How do They Make Windshield Resist Bullets

Bullet proof glass stops bullets from entering the car. Bullet proof glass and windshield is made by installing polycarbonate thermoplastic between layers of glass. A bullet can go through the exterior auto glass layer, but it won’t be able to penetrate the polycarbonate. Polycarbonate auto glass is created by using layers of laminated glass. There’s also another type of glass called bullet resistant glass. Those are laminated glass layers held together by very powerful liquid glue. If your windshield is cracked and you need windshield repair work and if you are located in the Oakville Gzone Auto Glass is a great auto glass replacement and repair shop, with a lot of experience and great prices. To read more click Windshield replacement Oakville or Windshield replacement Hamilton. Even though they do not do bulletproof windshield or auto glass replacement they definitely do a good job with regular, high quality auto glass and windshields.

There is another type of bullet proof glass on the market, which is the most effective and is used in the armored cars. The nice thing about the glass is that outside bullets can’t penetrate through the glass, but guards from the inside can shoot bullets out. This glass is called one-way bullet proof glass. This type of glass is made up of two layers. A brittle layer is on the outside, while a flexible layer is on the inside. When a bullet is shot from the outside, it will shatter a part of the brittle glass. The brittle glass will absorb some of the impact, slowing the bullet by spreading it on a large area. When the bullet hits the flexible glass, it will be stopped. However, when a bullet is fired from the inside, it first hits the flexible glass. It will go through because the energy is focused on a small area. The bullet will then go through the brittle glass because the flexible glass did not stop the bullet’s speed.

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