In recent years, the telemedicine software industry in Canada has witnessed significant growth and innovation, resulting in a revolutionary shift in the delivery and accessibility of healthcare services across the nation. With a growing demand for reliable telemedicine platforms, there has been a surge in the development of advanced software tailored to meet the diverse needs of the healthcare industry. 

Top 5 Canadian Telemedicine Software

This article examines the top 5 Canadian telemedicine software solutions, emphasizing their features, benefits, integrations, and impact on the healthcare sector. These platforms offer advanced video conferencing capabilities, integrated electronic health records, and seamless patient management features, positioning them at the forefront of transforming the healthcare landscape in Canada. 

Learn more about how these innovative platforms are reshaping healthcare delivery in Canada and advancing remote patient care. 

Top 5 Canadian Telemedicine Software

SoftwareKey BenefitsFeaturesIntegrationsPricing
Jane• No-Download Video, Phone, Messaging Experience
• Offers customizable options.
• Automated reminders
• Caters to physiotherapists, chiropractors, and mental health professionals
• Consultation Recording & Documentation
• Financial health monitoring
• HIPAA, PIPEDA, GDPR compliance
• Claim. MD
• Physitrack
• Mailchimp 
• iCal
• Google Calendar
• Outlook
• Base Plan
CAD $79/ month
• Insurance Plan
CAD $109/ month
• Online Appointments for Groups (optional add-on) 
CAD $15/ month
Adracare• Streamlines Clinical operations
• Offers high-quality video conferencing
• Ensures privacy compliance
• API integration
• Activity dashboard
• Clinical documentation tools
• Patient engagement
• Video conferences
• Juno EMR
• McMaster
• KAI Innovations
• Adracare’s Microsoft Power BI
• Starter –  $30/Month
• Plus – $99/Month
• Powerhouse – $199/Month
Maple• Offers diverse medical services
• Focuses on skin health and psychological well-being
• Strategic staffing for swift treatment
• Increases functionality and appeal
• Patient-led scheduling
• Live video conferencing
• Diagnostic device integration
• Customizable appointment types
• API integration with medical records software
• WebRTC
• Pay per visit $69
• Membership
(paid annually)
• Maple Membership
Pomelo Health• Streamlines clinic workflows
• Automates appointment management
• Allows clinic customization for improved patient care
• Patient Engagement Software
• Appointment Scheduling
• Patient Portal
• Personal Health Record
• Progress Tracking
• E-Prescribing For Medical Purposes
• Accuro EMR 
• Medesync by TELUS Health (EMR) 
• Seamless Chex
OnCall Health• Streamlines virtual care operations
• Provides patient portal
• Offers analytics dashboard
• Offers secure video conferencing
• Customizable Intake Forms 
• Two-way audio & video capabilities
• e-prescribing
• Multi-location support
• API Access
• Basic – $49.00/ month
• Premium – Custom
• Enterprise – Custom

1. Jane

Jane is recognized as a premier telemedicine software solution in Canada, providing functionalities such as patient scheduling, secure video consultations, EMR integration, and customizable documentation templates. It complies with HIPAA standards and places a strong focus on ensuring data security.

