Google Offers $340 Million In Advertising Credits As Part Of COVID 19 Relief

On March 27 2020 Google has announced to offer $340 million in advertising credits through Google Ads to small and medium sized businesses (SMBs). This commitment from Google will be very helpful for many businesses impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Eligibility for the Google Ad Credits

  • Google Ads credits will be available for advertisers globally who have an active Google Ads account and have been advertising via Google Ads since Jan 1st, 2019. Therefore only advertisers who have had active accounts over the past year are eligible. Google does not specify if these accounts had to be continually active – which we doubt is the case, and we assume that as long as you have had an account that has been active at some point in the past year you will be eligible.  

Time Period for Receiving the Ad Credits

  • Google has announced to provide these ad credits to the SMB advertisers in the coming months of 2020. The eligible businesses around the world will receive official notification in their Google Ads account

Validity of Google Ad Credits

  • Google advertising credits will expire on 31st December 2020. This will not be available in the next year, unused credits will be automatically removed from the Google Ads account after 2020

Applicable across Google Ads Platform

  • Google ad credits can work across all the channels including search, display, YouTube and ad campaigns

As of April 13 2020, Google has not yet implemented the ad credits to SMBs Google Ads accounts. They are still in the process of building these specialized credits into Google Ads accounts. Google support page reports that the notifications of ad credits will roll out in the coming months of 2020. Click here to view the Google support page about Google ad credits.  

Winding Up 

So, we hope this article would have provided answers for all your queries, like who is eligible for the COVID-19 Google Ads advertising credits? When will the ad credits be available? What is the validity of the credits? On which platform will these ad credits work? and much more. 

Search engine advertising is a very powerful tool in grabbing the attention of a large crowd of internet users. According to a study by Clutch, advertisements influence 90% of consumers to make a purchase. If you need any help to run ads for your business, contact our Wisevu SEO Google Ads marketing team. Our skilled online advertisers are eager to support you during this uncertain and difficult time!  

What is your idea about Google offering $340 million in advertising credits to SMBs? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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