Jane has established itself as one of Canada’s top telemedicine software solutions for its comprehensive suite of features, including patient scheduling, secure video consultations, electronic medical records (EMR) integration, and customizable documentation templates.

Jane Canadian Telemedicine Software Review

In addition, Jane offers a patient portal that adheres to the strict standards set by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), facilitating secure exchanges between patients and healthcare professionals. Jane prioritizes data security, with no session recordings and encryption that is on par with bank-level security protocols.

This detailed blog will explore Jane’s comprehensive suite of features designed to enhance healthcare delivery. We’ll discuss how its telemedicine functionalities, combined with superior practice management tools, offer a holistic solution for healthcare providers looking to streamline operations and improve patient outcomes.

Summary Table

Scheduling & Appointment ManagementJane offers an intuitive calendar that can handle multiple staff, rooms, and locations.Streamlines appointment booking and management, reducing administrative workload.
Customizable Intake FormsJane provides fully customizable templates for patient intake forms to meet specific needs.Allows for personalization of patient experience and ensures necessary data is captured.
Integrations Jane integrates with various EHRs, offers API access, and connects with other tools.Simplifies patient data management and enhances interoperability with other systems.
Video Conferencing Jane includes built-in video conferencing for secure virtual consultations.Facilitates remote appointments, increasing convenience for patients and providers.
Compliance with Healthcare Regulations & SecurityJane is compliant with HIPAA and PIPEDA, ensuring data is encrypted and stored securely.Provides peace of mind with robust data protection, meeting legal and privacy standards.
Consultation Recording & DocumentationJane allows for the recording of sessions and detailed note-taking for consultations.Enhances record-keeping accuracy and supports comprehensive patient care documentation.
Analytics & Reporting Tools Offers tailored reports for operational and patient care metrics, with real-time insights and trend analysis.Assists in making data-driven decisions and improves clinic operations.
Secure Messaging Specialized client portal for HIPAA-compliant communication, with email alerts for portal messages.Maintains patient confidentiality and positions Jane as a secure communication platform.
Mobile Access Mobile-optimized access to platform features for on-the-go professionals, reflecting the desktop experience.Enhances service delivery efficiency and adaptability, ensuring access to essential tasks.
Billing & PaymentsSimplified billing process with integrated payments, credit card storage, and financial management tools.Focuses on patient care, mitigates no-show risks, and streamlines financial operations.
PricingMultiple plans are offered with a range of features from basic to advanced insurance billing options.Provides scalable solutions to accommodate varying practice needs and budgets.

Key Benefits of Jane

Jane’s quick setup process and intuitive design allow healthcare providers to easily establish their virtual care services. the software provides a simplified, no-download experience across video, phone, and messaging, making healthcare more reachable and convenient.

Key Benefits Of Jane

The platform’s standout feature is its adaptability; Jane offers extensive customization options from appointment booking to patient communication, ensuring a unique and personal touch to each clinic’s operation. Automated reminders and insightful analytics further empower providers to enhance operational efficiency and make informed decisions based on real-time data.

Jane caters to a wide range of healthcare practices, including physiotherapists, chiropractors, mental health professionals, and medical specialists such as dermatologists and pediatricians. 

Comprehensive Review of Jane’s Features

Jane is a comprehensive solution for practice management designed to streamline the operations of healthcare facilities of all sizes. Its all-encompassing features facilitate appointment booking, clinical note-taking, and financial management in one platform. 

Comprehensive Review Of Jane’s Features

Its responsive design also supports a wide range of devices, including desktops, tablets, and mobile devices, offering unparalleled access and convenience.

Ease of Use

Jane provides effortless telehealth solutions designed to make virtual healthcare delivery as simple as possible. Its user-friendly platform supports video consultations, patient management, and secure communication, enabling practitioners to focus on patient care without worrying about technical complexities.

Ease Of Use

The platform ensures that both practitioners and patients can navigate the telehealth process with ease, fostering better healthcare access and delivery.

Customizable Intake Forms

In addition, Jane offers customizable online intake forms, enabling practices to collect essential patient information electronically before appointments. These digital forms can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each healthcare practice, ensuring that all relevant information is collected efficiently and securely before a patient’s visit. Jane also prompts patients to complete forms via email reminders​.

Customizable Intake Forms

This feature not only enhances the patient experience by reducing wait times and paperwork but also improves the accuracy of patient data collected, facilitating a more effective treatment plan.