Jane Canadian Telemedicine Software Review


  • Scheduling & Appointment Management: The user-friendly interface seamlessly integrates powerful features and meticulous attention to detail, guaranteeing a streamlined scheduling experience. Users have access to a wide range of templates, the ability to personalize online bookings, and the option to oversee individual appointments, group sessions, and consecutive bookings. Additionally, Jane Payments simplifies the checkout process. The software supports package creation, gift certificate sales, and product listings.
  • Customizable Intake Forms: Jane’s telemedicine software provides clinics with the ability to customize intake forms, enabling users to generate online forms tailored to different disciplines, practitioners, or appointment categories. These forms can be automatically sent out when patients schedule appointments, distributed by staff members, or filled out manually. Jane’s adaptable features simplify the intake procedure, enhancing patient engagement.
  • Integrations: Jane is a healthcare software that provides API and SDK integrations to enhance customization and integration. It allows for easy connection with existing systems, enabling personalized patient management, streamlined appointment scheduling, and efficient Electronic Health Record (EHR) management. Jane integrates with Claim.MD, Jane Payments, Physitrack, and calendar applications, reducing manual data entry and errors. It also integrates with Mailchimp to automate email marketing preferences and maintain up-to-date lists. Additionally, Jane supports online payment processing, allowing users to manage clients’ credit cards for both online and terminal payments. It also integrates with Physitrack for secure telehealth and home exercise programs.
  • Compliance with Healthcare Regulations & Security: Ensuring full compliance with HIPAA, GDPR regulations, and PIPEDA/PHIPA, Jane’s telemedicine software prioritizes privacy and security. Through the implementation of encryption protocols, it effectively prevents any recording or storage of data during calls. By placing a strong emphasis on protecting patient information, the software provides a secure and compliant telehealth experience for both healthcare providers and patients.
  • Consultation Recording & Documentation: With Jane’s telemedicine software, healthcare providers can utilize consultation recording and documentation features to record and document patient consultations. The software includes customizable templates, forms, and SOAP notes, as well as secure online record-keeping, all contributing to enhanced efficiency and effectiveness in telemedicine consultations.


Jane is a healthcare software solution that delivers integrated options for healthcare practices, fostering a seamless workflow among diverse tools and platforms. With its API and SDK integrations, Jane offers customized patient management, efficient appointment scheduling, and effective EHR management by collaborating with Claim.MD, Jane minimizes manual data entry and errors, while Jane Payments simplifies online payment processing.

Additionally, Jane partners with Physitrack for home exercise programs and secure telehealth for remote sessions. Jane’s scheduling software accommodates various calendar formats and automates email marketing preferences. Its integration with Mailchimp ensures that clinic management software remains updated with customer preferences, ensuring a smooth and efficient process for healthcare practices.


Plan Monthly Plan
Base PlanCAD $79/ month
Insurance PlanCAD $109/ month
Online Appointments for Groups (optional add-on) CAD $15/ month

Pros & Cons

User-friendly interfaceLack of free trial option
Integrated patient appointment booking systemLimited ability to customize what patients can see on their profile
Availability on various devicesInitial setup expenses
Excellent customer service and supportLack of live support

2. Adracare

Adracare stands as a prominent telemedicine software provider in Canada, delivering a comprehensive solution tailored for healthcare professionals specializing in mental health, physiotherapy, and nutrition. 

With its secure video conferencing, appointment scheduling, and electronic health record management features, Adracare enhances the accessibility and efficiency of healthcare delivery.

Adracare Canadian Telemedicine Software Review


  • Scheduling & Appointment Management: Adracare telemedicine software provides a wide range of tools for psychologists and mental health professionals, such as scheduling and appointment management features. It also offers billing, invoicing, charting, claims management, client portals, file management, medication management, and treatment planning functionalities. The appointment management feature simplifies scheduling, while billing and invoicing processes support efficient financial management. The client portal facilitates communication between practitioners and clients, fostering client engagement and improving the therapeutic process.
  • Customizable Intake Forms: Adracare telemedicine software provides healthcare providers with the flexibility to personalize intake forms, enabling them to collect vital patient information efficiently. With the intake & forms management feature, users can easily create, customize, and oversee intake forms, benefiting from a user-friendly interface and a seamless solution that enhances data collection and improves the patient experience.
  • Integrations: Adracare seamlessly integrates with renowned EMR applications such as OSCAR McMaster, KAI Innovations, and Juno EMR, thereby enhancing the efficiency of healthcare providers. By offering automated billing, appointment management, scheduling, and customer assistance, Adracare streamlines various aspects of healthcare operations. Moreover, its user-friendly booking system and Microsoft Power BI empower healthcare professionals with advanced data analysis and visualization capabilities.
  • Compliance with Healthcare Regulations & Security: Adracare telemedicine software is specifically designed to meet healthcare regulations such as HIPAA, PHIPA, and PIPEDA, ensuring secure communication with end-to-end encryption. It features secure HD video conferencing, advanced patient engagement tools, and practice management capabilities, allowing healthcare professionals to provide services efficiently from any device and location while upholding stringent security protocols. The software can be tailored to meet the distinct requirements of various healthcare practices, incorporating functions like secure messaging, file sharing, and session access controls.
  • Consultation Recording & Documentation: This feature is designed to help practitioners capture crucial information from patient visits, such as medical history, symptoms addressed, treatment strategies, and other pertinent details. By leveraging this tool, healthcare professionals can uphold precise records, improve patient care, and meet documentation standards effectively.


