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The hardest part of running a business is keeping track of and following up with your stakeholders. Smaller nonprofits, in particular, may lack the funds to sign up for expensive industry-leading solutions. Whether your database consists of just a handful of donors or it’s overflowing with them, you’ll need to manage each one to succeed. The right tool goes a long way in helping you maintain high levels of donor engagement and even helps make data collection easier.

From Wisevu’s experience of working with different NPOs, we’ve found that WordPress is a highly versatile tool for managing various stakeholders– your donors, supporters, members, and partners. It currently powers 40% of all websites online1 and is globally recognized as one of the most popular digital marketing tools.

Founded in 2003, WordPress has grown a massive community of developers who have developed more than 58,000 free plugins2 so far, and that number only keeps growing. Over the years, it has evolved into one of the most powerful publishing tools. Its open-source system makes it the perfect platform for nonprofits as it allows anyone to contribute to improving the platform.

WordPress also provides several free CRM tools, which helps your NPO keep costs to a minimum while optimizing the user experience. Below are some of our favourite CRM and community plugins to help you take your nonprofit to the next level.

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Usabilitydynamics logo

UsabilityDynamics3 is a free CRM software that allows you to integrate with the WordPress cPanel and use the WordPress database for storing lead and customer contact information. You can analyze this information by utilizing the vast pool of WordPress plugins.


  • User-activity tracking capabilities
  • Forms with custom data fields
  • Group messaging capabilities for users with WordPress cPanel
  • Ability to track user activities and note them
  • Group messaging


  • Manage unlimited user data
  • Organize your contacts
  • Manage notifications from your users
  • Send emails to your user’s contacts from your WordPress dashboard
  • Grant backend access to your contacts, contractors, and employees
  • Create custom forms to collect more information about your website’s visitors
  • View dynamic charts representing attributes that are available with quantified data

A completely free and trustworthy CRM with 3,000+ active installations, this plugin’s excellent user-management functions will help you manage your stakeholders effortlessly.


  • 100% free, including add-ons

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Wp erp logo

WP ERP4 is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) tool that provides CRM features for WordPress-based websites. It functions as a central hub, allowing you to manage your organization with CRM features like sales and customer relationships and ERP features like employment and leave management.

Free features

  • Manage customer, lead, and subscriber contact information
  • Manage customer live states to respond based on urgency or importance
  • Add reminders, information, comments, and messages to the user profiles
  • Communicate directly with users with an in-built mailing system
  • Record and keep track of calls, meetings, emails, and SMS conversations
  • Schedule meetings between customers and representatives and send follow-up emails

Pro features (Extensions)

  • Add more CRM contacts by integrating with the ticket support system, Zendesk
  • Manage E-commerce store customers with the WooCommerce integration
  • Automate newsletters and emails from the WordPress dashboard using Email Campaign integration
  • Import form users into CRM modules using the Gravity Form Sync integration
  • Engage with email subscribers through your CRM using Mailchimp Contacts Sync integration

With more than 10,000 active installations, this plugin will allow you to easily manage your organization and maintain relationships with your donors and supporters.

This plugin can integrate with the most popular digital tools like Mailchimp, Gravity Forms, Salesforce, HubSpot, WooCommerce, and more.


  • Free
  • Starter: $149 per year
  • Essential: $399 per year
  • Business: $599 per year
  • Complete ERP: $1199 per year

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Jetpack CRM

Jetpack crm

Jetpack CRM5 is an affordable WordPress CRM plugin with standard core features like lead, contact, and pipeline management. Designed for businesses that don’t require unnecessary features, Jetpack CRM can also integrate with Gravity forms to capture leads.

Free features

  • Add and manage customer quotes, invoices, and transactions
  • Add an unlimited number of employees and customers
  • Store customer information as well as their contact, photos, and files (attachments)
  • Collect additional information from customers with custom fields
  • Track quotations sent to customers to find whether they’ve been accepted or rejected

Pro features (extensions)

  • Manage E-commerce store customers with WooCommerce integration
  • Integrate your OptinMonster account with Jetpack RM
  • Track emails and schedule replies with the System Emails Pro integration
  • Add new CRM contacts automatically to the AWeber list with the AWeber integration
  • Send messages to your contacts, leads, and customers with Twilio integration
  • Social media integration is available for Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc.

Jetpack CRM is an interactive tool that allows NPOs to analyze their customer journeys. Nonprofits can gain a lot from this free CRM plugin, which enables them to directly communicate with stakeholders.


  • Free
  • Freelancer: $129 per year
  • Entrepreneur: $199 per year
  • Reseller: $649 per year
  • Extensions6 are available ranging from $29 to $129

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WP-CRM System

Wp crm

WP-CRM System7 is a WordPress CRM that offers various CRM features like lead, project, and marketing activity management. With this system, you can provide clients with self-service options like ‘customer access portals’ to track the status of projects. WEP-CRM systems can benefit all types of project-based businesses.

Free features

  • Add and manage an unlimited number of customer records
  • Assign individual tasks to employees
  • Track your marketing campaigns
  • Import contacts from your old CRM to WP-CRM System with the CSV uploader
  • Receive email notifications when tasks are created or modified

Pro features (Extensions)

  • Send information to the applications of your choice with the Zapier Connect integration
  • Create client portals to monitor projects, tasks, campaigns, and invoices with the Client Area integration
  • Add custom fields to WP-CRM System records with the Custom Fields integration
  • Create forms and capture information from their submissions with the Gravity Forms integration
  • Provide your customers with help desk solutions with the Zendesk Connect integration
  • Receive notifications on Slack channels for any updates with the Slack Notifications integration

The WP-CRM System is a fully-featured WordPress CRM that allows you to use the WordPress interface you are already familiar with to manage your customers, projects, and tasks with ease. This system also allows you to have an unlimited number of records and gives everyone in your organization access to the WordPress CRM data they need to drive the organization forward.


  • Free
  • Plus: $99 per year
  • Enhanced: $199 per year
  • Professional: $249 per year

Comparison Chart

# UsabilityDynamics WP ERP Jetpack CRM WP-CRM System
Price 100% free Free Starter: $149 per year Essential: $399 per year Business: $599 per year Complete ERP: $1199 per year Free Freelancer: $129 per year Entrepreneur: $199 per year Reseller: $649 per year Free Plus: $99 per year Enhanced: $199 per year Professional: $249 per year
Self-hosted Yes Yes Yes Yes
Add custom fields Yes Yes Yes Yes
Attach files Yes No Yes Yes
Customer quote templates Yes No Yes No
Mobile responsive Yes Yes Yes No
Lead generation forms Yes Yes Yes Yes
Gravity forms integration Yes No Yes Yes
Multilingual Yes No Yes Yes
Export CSV Yes No Yes Yes

Note – All the information mentioned in this article was collected at the time of writing and will be updated periodically to reflect current data.

Winding Down

Fundraising is a heavy responsibility and one that cannot be taken lightly. Your nonprofit organization will thrive with the right Customer Relationship Management plugin. The right CRM software will lighten your load and allow your team to focus more time and energy on your donors; it will help you keep existing relationships strong while uncovering further opportunities for engagement and growth. As a result, you can build deeper connections with more people, who in turn, can provide the funds that fuel your mission.

Whether it’s UsabilityDynamics, WP ERP, Jetpack CRM, or WP-CRM system, invest in a WordPress CRM that focuses on nurturing your donors, one that will help you connect with your donors on a more personal level and reach your target objectives.

Do you agree with our choice of CRM WordPress plugins? Let us know in the comments below.

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