Jane offers comprehensive integrations to provide practices with a seamless workflow, facilitating a bridge between various healthcare tools and platforms. 


Offering Application Programming Interface (API) and Software Development Kit (SDK) integrations, Jane empowers healthcare practices to achieve superior levels of customization and integration. 

These integrations facilitate a seamless link with existing systems, enabling customized patient management, streamlined appointment scheduling, and efficient Electronic Health Record (EHR) management.

  • Electronic Health Records (EHR) Systems: Jane’s integration with Claim.MD enables practices to dramatically reduce manual data entry and minimize errors, as information flows directly from the patient’s record to the claim form. Feedback on submissions is swift, with Jane users are able to receive responses and manage rejections or issues directly within the platform, ensuring that any problems can be addressed promptly. Furthermore, the integration facilitates the receipt of Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) directly within Jane, simplifying the often complex payment reconciliation process.
  • Online Payment Processing: Jane currently utilizes Jane Payments, its own proprietary solution, for online payment processing. Jane Payments offers a streamlined payment solution, allowing users to add and manage clients’ credit cards for both online and terminal payments. It supports direct transactions and records external payments for detailed financial tracking. Clients can store their credit card information for future use, and the terminal accepts tap, swipe, or insert payments, simplifying the payment experience.
  • Video Conferencing Tools: Jane integrates with Physitrack, a healthcare and wellness practitioner application, to create high-quality home exercise programs and track patient adherence. It also offers secure telehealth for remote sessions and outcomes analysis. Jane’s integration with Physitrack allows practitioners to quickly add a Jane patient profile to their Physitrack account and automatically sign in to begin prescribing exercises. 
  • Scheduling Software: Jane’s scheduling software integrates with calendar applications. It supports various popular calendar formats, including iCal, Google Calendar, Outlook, and mobile device calendars. By providing a private Calendar URL, Jane allows appointment and shift information to be synced with an external calendar application.
  • Email Integrations: Mailchimp’s seamless integration with Jane’s clinic management software automates the synchronization of email marketing preferences, making sure that your Mailchimp lists are always current with customer choices. This ensures a smooth and efficient process for maintaining up-to-date email marketing campaigns, directly reflecting the preferences of your clientele.

Compliance with Healthcare Regulations & Security

Jane is designed to comply with the demanding regulatory environment of Canada’s healthcare sector, ensuring that medical practices adhere to the myriad of provincial and federal regulations. It offers compatibility with various laws, such as British Columbia’s Personal Information Protection Act, Ontario’s Personal Health Information Protection Act, and Alberta’s Health Information Act.

Compliance With Healthcare Regulations & Security

Jane aids in meeting these legislative demands by offering customized support, including specific documentation and features. In Alberta, for instance, Jane helps clinics undertake Privacy Impact Assessments by providing them with the necessary privacy policies and terms outlined in the Information Management Agreement.

Consultation Recording & Documentation

With Jane, healthcare providers can elevate their patient documentation process, seamlessly integrating consultation recordings into a secure and organized system. This platform is designed to simplify the documentation workflow, enabling medical practices to capture every detail of patient interactions with ease.

Consultation Recording & Documentation

The platform provides custom forms, charts, SOAP notes, and over a thousand templates to choose from, allowing for a personalized and detailed approach to patient care documentation. 

Jane’s innovative approach to record-keeping ensures that healthcare professionals have immediate access to accurate and comprehensive patient histories, facilitating better clinical decisions and improving overall patient outcomes.

Analytics & Reporting Tools 

Jane’s analytics & reporting tools provide a comprehensive suite of features that empower healthcare practices with the ability to tailor reports to their unique needs, ensuring a focus on the most critical operational and patient care metrics. With real-time insights into clinic performance, including revenue, appointments, and patient demographics, practices can make data-driven decisions. 

Analytics & Reporting Tools

Trend analysis further aids in resource adjustment and anticipation of patient needs, while financial performance monitoring and patient care improvement initiatives are streamlined through detailed reporting and analysis of behaviours and outcomes, respectively.

Secure Messaging

Jane utilizes a specialized client portal to uphold HIPAA compliance, safeguarding the transmission and storage of Protected Health Information (PHI). Clients are alerted through email to check their secure portal for messages, a strategy that aligns with HIPAA standards for preserving patient information confidentiality. 

Secure Messaging

This secure messaging framework positions Jane as a trustworthy platform for protected health communication.

