Many people consider household rugs to be just for decoration but in fact this is not true; rugs can be a real investment. A Persian or Oriental area rug is very expensive and makes the home look move valuable hence, when you decide to sell your home it will look more attractive and it will be easier to find a buyer. It is important to take good care of your rug because it can be passed on through generations or you can sell it with your home and make even more money! If you are in Toronto and are looking for Persian, Oriental or any other rug cleaning and/or rug repair services check out Love Your Rug – Canada’s largest rug cleaners. Persian rug cleaning Toronto, Oriental Rug Cleaning Toronto

Area Rug CleanersThere are many area rug cleaning myths in the industry. Some techniques are true and some are not. It is important to be able to tell the difference. Scrubbing a stain will never remove the stain or weaken the bond. It actually causes the stain to seep deeper into the rug and makes it much more difficult to clean. Most people panic when they spill something on a rug but its best to relax and use proper cleaning methods rather than scrubbing. If you want the best possible area rug cleaning in Toronto we suggest you check out Canada’s biggest rug cleaner They are located in Toronto but do regular pickup and drop-off throughout Southern Ontario. They cover many cities and offer great pricing. Some of the cities they offer area rug pickup and drop-off services include but are not limited to:

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paper-towel-rug-cleaningWe have asked Love Your Rug to give us some suggestions for preserving the life of area rugs and they told us that you can help decrease the damage done to your area rugs by following these techniques: In case of blotting stains, it is important to react quickly and use high absorption paper towels like bounty or if you don’t have these, then you can use a towel or cloth. Slightly wet the cloth, towel or paper towel, and apply as much pressure as possible on the stain so that the paper towel etc., can absorb as deep into the stain as possible.

Another common myth involved with rug cleaning is the use of soap. Soaps never do a good job because you need to yield a very large amount of water to wash out the soap and that causes the rug to be drenched. Detergents are especially bad for carpet and rugs because it could cause discolouration in the area rug. Plain water or club soda are the best solutions for cleaning blotting stains. The myth about club soda cleaning stains from rugs is in fact true, and if you don’t believe it then give it a try!

green-seal-rug-cleaningOne very common mistake is the assumption that all rug cleaners are safe to use. This is totally not true,  it is really only perfectly safe to use equipment  that is recognized by the rug and carpet institute’s green seal on the cover of the box. Grocery store carpet cleaners are always a bad idea as they usually do not match industry standards. For best rug cleaning results consult your local rug cleaners.

Another myth associated with rug cleaning is that extremely hot water works and it actually doesn’t, mildly warm water is best. Burning hot water can damage the rug so avoid too cold or too hot water when cleaning stains from your rug. In case that you can’t get a stain out of your rug then bring it to your local rug cleaner that has experience and reputability like Love Your Rug, and they will be able to remove stains much better then DIY techniques as they have specialized equipment that was manufactured for rug cleaning.