Adracare provides a telemedicine platform that can be seamlessly integrated with various third-party Electronic Medical Records (EMR) applications such as OSCAR McMaster, KAI Innovations, and Juno EMR. This integration enables healthcare providers to link Adracare’s telemedicine platform with their current EMR systems, ultimately enhancing efficiency and delivering a cohesive patient care experience. 

Adracare’s Clinicaid integration simplifies medical billing and coding processes, while its video conferencing tools and scheduling software streamline appointment management. Moreover, Adracare’s Microsoft Power BI integration boosts data analysis and visualization capabilities, empowering practitioners to generate interactive reports and dashboards. These integrations are key components of Adracare’s Enterprise plan, which aims to optimize clinical operations and improve patient care efficiency.


Plan Monthly Plan
Starter$ 30/Month
Plus$ 99/Month
Powerhouse$ 199/Month

Pros & Cons

Customizable & SecureCalendar limitations (may not show all appointment times)
Affordable pricingNo mobile app
Secure and meets privacy regulationsIntegration Complexity

3. Maple

Maple stands out as one of the most trusted telemedicine software providers in Canada, offering the country’s largest online network of doctors. With Maple, patients can conveniently access medical care round the clock, receiving diagnoses, prescriptions, lab work, and specialist referrals without having to leave their homes. 

The platform covers various medical conditions, including psychological health issues, infections, and allergic reactions. While Maple primarily focuses on delivering complete healthcare solutions to Canadians, it also extends its reach globally to provide expert medical advice and second opinions.

Maple Canadian Telemedicine Software Review


  • Scheduling & Appointment Management: Maple’s telemedicine software streamlines patient-provider interactions and offers a robust scheduling and appointment management system. By enabling online appointment booking, automated reminders, calendar integration, real-time availability updates, and effortless rescheduling and cancellation, this software effectively reduces the reliance on phone calls and enhances operational efficiency. Moreover, healthcare providers can synchronize their schedules, mitigating scheduling conflicts. Maple’s primary focus is to enrich the patient experience, optimize workflows, and ensure seamless communication in the telemedicine process.
  • Customizable Intake Forms: Maple’s telemedicine software provides personalized intake forms to enhance patient satisfaction and optimize healthcare workflows. These forms are designed to address individual medical requirements, minimizing administrative tasks and encouraging patient involvement. Moreover, Maple emphasizes data protection and adherence to regulations to safeguard patient confidentiality. By adopting this tailored care strategy, virtual consultations are elevated.
  • Integrations: Maple integrates with a wide range of technologies to enhance virtual healthcare services. This includes EHR systems, Maple Pay for secure online payments, and WebRTC technology for video conferencing. Maple Pay also offers secure invoicing, scheduling software, and seamless integration with medical devices for accurate data collection.
  • Compliance with Healthcare Regulations & Security: With a strong commitment to healthcare regulations and security standards, Maple Telemedicine software prioritizes the protection of patient data and privacy. It goes above and beyond by adhering to Ontario’s PHIPA guidelines and being purposefully designed to meet them. By collaborating with MedStack, Maple guarantees secure hosting of medical data, facilitating rapid scalability without compromising data integrity or confidentiality.
  • Consultation Recording & Documentation: Maple allows patients to take charge of their health records, giving them full control over their documentation. With Maple, patients can easily upload and arrange their medical history, securely record all interactions with healthcare providers, and effortlessly share this information with medical professionals.