Mobile Access

Jane’s mobile feature is expertly crafted for health and wellness professionals who are constantly on the move, offering seamless access to its comprehensive platform features directly from any mobile device. By entering their clinic’s web address into a smartphone browser, users can effortlessly log into their Jane account. 

Mobile Access

Jane’s mobile navigation is designed to reflect the desktop experience while optimizing certain elements, such as menu placement, for superior usability on compact screens. This ensures ensures vital tasks like appointment bookings, schedule management, and patient data retrieval are always at the fingertips of practitioners, significantly boosting the efficiency and adaptability of their service delivery.

Billing & Payments

Jane’s simplified billing and payments process enables healthcare providers to focus more on patient care than struggle with financial management. Jane streamlines the payment process for healthcare practices, integrating direct patient payments, credit card storage, and various financial tools into one unified system. By doing so, it removes the complexity of using different systems for financial management. 

Billing & Payments

Jane also addresses the challenge of appointment no-shows by implementing secure methods to collect credit card details beforehand, ensuring practices can safeguard their revenue.

Additionally, Jane equips practices with the ability to sell packages, memberships, and gift cards, tailored to their business needs, promoting patient retention and increased income. Importantly, Jane ensures top-notch security for all transactions, meeting PCI compliance standards and encrypting patient data for ultimate protection.


PlanMonthly PriceFeatures
Base PlanCAD $79 / month
+ $25 per additional full license + Info
+ $12.50 per additional half license + Info
• Online Booking
• All Scheduling Features
• Charting / Clinical Notes (EMR/EHR)
• Invoicing & Receipts
• Financial Reporting
• Unlimited Email & SMS Reminders
• Unlimited File Storage
• Free Data Import
• Process Credit Cards with Jane Payments
• Jane Support by Email / Phone / Chat
• 1:1 Online Appointments (Telehealth)
Insurance PlanCAD $109 / month
+ $30 per additional full license + Info
*Staff or practitioners with ≥ 24 booked hours/week.
+ $15 per additional half license + Info
• Everything from Base plan +
• Treatment Plans with Built-in ICD Codes
• Insurance Invoicing & Payment Tracking
• Integrated Direct Insurance Billing for a growing list: TELUS eClaims, Teleplan, and Pacific Blue Cross PROVIDERnet
• Insurance Card Photo Upload in Intake Forms
Online Appointments for Groups (optional add-on) CAD $15 per month, per practitioner
Add to any plan
• Perfect for couples, families, and up to 12 related clients
• HIPAA, PIPEDA and GDPR-compliant
• Includes blurred and virtual backgrounds, in-call chat, screen share, and more
• Family and couples sessions made easy when everything stays in Jane

Pros & Cons of Jane

Easy to use software: Jane’s intuitive user interface and clean design allowed practitioners to easily navigate the software without challenges or extensive training
Extensive Customization Features: The software’s flexible customization features have been a significant advantage for users. This level of personalization has been especially useful in addressing the unique challenges of various healthcare environments.
Excellent customer support: The responsiveness and helpfulness of the customer support team are often highlighted in user reviews. 
Value for Money: Reviewers appreciate the cost-effectiveness of Jane, noting that it offers good value for the features and support provided
Limited colour choices: Jane only has eight colour choices, making it difficult for practitioners to keep track of different services. 
Complicated ‘shift’ and ‘tagging’ functions: The complexity of the ‘shift’ and ‘tagging’ features has been a stumbling block for several users, impacting their workflow and productivity. 
Incompatible accounting reports: Issues with the software’s accounting reports not aligning with conventional accounting methods have been raised, alongside concerns about the support team’s grasp of accounting principles. 
Language Limitations: Some users have noted the challenge of offering services in both French and English, indicating a need to accommodate bilingual settings in the software and to cater to more languages.


Jane stands as an excellent Canadian telemedicine software for practices like physiotherapy clinics, mental health services, and multidisciplinary medical centers.  Its strengths lie in its user-friendly interface and robust compliance with Canadian healthcare privacy laws, making it a reliable choice for virtual care.

However, some users have noted challenges with third-party integrations and a need for more extensive customization options. Despite these areas for improvement, the core functionalities remain effective for the majority of telehealth scenarios.

Wisevu is positioned to assist healthcare practices in overcoming these hurdles by facilitating the integration of Jane into their systems. Our expertise in digital content strategy and technical integration means that we can help bridge any gaps between Jane’s capabilities and a practice’s unique needs, ensuring a smooth transition to a more connected and efficient telemedicine environment.

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