Switching to Developer Mode in Squarespace
For our SEO clients whose websites are built on Squarespace, we must switch the site into “developer mode” in order to custom code and change various SEO flaws inherent in Squarespace. However, we want you to know that by switching the site into developer mode (which is commonly done) the following will happen as explained by Squarespace:
“Having developer mode turned on limits how much our support team can help you out. If there is a template bug, you’ll be in charge of fixing it yourself.
We frequently make improvements to templates, giving users new options and cool things to use on their sites. People in developer mode won’t get all of those improvements.”
Once you enter developer mode, the template will essentially “freeze” as far as updates are concerned, and not be directly updatable on our end, since the changes we make could in theory cause conflict with your custom code; that means any basic framework issues that are extant at the time you turn on developer mode can’t be fixed by us through updates, so they would need to be fixed on your end in that case. That being said, we might be able to assist to some degree if you notice inherent issues with the framework code, but a fix would likely require turning off the developer mode. It would really be a case-by-case basis in those circumstances, though in my experience it isn’t something that tends to happen much. Also if the developer mode is turned off after customizing the site, most custom code changes would be lost, though custom CSS code would remain. We recommend backing up or saving any code-based changes to be safe in these cases.” 
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