Top Call-to-Action Examples For Nonprofits

When it comes to call-to-actions, most Non-Profit Organizations’ (NPO’s) are uncertain about which CTA’s to use and how to use them. CTAs in an NPO website are arguably one of the most important elements as they direct visitors to take various actions that NPO’s depend on. CTA’s can drive engagement, donations and awareness for the NPO.

According to Nonprofit Tech for Good, a 2% click-through rate on websites is typical for nonprofit organizations, indicating an average level of visitor interaction.

If you are ready to add CTAs to your charity donation websites or are looking for proven strategies to help you, we are about to share invaluable tips that you must keep in mind when crafting your CTAs.

Tips To Create CTA’s for Nonprofits

To motivate visitors to take action and support your online charity's mission, follow these rules. 

  • Creating a sense of urgency will make your visitors feel like waiting is not an option. For example, using words such as ‘’now’’ and ‘’today’’ will create urgency. 
  • Use powerful verbs such as “support, donate, act, change, fight, end, transform and invest” will make your visitors think about taking action 
  • Get to the point. Avoid needless information. For example, on the donation page, you want to tell the visitors what their donations are used for and ask them to donate.
  • Be practical and use clear CTAs. For example, if you are conducting a fundraiser marathon, “Ready, Set, Go” sounds creative and related to your cause. Other great alternatives are “Run to Transform Lives” or “Run to Make a Difference”.
  • Include emotional elements in the CTA. For example, you can add something like this, “Experience Changing the World”, or “Let’s Change Lives Now” or “Support a child” or “Plant a tree
  • CTA button colour must be noticeable and stand out. It is also recommended to use the one that matches your page. You can also use a contrasting colour palette to make it stand out better.
  • Decide on a specific action so that users don’t have to. For example, the CTA text can be “Donate $25” or “Volunteer to Plant a Rose Garden” or “Sponsor a Child for Summer Camp
  • Always place the CTA in a prominent position 
  • Utilize the power of whitespace as it guides a user’s eye to that specific element and helps decrease overcrowding.

Real-Time CTA Examples For Nonprofits

Here, we will share some examples of what an effective CTA should look like for reputable charity organizations.

Real-Time CTA Examples For Nonprofits

This is a pop-up that appears to users who visit Khan Academy. The entire popup is quite clear as it has a donation amount starting from $10, different payment methods, sense of urgency is created and sends a strong emotional appeal to readers. 

Pop-ups that create a sense of urgency on charitable donation sites are highly effective in increasing conversion rates because they tap into the viewer's immediate emotional response, encouraging them to act before the opportunity passes.

Get More Information CTA’s

  • Keep Me Informed
  • Find Out More!
  • Learn More
  • Get Involved!
  • Start Today!
  • Partner With Us To Help (blank)

Donation CTA’s

  • Donate
  • Donate Now
  • Make a Donation
  • Impact the Life of (blank) Today
  • Give To (blank)
  • Give To Our Cause
  • Donate To A Cause
  • Help (blank) in Need
  • Save the (blank) Now
  • Click Here and Donate!
  • Transform (blank) Lives Today!
  • Give $(blank) to Help (blank) Today
  • Give to (blank) in Need
  • Show Your support by Helping (blank) Today

Place a Call CTA’s

  • Call Now [phone]
  • Call Us [phone]
  • Let’s Chat [phone]
  • Let’s Talk [phone]

Join Us/Volunteer CTA’s 

  • Join Now
  • Join Us
  • Join the Fight
  • Join the Movement
  • Volunteer With Us
  • Become a Member!
  • Become an Ambassador
  • Take Action!
  • End (blank) Today
  • Fight (blank) Now
  • Support (blank) Now
  • Stop Unjust (blank)
  • Protect (blank) From (blank)

Email List/Blog/Gift CTA’s

  • Subscribe Now
  • Join our mailing list
  • Subscribe to our blog
  • Find an event near you
  • Sign up for our newsletter
  • Subscribe To Get My Free eBook


It is hard to find a standard set of CTAs that are suitable for every NPO. Each one has to employ unique techniques in order to make the CTAs stand out. The important takeaway you must learn is that each one requires a thoroughly planned strategy.

By following the pointers and CTA examples in our blog, you can develop an effective strategy. We have also written an article about the best CTAs for local businesses, do take a look if you like to learn more about CTAs. 

If you have any other CTA suggestions, leave a comment, we would love to hear from you.

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