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In late 2018, Google launched the ‘Google Guaranteed’ program in Canada. It is a Local Service ads feature that targets a few home service segments. This program guarantees satisfactory service delivery for customers and prevents fraudulent services.

In this article, you will learn more about the procedure, terms and conditions, policies, as well as other important info about the Google Guaranteed Program. We believe that the Google Guaranteed program is very important as it will likely make a big impact in the near future for many local businesses.

What is the Google Guaranteed Program?

The Google Guaranteed program was introduced to target local businesses in the home service segment. The program is a part of Google’s AdWords product. These listings top even the Google Search Ads from Google Ads.

The program is under beta testing and is only available in specific areas in the US and Canada. Before getting listed, there are a series of required screening processes including background checks, verification of insurance, or license to the extent permitted by applicable laws.

Additionally, businesses must have general liability insurance along with business and owner license on a provision/country level. If the business passes the entire screening process, then the business gets a Google Guaranteed badge.

Why Did Google Launch the Google Guaranteed Program?

Scenario 1

Some businesses manipulate their customers by adding fake reviews and ratings in Google My Business and other local citation websites. Google cannot verify if those ratings and reviews are by their actual customers. To avoid this and to provide the best home service to its users, Google introduced this program.

Scenario 2 

If you are in trouble with a water supply line you tend to call a plumber. This call can often be re-routed to an offshore call center where they sell leads to a vague plumber. After the work is done, you may be charged with a huge bill for lousy work.

This scenario is applicable for industries like handymen, locksmiths, landscapers, contractors, etc. They do not give any quality assurance to people but, want people to pay a quick buck. To avoid this situation Google launched this program and certifies these local businesses with a Google Guaranteed badge.

Some of the benefits of this program are,

  • Users get quality services
  • Businesses get qualified leads
  • Google can get real reviews from its users

Is It Applicable to All Industries?

The number of applicable industries can differ from country to country.

In Canada, Google Guaranteed reviews are applicable to HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), locksmiths, window cleaning, carpet cleaning,  lawn care, plumbing, appliance repair, moving, roofing, water damage services, tree surgeons, rubbish removal, window installation, and pest control services.

In the USA, it is applicable to appliance repair, auto glass, car repair, carpet & upholstery cleaning, electricians, event planners, garage door installers, house cleaning, HVAC, junk removal, lawn care, locksmiths, pest control companies, pet boarding, pet grooming, photographers, plumbers, roofing, tree service, water damage services, window cleaning and repair.

How Does Google Guarantee Program Help Businesses?

Google Guaranteed

Google Guaranteed businesses have a green colour badge with a white checkmark on it. This badge creates confidence among searchers on Google not only because of the nice badge but because Google is ready to reimburse the amount paid if the customers are not satisfied with the service. Some of the benefits of Google Guaranteed reviews are:

  1. Powerful online lead generation.
  2. Displayed as a part of local service ads (LSA) result at the top of SERP’s result.
  3. Added trust among the audience.

Added trust among the audience

Reimbursement Eligibility

With a Google Guarantee badge, users can identify local businesses that offer quality work. If customers are not satisfied with the quality of work, Google is ready to reimburse the cost of initial service with a lifetime cap of coverage up to $2,000USD in the US and CAD 2,000 in Canada.

This reimbursement service is applicable only when you book a service via Local Service or Google Assistant. This service must be claimed within 30 days of the initial service completion date. You have to submit the receipt that has the payment details along with the provider’s business name. To submit a claim you can directly contact Google support using: 1 (844) 885-0761 (Monday to Friday- 9:00 am to 5 pm PST). This contact number is applicable for both Canada and US.

Google Guarantee will not reimburse your money if it comes under categories like add-ons or future services, damage to property, trip charges, diagnostic fees, dissatisfaction with the price, responsiveness of the business, and cancellations.

When Does Google Guaranteed Program Charge Businesses?

Google Guaranteed program charges only for valid leads (call or message) received via local service ads and they do not charge for views or clicks. The cost per lead differs based on location, service, type of lead, etc. Valid leads are referred to customers who are related to your business and services which fall under the below situations.

  1. Receiving texts or emails from customers.
  2. Receiving a voicemail from the customer.
  3. Communication between customers and business owners through mobile.
  4. When you contact your customers back in any form like e-mail, message, or call, in case of missing customer calls (without a voice mail).

How Can I Get Listed in Google Guaranteed Program?

Google Guaranteed program

(Format of Google Guaranteed listing)

To provide the customers with a better experience, Google has formulated an advanced verification system. Before getting listed in the Google Guaranteed program, you have to sign into Local Service ads. They create an easy path for customers to connect with your business. It will display your address, reviews, location, contact details, business hours, and so on. This information can help visitors to understand the complete details of your business.

  • Get started with Local service ads
  • Pass the background check
  • Verify your license and insurance

Google Guaranteed program individual listings displayed

(Format of how individual listings are displayed)

Learn more about the screening process of Local Service ads here.

Always Be Prepared

Businesses using Google Guaranteed program will be able to get more qualified leads. So, stay active and keep your business prepared at any time by remembering the below points:

  • Ensure that your business has proper license and insurance
  • Make sure that the Business Name in the Incorporation document matches the name in Google Listing, if not get your accountant to add the name used in Google Listing as an Operating name to the Incorporation document.
  • Have a Google My Business page which is maintained and verified regularly
  • Ask for reviews from satisfied customers and do not fail to address negative comments
  • Check for regular updates of Google Guaranteed reviews and register as soon as your industry is included in this list

Google Guaranteed screening process may be a little difficult but, once it is done, it can bring a huge difference in lead generation. However, registering in the Google Guaranteed program is not enough. It should be maintained properly or else your Google Guaranteed badge may be revoked. Follow the rules laid out by Google terms to maximize your online visibility.

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