on Twitter requires expert advice and a sharp understanding of the latest trends. Read on to understand the nuances of X Advertising, the Wise Way.

Twitter (X) Advertising For Nonprofits Marketing

Start Strong with Compelling Hashtags

Hashtags are the lifeblood of Twitter, connecting your content with relevant conversations. Begin by researching trending hashtags related to your event’s theme, cause, or industry. Integrate both popular and niche hashtags to expand your reach to broader audiences. Have at least 2-3 well-chosen hashtags per tweet to increase discoverability and engagement.

Twitter (X) Advertising For Nonprofits Compelling Hashtags

Ride the Video Wave

Video content dominates social media, and Twitter is no exception. Leverage video teasers, interview speakers, or post behind-the-scenes snippets to captivate your audience. Live streaming key moments of your event also fosters real-time engagement. Remember to include engaging captions, as videos autoplay without sound.

Twitter (X) Advertising For Nonprofits Ride The Video Wave
Twitter (X) Advertising For Nonprofits Cover News And Events

Cover News and Events

Cover news and events relevant to your nonprofit’s mission. Offer accurate information and a unique perspective that aligns with your non-profit’s mission and vision. This will help you be on brand, whilst still engaging with other similar organisations, ultimately increasing your reach organically.

Consider Visuals to Grab Attention

While Twitter may not be as visually focused as platforms like Instagram or Facebook, it’s still crucial to consider your visual elements.

Incorporating images in your tweets occasionally can lead to an increase in your engagement metrics.

Twitter (X) Advertising For Nonprofits Consider Visuals To Grab Attention

Before adding an image to a tweet, ensure that the image dimensions are suitable for Twitter. The recommended size for images uploaded on Twitter is 525 x 262 pixels. This size guarantees that your uploaded images won’t be cropped on both the desktop and mobile versions of Twitter. Cropped visuals tend to receive notably lower retweet rates.

Quotes and statistical information typically perform exceptionally well on Twitter. You might want to contemplate generating your custom images featuring insightful quotes and compelling statistics.

Reveal it All. One BTS Tweet at a Time

People have a strong affinity for behind-the-scenes content as it offers them an insider’s perspective on campaigns that often appear mysterious from the outside. Sharing behind-the-scenes photos or videos through tweets, or utilizing Twitter’s recent conversation feature to conduct interviews with key individuals involved in your nonprofit’s endeavours can significantly enhance engagement.

Twitter (X) Advertising For Nonprofits Reveal It All. One BTS Tweet At A Time
Twitter (X) Advertising For Nonprofits Engage And Interact

Engage and Interact

Interaction is the heart of Twitter’s success. Engage with your followers by asking questions, running polls, and encouraging retweets. Acknowledge replies promptly and encourage conversations around your event. 

Pre-Event, Mid-Event, & Post-Event Tweeting

It is possible through pre-event tweeting to boost the curiosity of the users on your NPO event. You can include a prior event countdown, event organizer details, visual banners about the event, etc., which will assist you to improve user engagement much before the event begins. 

Twitter (X) Advertising For Nonprofits Pre Event Mid Event & Post Event Tweeting

Also, on the event day, suggest attendees to share the event happenings so that it will help your event maintain a strong online presence during the event. With the TweetBeam, social media wall, you can enhance the attention of the audience to stay engaged with your events.  

After your event ends, it is ideal to make a habit of tweeting about your events by posting photos, videos, presentations, recordings, talks, and other noteworthy happenings. Tools such as  Storify can help you to make your tweets more engaging among unattended audiences!   

Twitter (X) Advertising For Nonprofits Piggyback On User Generated Content (UGC)

Piggyback on User Generated Content (UGC)

Nonprofits thrive on community, and UGC is the glue that binds this community together. When supporters actively contribute content, they become co-creators of your nonprofit’s story. This shared journey creates a sense of belonging beyond the digital world. Retweeting UGC not only acknowledges their efforts but also solidifies the notion that every individual is a valued stakeholder in your mission. This virtual camaraderie fosters loyalty and encourages deeper engagement.

Gathering Insights Through Feedback

Twitter Polls serve as a virtual sounding board, inviting your followers to express their opinions and share insights. Leveraging this tool to seek feedback on your nonprofit’s recent events can be invaluable. Whether it’s gauging their satisfaction level, understanding their takeaways, or identifying areas for improvement, a well-constructed poll generates a direct line of communication between your organization and your audience.

Twitter (X) Advertising For Nonprofits Gathering Insights Through Feedback
Twitter (X) Advertising For Nonprofits Statistics

Statistics Speak Louder Than Words

Sharing campaign results and year-to-year growth in the form of statistics can be a powerful way to showcase the tangible impact of your nonprofit’s efforts. These numbers not only validate the effectiveness of your initiatives but also provide followers with a clear understanding of the change being brought about. Whether it’s highlighting the number of lives touched, funds raised, or projects completed, statistics create a data-driven narrative that resonates with both existing and potential supporters.

Targeted Advertising

We must realize that growth is organic. Be it social media, or Google Search. While running ads before the event is the ultimate option to boost reach and engagement, the foundation is laid strong only when an organization is tweeting daily. A good tweet history builds an organization’s credibility and garners trust easily among new prospects who would align with your mission.

Twitter (X) Advertising For Nonprofits Targeted Advertising

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