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Display Network Advertising

Have you ever wondered how some companies are able to advertise with dynamic ads that appear on websites such as:


and millions of other quality websites that are part of the Google Display Network - the worlds largest online advertising network?

Google Display Network and Wisevu.

Wisevu is able to implement highly effective Google Display Network Campaigns, by placing your ads on very specific websites.

We have the ability to target by the following factors:

1. Geographic area - to the postal code level
2. Interest category: example: "Bars, Clubs & Nightlife", “Automotive”, "Nutrition", "Dating & Personals", "Woman's Health" and hundreds of other interest categories which Wisevu will help you select.
3. Gender - show your ads only to females.
4. Age - show you ads on websites which attract a specific age group.
5. Keyword: we can chose to show your ads on websites that contain a certain set of keywords which we specify. Most importantly we can combine all 5 of the above factors to target very precise niches.

Display Network Advertising In Action

On the very popular Canadian website we show ads for our clients: Love Your Rug Cleaning Toronto and Midnight Sun Tanning Mississauga.

kijiji is Canada's #1 classified website,and it has proven very successful for our clients. Love Your - Side Ad

Youtube is the most popular website in the world with more than 1 billion unique users each month. With abilities to target by geographic area, is very effective for branding and remarketing. - In Video Ad

With Re-marketing and the Google Display Network we can chose to only show your ads and videos about a certain interest category such as sports, music, auto, home & garden and much more.

With 19.4 million monthly unique visitors to their website,National is a great way to show your ad to people who have previously visited your website. Our client has a prominent ad on top of the website.

With 130 million monthly active users is a great way to display your ad to people looking for answers to their questions. Our client has a prominent content ad on this site.

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