Wisevu™ + Love Your Rug™

Love Your Rug partnered with Wisevu in 2011. We worked on a high-level multi-website local SEO strategy and web development plan that would allow us to efficiently and quickly deploy a handful of brands hosted on separate websites. While laying the foundation required to dominate the search results for each respective brand in the short term as well as the long run. Today Love Your Rug and the Love Your Brand’s family are Canada’s largest and most well-known cleaning and restoration brand.

Love Your Rug Owner Review

Review From The Owner

“This company is cutting edge when it comes to SEO and web development. For over 10 years Wisevu has allocated the funds to strategize and maximize our SEO potential. Thank you so much! “

Tony Kantzavelos
Owner, Love Your Rug

Wisevu™ + Love Your Rug™

Growth, Data, and Conversions

  • The Love Your Rug website saw a 347% increase in website traffic within the first quarter. 

  • We saw a 135% Year Over Year Growth in new users and a 170% increase in goal conversions in 2012.

  • As of 2021, Love Your Rug is receiving 76% of the total website traffic (120,740 new users) through organic search, with an avg session duration of 1.6 minutes.

  • 66.81% of the total conversions for Love Your Rug happen through organic search.

Wisevu™ X Love Your Rug - Growth
Wisevu ranked Love Your Rug in the top 3 positions of Google & Bing across Canada

Wisevu ranked Love Your Rug in the top 3 positions of Google & Bing for thousands of keywords across Canada

Below are some of the keywords which rank at the top of the search results - both in Google Maps as well as under Google Maps.

  • Rug cleaners

  • Clean rug

  • Carpet Cleaners Toronto

  • Best Carpet Cleaning Toronto

  • Carpet Cleaners

  • Persian rug cleaners Toronto

  • Rug cleaning Mississauga

  • Rug cleaning Markham

  • Rug cleaners Ottawa

and thousands of other relevant keywords.

What Love Your Rug needed help with from Wisevu™

In 2011, Love Ur Rug (original brand), just had one website and was in need of a strategic partner who could take them to the next level.

Wisevu advised a multi-website SEO strategy for their multi-location business and specialty services:

and other brands.

Wisevu's digital growth strategies have made Love Your Rug Canada's largest and most known rug cleaning company.

Love Your Rug needed help with from Wisevu
Love Your Rug and Wisevu High-Quality Web Design

High-Quality Web Design & Development

  • Wisevu designed and developed a stunning, content-rich, and functional website that loads instantly and is Conversion Rate Optimized (CRO) across all major screen sizes including mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop.

  • Every page was designed to provide the best user experience (UX) for the target market, significantly increasing conversions and sales.

  • Each website was built from the ground up with SEO as the backbone, allowing scalability and a solid foundation to build thousands of pages on top.

  • We integrated our proprietary Online Reputation Management (ORM) & automation software which allows all staff to seamlessly and effortlessly automate review acquisition and follow up.

  • We trained the client's internal team on the best practices and processes for online review acquisition, website photo uploading and other important processes.

  • We developed a comprehensive and robust automation quote request form for Love Your Rug for taking custom orders from their clients.

  • We advised and integrated automation with other essential software, including email automation.

Love Your Rug and Wisevu High-Quality Web Development
Love Your Rug and Wisevu SEO


Wisevu has developed a solid foundation and continually strengthens and improves Love Your Rug's SEO presence, to ensure the current top rankings remain where they are for thousands of keywords as well as to continually rank in additional localities.

Our expertise in advanced On-Page and Off-Page SEO services since 2008 has enabled Wisevu to outrank large enterprises with significantly larger budgets.

Paid Search Ads

Wisevu implemented highly targeted paid ads campaigns on Google Ads and Bing Ads to target keywords for which Love Your Rug was not ranked in the top spot with organic SEO.

Love Your Rug was able to acquire highly qualified leads at minimal costs for 100% relevant keywords using this strategy.

Wisevu ensures that Organic SEO and Paid Search Campaigns work together seamlessly to deliver the highest ROI without wasting unnecessary funds.

  • Love Your Rug saw a 72.8% YoY increase in the total conversions in 2012 with a 15% decline in cost per conversion.

  • Over the last decade, Love Your Rug has seen a significant 1412% increase in the total conversion numbers.

  • The cost per conversion went down by 44%.

Love Your Rug and Wisevu Paid Search Ads
Love Your Rug and Wisevu Multi-Site Analytics

Multi-Site Analytics

We set up advanced multi-website analytics for the Love Your Center.

Tracking data from so many web pages and websites seemed challenging, but our team took the task head-on, and successfully implemented advanced analytics that tracks website traffic from organic search, paid search campaigns, multi-platform remarketing campaigns, social media campaigns, display network campaigns and e-mail marketing campaigns.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Using advanced SEO and analytics, we ran A/B tests on the web pages to determine the best performing Call To Action. We also optimized the website content including imagery and headlines to improve the conversion rates month-on-month.

We set up conversion tracking on all Love Your websites - including phone call conversion tracking, across all platforms. This data helped us in tracking website activity and determining which SEO keywords resulted in phone calls or form submissions.

The conversion tracking aids in future SEO strategies. We can utilize the phone call recordings to evaluate staff performance and develop staff training materials.

Love Your Rug and Wisevu Conversion Rate Optimization CRO

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