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When it comes to running a business, customer support is considered as one of the top priorities. Customers always prefer to purchase from companies that offer them priority support. 

Including a support ticketing system in your WordPress website can act as a straightforward and systematic way to resolve issues and remain connected with your customers. 

There are several helpdesk software available in the market, so we have segregated and compared some of the best helpdesk/support-tickets in this blog to make it easy for you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

For a comparison table of the top 4 support ticketing software providers scroll down or click – Top 4 Support Ticketing Software Comparison.

1. Zendesk


Zendesk is one of the powerful helpdesk building software which allows you to improve the communication between your customers and helps you to build a lasting relationship. It is used by more than 200,000 companies like Uber, Groupon, Box, Airbnb, Disney, etc.   

Here are some screenshots of the helpdesk. 

  • The 5 standards that can be applied to a ticket
    Zendesk 5 Standards
  • Option to set ticket priority to know the level of urgency
    Zendesk Ticket Priority
  • View list that helps to organize tickets based on priority
    Zendesk View List Ticket Based Priority
  • Create groups to organize agents by specialty or expertise
    Zendesk create group


  • Web interface for directly dealing with customers is available 
  • Ticket views can be exported to CSV
  • Flexible ticket management system is available
  • Regular workflow like finding unassigned tickets, assigning unsolved tickets, finding abandoned tickets that haven’t been updated, etc. can be automated
  • Knowledgebase portal and community forums can be included
  • Option to display user role-specific knowledge bases such as anonymous user, end-user and guide viewer 
  • Includes a feedback forum 
  • Includes a Zendesk support plugin for WordPress 
  • Multi-channel support like email, web, phone, and chat is available
  • Open API options to enable seamless integration 
  • Pre-built Salesforce and Sugar CRM integration
  • Public and private forums are available
  • Robust reporting and advanced analytics options are available

Click here to learn more about the features of Zendesk.


  • Chat widget is easy to implement
  • Templates can be created for those tickets that can be addressed with a standard email
  • Good interface
  • Highly efficient ticket management
  • Tickets and clients can be tracked
  • over 500+ integrations with different apps


  • Price is a little higher
  • Report creation is not simple and takes more time
  • More time has to be spent in reading help articles to customize tickets
  • Mainly suitable for large companies



  • Starts from $49 per month. Click here to view the pricing page of Zendesk.

2. Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk is a helpdesk building software that allows you to improve your agent’s productivity and empower your customers. It is customizable, convenient to use, and affordable. Zoho desk can provide solutions for any company size and industry.  

Here are some screenshots of the helpdesk.

  • View of the user presence monitor
    Zoho Desk
  • A complete view of the support process from start to finish
    Zoho Desk Support Process
  • Ticket sharing options with other departments
    Zoho Desk Ticket Sharing Options
  • Data sharing rules that can be set for different departments
    Zoho Desk Data Sharing Rules


  • Multi-channel support like email, web, phone, chat, and web form is available 
  • Self-service portal can be created for each brand’s customer
  • Repository of solutions can be created for commonly asked questions
  • Best responses can be sent to people with response editor tool using customer context, FAQ’s, templates, and more
  • Tickets can be managed even when you are not in the desk with mobility options
  • Zoho CRM integration option
  • Tickets can be assigned to specific agents with ticket assignment option
  • Customers and agents can be notified about the ticket progression
  • Zoho desk’s modules can be integrated with other services using APIs

Click here to learn more about the features of Zoho Desk.


  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Extremely friendly interface
  • Effective engagement of representatives from various divisions to address the tickets
  • Reconciliation is speedy and effortless


  • Tickets can’t be copied
  • Spam arrangement options are not available
  • Company name cannot be modified in the structure after it has been created
  • Files cannot be attached in the advanced web form


  • Free: 3 agents
  • Standard: $18 per agent per month
  • Professional: $30 per agent per month
  • Enterprise: $45 per agent per month

Click here to view the pricing page of Zoho Desk.

3. Freshdesk


Freshdesk is a cloud-based omnichannel helpdesk software. It helps to streamline the conversations across various channels like email, social media, phone, and chat. Freshdesk is used by almost 150,000 customers across all industries including Bridgestone, HP, Harvard University, DHL, etc.

