Free Auto Glass Repair

A lot of times, repairing or replacing your windshield costs too much. However, your insurance company will pay the bill if you repair your windshield rather than replacing it. Most companies will pay the repairing bill up to three repairs per year.

All it takes are four steps.

First, choose any auto repair shop. Choose a shop which has been in business for several years, so they will do your repair job more correctly. A great place serving Hamilton and Burlington is Gzone Auto Glass. Click auto glass repair Hamilton or auto glass replacement Burlington for repair services and replacement services respectively.

The second step is to report the claim. This can be done in the shop. All you do is that you give your insurance card to the technician, who will then call your insurance company and they will help you in getting the claim. Then the insurance company will give the auto glass shop a claim number, which will be used for billing. The insurance company will ask questions about how the crack appeared and when did it happen. This process will take about five to ten minutes. Auto glass wizard deals with your insurance company for you as well.

Then the windshield is repaired. It would take only about twenty minutes. The big chips will take a long time. The air will be vacuumed from the crack and would be replaced by synthetic glass, which will hardened by putting the car below the sun’s rays. Then the windshield will be cleaned and the job would be done.

After the repair, sign the invoice, which will approve the job of the company and approve the insurance company of paying your bill.

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