Maple integrates with Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems to improve patient care and streamline administrative processes, Maple Pay for efficient online payment processing and advanced video conferencing tools utilizing WebRTC technology for high-quality virtual consultations. 

Maple Pay also provides secure invoicing for virtual care, reducing costs and enhancing financial workflows. The platform also offers scheduling software that simplifies appointment booking and management by utilizing AI to match patients with appropriate healthcare providers. 

Maple’s device integrations ensure seamless connectivity with medical peripherals, enabling precise data collection for diagnosis and treatment planning, thus establishing new standards in Canada’s digital health sector.


PlanMonthly Plan
Pay per visit$69
Membership$30 per month (paid annually)
Maple Membership$79.99 per month

Pros & Cons

Convenient 24/7 access to doctors Limited to non-emergency and treatable conditions
High-Quality Video ConferencingLimitations on Visits
User-friendly mobile app (iOS and Android)The interface may require improvement for extensive use cases
Cost-effectivePotential lack of continuity of care compared to traditional doctor-patient relationship

4. Pomelo Health

Pomelo Health specializes in providing patient engagement software solutions that aim to improve the patient experience and streamline healthcare operations. Their extensive range of digital tools includes features such as online appointment scheduling, appointment reminders, mobile intake forms, secure messaging, telehealth services, queue management, and more. 

By seamlessly integrating with leading EMR systems, Pomelo Health has become the preferred choice for over 9,000 healthcare professionals, benefiting more than 20 million patients across North America. With Pomelo Health, Canadian healthcare providers can optimize their workflow, enhance patient communication, and ultimately provide exceptional care.

Pomelo Health (Canadian Telemedicine)


  • Scheduling & Appointment Management: Patients can easily book appointments online, check available time slots, and receive reminders. Healthcare providers, on the other hand, can seamlessly manage their schedules, set availability, and access patient information, ultimately enhancing the patient experience and optimizing workflow for virtual consultations.
  • Customizable Intake Forms: Pomelo Health’s telemedicine software offers customized intake forms, improving both patient satisfaction and clinic productivity. These adaptable forms make it easy to gather essential patient data, increasing clinic effectiveness and prioritizing patient-focused healthcare.
  • Integrations: By integrating with QHR Technologies’ Accuro EMR, Medesync by TELUS Health, EHR systems, and online payment processing gateways like Seamless Chex, Pomelo Health’s telemedicine software achieves a higher level of functionality. This integration simplifies processes, boosts efficiency, and ensures the utmost security for all transactions.
  • Compliance with Healthcare Regulations & Security: Renowned for its secure attributes, seamless integration with EMRs, user-friendly interface, and flexible customization choices, Pomelo Health’s telemedicine software has received widespread recognition. Users greatly appreciate the responsive customer support and the software’s ability to efficiently remind patients of their appointments, reduce no-shows, and provide convenient online booking options. The dedication of Pomelo Health to upholding healthcare regulations and safeguarding data is evident from the positive feedback shared by users.
  • Consultation Recording & Documentation: Pomelo Health’s telemedicine platform provides functionalities for documenting consultations, managing appointments, sending secure messages, engaging patients, sending automated notifications, and integrating with EMRs. This improves privacy and patient involvement and ensures up-to-date information for precise record-keeping.


Pomelo Health’s telemedicine software is optimized through its integration with QHR Technologies’ Accuro EMR, Medesync by TELUS Health, Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems, and online payment processing gateways such as Seamless Chex. 