Here are some screenshots of the helpdesk. 

    • Ticket details page displays a complete log of all the activities happened on a ticket
      Freshdesk Ticket Details Page
    • Agents can maintain a personalized to-do list of tasks
      Freshdesk Agents List of Tasks
    • Trend of tickets received, resolved and unresolved

    • Option to add private notes to a ticket that are only visible to agents
      Freshdesk add privatte notes


  • Incoming support tickets can be tracked and managed with a single inbox
  • Deadlines can be set for ticket responses and resolutions
  • Custom statuses can be created to identify the stage of tickets
  • Pre-formatted replies can be created for common questions
  • Specific tickets can be shared with team experts among the company to find the best solutions
  • Complex tickets can be split as smaller child tickets 
  • Customer calls can be recorded and tracked   

Click here to view the features of Freshdesk.


  • Great knowledgebase articles
  • Perfect ticketing system
  • Google integration (SSO, profile info, etc) works wonderfully
  • Good service-up time


  • Price is a little higher
  • Spam arrangement options are not available
  • No clear documents are available for establishing integrations


  • Blossom: $15 per agent per month billed annually
  • Garden: $35 per agent per month billed annually
  • Estate: $49 per agent per month billed annually
  • Forest: $99 per agent per month billed annually

Click here to view the pricing page of Freshdesk.

4. Jira Service Desk

Jira Service Desk

Jira Service Desk is a simple and modern service desk software. It is easy to use and has a simple setup procedure to facilitate your admin. It holds all the necessary features required by your IT teams like automation rules, SLAs, real-time reporting, and ITIL-certified processes (which includes incident, problem, and change management). 

Here are some screenshots of the helpdesk. 

  • Create filters for requests based on type, status or something more specific
    Jira Service Desk Filters Status
  • Tailor the services based on your organization’s specific practices
    Jira Service Desk organization Practiices
  • Resolve issues quickly with integrated teams
    Jira Service Desk Resolve Issues


  • Automated knowledgebase suggestions can be provided to customer queries
  • Requests can be tracked, referred, and addressed with asset management options
  • Repetitive questions can be answered automatically
  • Custom add-ons can be created with REST API 
  • Ticket requests can be maintained and managed easily form both ends – clients and customers
  • Service desk administrator can create custom fields to capture important information from clients
  • Issues can be discussed among your peers with the internal commenting feature

Click here to learn more about Jira Service Desk features.


  • Several tools in one place
  • User interface is clean and user-friendly
  • Easy to configure and obtain reports
  • Custom configuration options are available


  • Help docs or support mechanisms are unreliable and outdated
  • Price is a little higher
  • Comments cannot be edited 
  • Any rich texts (eg: bolded, italics) cannot be previewed 



  • Free – Up to 3 agents, $0 per month
  • Standard – Up to 5,000 agents, $60 per agent per month
  • Premium – Up to 5,000 agent, $120 per agent per month

Click here to view the pricing page of Jira Service Desk.

Comparison of the Top 4 Support Ticket System Solutions for WordPress

# Zendesk Zoho Desk Freshdesk Jira Service Desk
Pricing Free and the premium package starts from $49 Free and the premium package starts from $18 Free and the premium package starts from $15 Starts from $60 
Ticket management Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Point of contact Email, web, phone, and chat Email, web, phone, chat, and web form Email, web, phone, chat, and  web form  Email, chat, and web form
Knowledgebase or self-service Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Escalation  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
Employee management No  Yes  Yes  No 
Activity dashboard Yes  Yes  Yes  No 
Automated response for recurring customer queries Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Collaborative workspace Yes  Yes No  Yes 
Customer service analytics Yes  No  Yes Yes 
CRM integrations Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Internal team collaboration Yes  Yes Yes Yes
Content filtering  Yes  No  No  Yes 
Basic workflow customization Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 

*Note – All the information mentioned in our blog was collected at the time of writing.

Winding Up

Offering a positive experience to customers can bring a noticeable impact on the growth of every business. Thus in this web-based environment, support ticket solutions are mandatory to engage customers and enhance your business. All the software listed in this blog manages customer’s data and will never let you miss any of your customer queries.

Have you ever been benefited by any of the helpdesk software? Share your experience in the comments section below!

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