Creative Use of Beads

Beads can be used in a variety of ways to enhance the beauty of our surroundings. Their innovative use in the fashion world is equally transferable to our homes and hearths. Since when designed in wonderful formats, such as bead curtains, fireplace mats, wall hangings, table mats, pot hangers and many more, is a form of creativity. They can be used to beautify little unobvious things in and around the house. Little innovation with self-styled imagination can bring out the artist in one. One such wonderful idea could be making your own bead curtain. Of course, some tools of the trade are required and the must –haves include eye-hook, wooden curtain rod,  fishing line of about 10 lbs approximately as well as a bucket full of ready patience. After having measured the length and the width of the doorway, install the curtain, fix the rod then screw in the fishing line, neat and smart. After that, put them in the eye-hooks. Now, the next step is to sew in the beads of your choice. This is the time you exercise patience as this is time consuming as well as requires a steady pace. Well, the effort and the wait are worthwhile, as the finished product in not only unique but is also a sight of art. You may want to sew in the beads as a scene of a park, a desert or one depicting flowers. Whatever, you may decide; even simple colourful strung beads also look equally exquisite. Similarly, door mats with square frame and sewn with beads can be easily made as well. These are simply few expressions of the individualistic creative talents. There is lot more it. All you need is to stretch your imagination and put it to play with the amazing world of beads. Bead shops in your area can help you with expressing your imagination by joining beading classes.

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