By incorporating Accuro EMR, the software streamlines various processes, while Medesync offers the advantage of customization and flexibility. The integration of EHR systems enhances clinic workflows, boosts patient engagement, and improves efficiency by eliminating redundant data entry and automating appointment management. 

Moreover, including online payment processing ensures secure transactions, easy installation, and compliance with HIPAA privacy regulations and PCI Security Standards.

Pros & Cons

Improved Patient CommunicationLimited Features
User-Friendly InterfaceLack Of Regulation
Improved Patient EngagementGeographic Barriers
Excellent Customer SupportOccasional Technical Glitches

5. OnCall Health

OnCall Health is revolutionizing the healthcare industry with its comprehensive virtual care platform. By emphasizing secure, efficient, and user-friendly telemedicine solutions for remote consultations, this software places importance on accessibility, high-quality care, and patient satisfaction, all while maintaining privacy and data security. 

Additionally, it offers secure messaging, file sharing, and integrated scheduling features to meet industry standards and provide user-friendly interfaces.

OnCall Health Canadian Telemedicine Software


  • Scheduling & Appointment Management: OnCall Health offers a solution that automates appointment scheduling, reduces administrative workload, and improves staff productivity. The market for such software is witnessing growth due to the increasing number of patients, the shortage of physicians, and the adoption of cloud-based technology. Nevertheless, challenges remain in terms of data security, user-friendly interfaces, and effective integration.
  • Customizable Intake Forms: With OnCall Health’s telemedicine software, healthcare providers can take advantage of the “Customizable Intake Forms” feature. This allows them to design and personalize digital forms, making it easier to collect patient information and simplify administrative tasks. By enhancing the patient experience, this feature contributes to the overall efficiency of healthcare practices.
  • Integrations: The integration of OnCall Health Canadian Telemedicine Software with EHR systems enhances telehealth services by streamlining data collection, optimizing workflows, and boosting patient engagement. This ultimately leads to decreased administrative tasks and enhanced operational effectiveness.
  • Compliance with Healthcare Regulations & Security: OnCall Health’s telemedicine software strictly complies with the regulations set by HIPAA and PIPEDA, guaranteeing the secure management of patient information. By employing robust encryption techniques, the software ensures the utmost protection of data. Additionally, the software stores information on servers located in both the United States and Canada, further enhancing data security. To maintain privacy standards, regular audits are conducted to ensure adherence to stringent privacy protocols.
  • Consultation Recording & Documentation: The telemedicine software from OnCall Health optimizes the recording, documentation, and workflow of consultations by seamlessly linking with EHR systems. It automates paperwork and offers digital admissions tools, ultimately increasing staff productivity and ensuring the accuracy of sessions.


OnCall Health Canadian Telemedicine Software improves telehealth services through seamless integration with leading EHR systems. This integration simplifies processes, boosts patient engagement, and contributes to overall operational excellence. 

By incorporating EHR systems, data collection is enhanced, workflows are optimized, and healthcare teams are aligned. API access automates functions, minimizes mistakes, and empowers staff to manage various tasks on a single platform, ultimately increasing operational efficiency and lessening administrative loads.


PlanMonthly Plan
Basic$49.00/ month

Pros & Cons

HIPAA Compliant & SecureMobile App Limitations
Medical Access for Remote AreasConnectivity Challenges in Rural Areas
Multi-Party SupportPatient Compatibility
Reliable Customer SupportIntegration Challenges


The Canadian telemedicine sector provides a variety of solutions tailored to specific needs. Adracare and Jane are recommended for those prioritizing ease of use and affordability, while Maple is ideal for mobile accessibility and quick consultations. Pomelo Health specializes in enhancing workflows and patient engagement, while Oncall Health caters to broader healthcare systems. The best choice depends on factors like budget, desired features, and patient demographics, allowing healthcare providers in Canada to improve patient access and optimize their practices through telemedicine.

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