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A question we often receive from our clients who have multiple business locations – for example Franchises, typically goes as follows:

“Do I really need a Facebook business page for multiple locations?”

While there are a host of benefits involved in creating a Facebook page for the multiple locations of your business, there also exist reasons why business owners hesitate to do so.

Allow us to break down everything you need to know about the pros and cons of creating individual Facebook pages for multiple business locations:

facebook business locations for franchises

Increased SEO Benefit

multiple facebook pagesWhen you have multiple Facebook pages for your business based on location, customers searching your name on Google or Facebook will be more likely to find the location closest to them as it will rank higher in the search results.

Having a Facebook Page with a link pointing directly to your location page/franchisee page increases your Page Rank score in search engines, and as a result helps your SEO. This will not have a significant effect on your rankings and SEO efforts but it is worth mentioning since in SEO all these little things add up and help to outrank your competitors.

facebook business multiple locations

Pros and cons of creating multiple brand Facebook pages

Page Management

When you are running multiple Facebook pages, you are required to manage said pages. This involves responding to reviews, posting content, engaging with your community, and answering any customer inquiries. Some business owners simply don’t have the time to do this, and take on the expense of hiring a digital marketing company to do so.

Should You Have Multiple Facebook Pages for Your Business

Increased Customer Interaction

facebook business page multiple locations

As opposed to merely having one main Facebook page for your entire business, having multiple pages dedicated to individual locations is more welcoming to customers who may reject the idea of writing reviews, feeling their voice may go unheard on a corporate page.

For instance, if you had an issue at a Mississauga McDonalds franchise location, you may feel as if commenting on the main McDonalds Facebook page would be like calling out for help into the void.

Giving your customers the opportunity to leave a review and have their inquiries and comments responded to directly by your local business ensures that you can rectify any situations gone sour and receive all the positive feedback your customers want to share with you!

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Prevent Auto-Generated Pages

Unfortunately, companies like Factual are known for auto-generating Facebook pages based on local-business data. These pages remain unattended to and beyond access to the businesses they are associated with. Therefore, creating your pages ensures that you have complete control over your online presence.

facebook page multiple locations

Post Content Relevant to Each Location

Often, you’ll find that customers who typically frequent one location may not have the same consumer profiles as ones who live in another city. For franchise owners, creating content that directly targets your local customers is highly important for your business.

For instance, if you have a promotion going on at only one location, it makes it easier to raise awareness at just that location.

Additionally, if another franchise location receives a bad online review, having your own separate Facebook page for your business can ensure that your online presence remains unaffected by this.

multiple facebook pages for one business

Provide the Option to Check-In

facebook business page with multiple locations

When a customer checks in at your business location, his or her friends list will be notified in the news feed. Having individual location pages makes check-in’s possible, and therefore expands your online presence.

How Wisevu Can Help With Facebook Strategy

While it may initially seem like quite the task to create and manage individual Facebook pages, it’s actually an entirely efficient and simple process that you will not regret doing in the long term.

At Wisevu, we have many franchise clients with multiple locations, and we have extensive experience developing optimal Facebook strategies for multiple location business.

If you would like a quote for our Facebook Page strategy and implementation services please call us for a quote and a free consultation.

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